The stubborn idiot

Despite Abdullah's calling for less racial and threatening words or acts, Hishamuddin continued with his kising the keris antic, thinking that by insisting that it is something else, people looking from outside will accept and think that he meant no harm. This time he claimed that the keris is a symbol of power and unity. If this is the thinking of the future PM of Malaysia, then more trouble can be expected in the future. Why is it so difficult to admit that the kissing of the keris is a hostile act, or better, just don't remind people of it again, let it pass and move on from it? Even Syed Hamid could comment that leaders must 'exercise restraint and rationality.' What Hishamuddin has proven in his latest act is to entrench in the minds of the minorities that he could be a dangerous man to deal with. He is not in the mould of his more rational father Hussein Onn.


Speedwing said...

Hi Redbean, who are you referring to ?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

sorry speed. the content did not appear earlier.

Anonymous said...

Why do you care ? If you are not happy, stop going for your Johor golf trips. For the non-Malay Malaysians, they are always free to apply for Singapore citizenship. Good riddance.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

for us we can take a bit more extreme views on things. but hishamuddin is going to be the next pm. he should tow a position when he can muster as many support as he could.

taking too extreme views for him is not going to help him when a few votes are gonna count.

Speedwing said...

My dear anon 12.10, non-Malay Malaysians, born in Malaysia should have every right to live in Malaysia under the protection of the Malaysian constitution. Why should they be forced to move to Singapore? They have every right to call Malaysia their home country. The non-Malay Malaysian too contribute to build the country to what it is today, probably more than you realise. You use the phrase " good riddance ". That just goes to show your ignorance and your poor concept of what is good for Malaysia now and the future. I pity Malaysia if people like you continue to hold back the country. I love Malaysia because Malaysia is my country of birth.

Anonymous said...

If the non-malays want the right to call Malaysia home, then they must respect the right of the majority to dictate the way the country is run. Afterall, isn't democarcy all about the rule of the majority ? It has to work both ways, just like the Malays in Singapore have to accept the way the majority race there runs their place.

Why should they be forced to move to Singapore ? Because a great many of them look up to Singapore and sing high praises of the place, yet you'll be surprised a great majority of the Chinese Malaysians working in Singapore still would not trade their dark red passports for the lighter shade equivalents of their benevolent host country. Yet they have no qualms about bad-mouthing their own country whilst there. If this is not hypocrisy of the highest order, I don't know what is.

Speedwing said...

If the Malaysian politicians run Malaysia the way their counterparts in Singapore do, then I am sure all Malaysians, me included, will sing high praises for them too. Can you, with hand on heart, say that the Malaysian politicians are equivalent in dedication to the ones you find in the Singapore paliament?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

what would malaysia become if the indians and the chinese were to abandon the country and leave it to just the malays and the aborigines?

they may have gone to the moon. or they could be very happy with their lives, the powerful living off and exploiting the poor malays. and no chinese or indians to pass the buck to.

yes they will draw the keris. but no indians or chinese to kill. so who will they kill?

Anonymous said...

Then how come redbean, being a Singaporean citizen, and a Chinese too, isn't singing high praises of the Singapore politicians ?

The grass always looks greener from the other side. The Malaysian Chinese PRs and employment pass holders know this, which is why they will still cling on to ther blue MyKads, and not converting them to a pink Singaporean IC.

Anonymous said...

There would be no need for any killing because all the British-imported parasites are gone.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

i have quite a number of friends who are malaysian prs here. ten or twenty years ago they still harbour hope of a more egalitarian malaysia when they can return and contribute to the economy.

but after being here for so many years, sink their roots, very successful, and seeing their children being offered scholarships which they could not think of if they remained in malaysia, many have realised that their future is here. malaysia is pass.

some are clinging onto the malaysian passport for sentimental reasons or because they still have some relations up north. but the heart has gone cold and their children are all singaporeans and doing ns.

those older malaysians in singapore are a dying breed. there is no turning back any more.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

to add one point. when these malaysian prs left malaysia 10 or 20 years ago, they were sneered at by their friends in malaysia,

today, when they returned to meet their old friends, the same people who sneered at them, told them that they have made the right choice. they who have stayed behind, regreted for not making the move.

