The years that Asean squandered away

China made the decision to open up their economy in 1978. It was, till then, a closed and very backward country and economy. In 1978, Asean and several countries within Asean were already a mini economic powerhouse compare to the China. What happens today is that China and India have leapfrogged over Asean and are now two big engines that run the world economy. Where is Asean? Still stuck in its own bickering over national interest and pride but not moving anywhere. We laugh at the two giants, India and China, as slow, difficult to manage with gigantic population and infrastructure problems. They have got their acts together. Have Asean got theirs together? Hsien Loong called for more rapid liberalisation, opening up of the skies and economies. There were several attempts at building growth triangles but only to fizzle out like the opening of a bottle of coke. Only some gases made a little noise. And the world moves ahead.


Sophie said...

So why have the people of Burma been so unfortunate? Why have they missed out on all the great economic and social advances enjoyed by the peoples of neighbouring countries such as Thailand, India and China?


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

If you fuck off the crowd and just let them go their way, and you go yours, following your dream with passion and courage...

You will win, eventually.

Groups and group-thinking is for morons.

ASEAN are a bunch of morons, with one saving grace: they are not as fucking stupid as the United Nations.

To sophie:

All the people's of all the countries on this earth, get the government they deserve.

If the individuals of that society allow themselves to be bamboozled and disarmed by a corrupt regime, it is the fault of every individual in that society for not doing what was necessary, at the particular time.

The "ruling class' are always comprised of MINORITY of people. The bulk of the population is made up of the electorate-proper.

When the democratically elected govt of Burma was deposed, the people didn't do enough to defend their democratic rights and personal liberties.

Don't shed too many tears for the Burmese. They are responsible for their own mess.

I say, fuck them stupid Burmese shit heads (except the monks) What the fuck were they thinking? Let the stand as a grand example to the fact that FREEDOM comes down to the individual level, and is the responsibility of each and every person in the social order of any country.

Recently the monks set an example of what the people should be doing. Shame on the people who do essentially FUCK ALL whilst unarmed monks are willing to stand up to the tyrants, and resist being intimidated by the bullying from the despots, sacrificing their lives if necessary.

Shame on the Burmese people. Shame, shame, shame!

Anonymous said...

I say, fuck them stupid Burmese shit heads (except the monks)

why the rare exception?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Because the monks have The Balls to stand up for the principle of not being bullied by a corrupt regime. And some died doing so.

Oh yes, most exceptions are RARE.