Returning to the nigthmares of the 60s

Parang wielding gangs slashed several youths in Clark Quay. And they laid in their pools of blood. One had his hand nearly chopped off. Such blatant and law defying violence are hitting the headlines more often than can be tolerated. What is happening to law and order in this island? What happened to the peaceful 70s and 80s? Haven't the triads and secret societies been rooted out from our midst? It is time to come down hard on these hardcore criminals before we ended being more infamous than JB. This will be the latest madness to chase away our tourist dollars. It is so easy to lose our reputation as a safe and peaceful city state. Bloody shit. Someone is sleeping on his job.


Anonymous said...

These kids need sumthin to do during their free time.. other than picking up fights and joining gangs.. I suggest voluntary work at the SPCA or an old folks home. They will learn a lot of valuable lessons in life. Well.. if they only listen...

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Shit like this will happen occasionally. There is no casue for alarm.

I remember one night, a few years ago, there was a disco on South Bridge Road, in the main building on Riverwalk just opposite Upper Circular Road. The patronage of the disco was mainly youngsters of Indian and Malay ethnicity.

One night, about 2 or 3 am, I'm walking with friends to our vehicles parked in this building, and we hear a scream—it was terrifying, a chilling sound one will never forget. This young man was being set upon by a gang who were kicking and beating him. This is Boat Quay at 2 or 3 am mind you, and so the question is: WHERE ARE THE COPS???

My friend called the cops, I called the ambulance. Later we found out this young fella had been stabbed, and the incident was over a girl—of another race. What silly, fucking stupid, immature shit this is... and a guy gets beaten and stabbed?!?

As far as I'm concerned, the (racist) gang are a bunch of COWARDS.

Well, the cops can't be EVERYWHERE, and alcohol, possibly drugs and young people, specifically young men with a jealous streak and possibly a bit of racial intolerance (can't stand to see a girl of race A go out with a boy of race B), lose their individual sense of identity and responsibility when surrendering to the dynamic of la large group— a gang.

Something to bear in mind—some of these arseholes will grow up and get jobs with the government—and proceed to run your lives.

Just a thought... ;-)

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

i recommend the old style of dealings with such thugs. once inside the van, whack the daylight out of them.

and for those who are found guilty by the courts, mandatory caning of minimum 24 strokes.

and use section 55 more often, spice it up with more whacking until they know what it is like to be on the receiving end.

we need to terrorise these thugs and let them fear the law.

this is the only language that they know.

Anonymous said...

hey, this is quite big time news. How come it's not mentioned in the Straits Times?

If it was, could sbdy point out when?