Anonymous said...

This is the age of globalization - where national boundaries are porous, and those who linger due to sentimental reasons will receive their appropriate dues.

Some of us are rational and utility-maximising enough to hop over to another country before boundaries begin to close again.]

There is an ongoing middle-class exodus from Malaysia, and you'd be surprised - the Malays are leading it. (backed by government statistics and PUBLIC expression of concern)

Anonymous said...

Malaysia is a country that is going to the dumps.

People, there is no justice, no democracy in Malaysia. It has long ceased to exist.

Some might argue the same of Singapore - but you have good leadership. At the end of the day, whatever political system a country has is subservient to having a good leader. The Chinese and the Jews got this right.

The non-Malays probably enjoyed better treatment when we were under colonial rule. And yes, we were under the whites - and the legacy and institutions which we inherited might not necessarily have been setup out of altruism. Nonetheless, there existed TRUE multiculturalism back then - Malaysia has since then evolved into a VERY racist country, and all ethnic groups deserve equal censure.

Anonymous said...

Hishamuddin is a rotten egg, Najib equally bad, and so are all the other ministers in the cabinet.

We need a new, moderate Malay grassroots political party. But what is intelligent and good don't usually appeal to the majority, you see -and UMNO would do anything and everything twice over to ensure its grip on power.

btw here's a nice anecdote. When Hishamuddin visited China earlier this year, he had a meeting with the head of the Communist Youth Wing - during which he was probed about his keris-kissing hobby.

Hishamuddin insisted that the keris was a traditional Malay symbol of power and unity. The Chinese guy replied, "Yes, but that also depends on who is wielding it."

Hishamuddin genuinely took it as a compliment and boasted of it in parliament.

Anonymous said...

Australia is not the most migrant friendly country on this planet, but when the Australian government tried to curb its intake of African refugees recently, it was not the Africans, but the whites themselves who were most vocally against it.

Are there any Malays who will stand up for the Chinese?

Anonymous said...

MALAYsia was aptly named.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

** Warning Racist Post Ahead— If you can't handle free speech, fuck off now and don't read any further **

As long as you get laws and culture based on a majority race, the cuntry will eventually end up in the jamban.

Some Indian friends of mine, originally from Malaysia, now in Australia, have expressed their heartfelt feelings to me:

"It is shameful, and no one outside Malaysia cares, but there is APARTHEID in my own country. I am Malaysian, my forebares are Malaysian, but we will never be welcome in our own society."

Frankly I think these views are a tad extreme—but I cannot say because I am not in their shoes.

My intense dislike and contempt for UMmmm...NO! is quite well known. Sharia Law is a piece of shit—I have been up-country with my S'pore Malay friends, and even they "take cover" when ordering booze or venturing into one of the many "health centres" which bar Malays from enjoying the free-trade in "sensual experiences". It is only after they show their red NRICs that they are allowed entry, not on all occasions, but enough to prove a point.

UMNO is a terrorist organisation—it terrorises peaceful people by claiming to be some kind of (bullshit) authority.

I would love to get more derogatory about UMNO, but redbean will delete my post. So I'll bow to discretion and end it here.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

thank you matilah, for exercising some restraints on this.

in the paper today, samivellu even called for a boycott against open house during deepavalli. they have had it enough.

and the ultras in the recent umno general assembly still used threatening lingos like telling the minorities not to play with fire even when their interests and rights were encroached and taken away. the minorities are seething with anger and have no choice but to air their grievance, only to be met with threats of playing with fire and keris kissing.

if the rights and interests of the minorities were not threatened, why would they invite trouble to themselves by voicing them out? they are all forced into corners and have to make a break out.

Fahmi Reza said...

check out this video on youtube:

"Apasal keris nak taruh situ?"

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

hi fahmi,

thanks for the link. will take a look. and welcome to the blog.