Myth 164

Singaporeans not ready for Non Chinese PM I read an article by Zuraida Ibrahim over the weekend on the prospect of a non Chinese PM. It was once said that Singaporeans were still not ready to accept a non Chinese as a PM. But according to Zuraida's survey, it seems that the people are not really against such an idea. Then she questioned whether it is because it was a survey and the respondents were just being polite. Look at the appointment or election of the President who is/was not a Chinese. Was there any objection to it? It is obvious that a non Chinese President is never an issue. So should a non Chinese PM be an issue? There are two aspects to it. Until it is proven otherwise, no one really knows whether the general electorate will accept a non Chinese PM. The other point is that if you have a good non Chinese PM candidate who can win over the support of the Chinese majority, why not? From this angle, it could all boil down to the candidate himself. There is no law to forbid a non Chinese to become a PM here. With time, and a suitable candidate appearing, it can happen.

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