Exchanging places

The Goh Poh Seng case is an example of how Singaporeans are exchanging places with foreigners, forced by circumstances to leave their homes, and their places taken up by foreigners. And the speed of this exchange is getting faster today when Singaporeans are leaving home to find employment elsewhere because they can't find it at home. And jobs at home go to foreigners. And this is considered a good thing. Goh Poh Seng belongs to a generation of Singaporeans who thinks and writes about Singapore. They did that because they cared, they were concerned and involved in the affairs of Singapore and its people. But it was a time when alternative and deviant views were not tolerated. And that mentality has resulted in what it is today, an apathetic society. Even when the country is flooded with foreigners, when Singaporeans are becoming a minority in their own home, do not raise an eyebrow. On the other hand, another line is being pushed that all these changes are good and necessary. And the masses just live and mind their own business. No one really care. So no one really want to talk about it and let children run the country. And what are their interests? Sports medals, bar top dancing, discos and pubs and high living. If we cannot find people with the passion and commitment to this country, to love this country and want to see it grow and become better for its own people, we are going to be an extinct race in no time. There will be Singaporeans, all new and manufactured overseas. The original Singaporeans, where would they be? The song that Singaporeans today are no difference from the new Singaporeans, all were migrants, is a dangerous song to sing. We are giving up our homes to strangers who carry a new piece of paper and called themselves Singaporeans. And we believe that this is good for us.


Speedwing said...

Hi Redbean, the true blue Singaporeans you talk about with such nostalgia will soon be a species of the past. The new generation will not care who was or wasn't born on this little red dot. Five generations from now there will be very few families living in Singapore that can boast an ancestry from the true blue Singaporean lineage. Inter-marriage will see to that.

So Redbean, why try to stop the waves from rushing to the shore? Live with it, accept the inevitable and try to make the best of the situation. Like it or not, your decendants will be a new species of Singaporens.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

what is a govt for if it is not to look after its people and provide them with a better quality of life now?

Speedwing said...

And who says that with a good mixture of old and new Singaporeans it would not result in a better and stronger species of citizen?