What is Parliament?

The English word Parliament is just a mouthful. Very pleasant to sound and say. But it does not connote the importance of the institution as what it is called in Mandarin, 'kuo hui'. These two words literary mean 'country' and meeting. They reflect on the importance of the meaning of a country meeting or national meeting, discussing national issues. We are so lucky that all the important issues and problems have been solved and the country is so well managed. And this has caused problems to our MPs. They may find themselves having nothing of national importance to bring up in Parliament. And if they have nothing to say, it will not look good on them too as they are the people's representatives and should speak out for the people. So what shall they bring up to discuss in Parliament? Disciplining children and bringing up children, what couples do in bed? There must be a lot of interesting things to discuss in Parliament and then beam to the TVs in all the homes.

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