Temper rising

Bus drivers refused to stop their buses for foreign workers. Commuters squeezed their noses when foreign workers approached and gave them a disgusting look. What more? Human beans are human beans. Not many are saints. The little irritation in life can become a big issue to some. Some have higher tolerance level, some are more kind, some more forgiving and some more friendly. But some are more nasty and have very low tolerance. And this will apply to both sides of the equation. Bus drivers can drive off. But they may end up as the punching bag of angry foreign workers. People may squeeze their noses or walk away. One day they may get slap and punch by angry foreign workers as well for being rude. Then what?


Anonymous said...

Can't be help the smell are ready unbearable ,one incident along jurong tuas area, one of the foreigner couple, the female body odour was terrible even i am seating 3 seat behind them, immediately i & other new commuters who seating near them have to retreated to rear seat, no joke, seriously worst than shit. Those foreigners with strongly body smell have to be aware of their own hygenie.

Anonymous said...

problem not just foreigners exclusively, sometimes i come across our elderly folks farting uncontrollably or leaking shit on board the train and buses.. these old farts must have lost control of their bowels with age i think.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

What the fuck is this? As far as I know, most bus drivers are themselves foreign workers — many from Malaysia.

Well, at least they are compassionate enough not to run over those pesky outsiders.

If it were me, in one of my road-rage moods, I won't hesitate to ram these motherfuckers and smear their entrails all over the road ;-)

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

you are speaking like a true human bean. rage is my middle name, huh?

in many great cities, the slums are hidden behind hoardings, so you don't see it if you drive by. but in the mrt, the slums are beside everyone, even side by side with the one in tie or the lady carrying a LV or prada and wearing $200 perfume.