Shut up or move out

These have often been repeated in the net and even in the msm. Singaporeans who complained too much are ungrateful and do not know how good life is here, and should shut up or get lost. They are not wanted nor tolerated here. This is quite similar to the conditions in Malaysia and Myanmar. In the former, the minorities were told to shut up or face bloodbath. The other option is to move out. In Myanmar, the people and the monks were told to shut up. Do we want to become like Malaysia and Myanmar? Where did these cocky people got this notion from? Were they thought to tell people to shut up in schools and colleges simply because people don't agree with them? Or do they learn it from their parents or from our leaders? Where did they become so uptight and narrow in their mindsets that they simply would want others to just shut up or move out? Who are their role models? Is this what we called a first world people.


Anonymous said...

perhaps it's an Asian trait where Father knows best, the rest are stupid and should shaddup.

unfortunately, for S'poreans, this is the way most of them have been programmed to behave, whether it's at home, at school, at national service or at work.

Anonymous said...

Well, these people are cast in the same mould as someone who said that less privileged people should get out of her elitist face. Note that it is not the leaders like Abdullah Badawi, Musharraf or George W. Bush who wanted those who disagree with them to leave the country, but the nobodies who think they are above everybody else to spout such cocky stuff.

Anonymous said...

People are going to judge you regardless of what you say or do.

Therefore, that makes it all the more important that you life your life according to your standards, and not allow anyone else's opinion (good or bad) affect your journey.

And it stands to reason: when you tekan some loser S'porean, who is so umbilically tied to the PAP's "nation building", their only recourse (not being very independently minded) is to tell you to "Fuck off and get the hell out of S'pore", or something along those lines.

Since you know this is going to happen to you, at sometime, if you continue to tekan these loser S'poreans and the loser system they support, you can simply ignore it when it happens, and make a note that losers don't argue point by point — they just attack irrationally.

Anyhow, loser or not, everyone has an ASSHOLE and an OPINION.

Anonymous said...

Just take life a little less serious, I guess?