Singaporeans obsession with preparing for tomorrow

'Living longer, must work longer, must draw down later, must save more, and must take care in case you live beyond 85.' Lee Hsien Loong Hsien Loong is talking about CPF and the need to keep more money for beyond 85. What I would like to tell Singaporeans is to prepare for life after 85, after death. What happens if one goes to hell? Singaporeans must prepare now, what they should do in case they go to hell or to avoid going to hell. Going to heaven is a happy problem.


The Oriental Express said...

I agree with you, Ang Tau. Singaporeans worry too excessively so much so that they forget to enjoy the present ie. today. Why worry about the morrow which has enough problems of its own.

I share my viewpoints in my blog article : How to be an all rounded Singaporean.

Cheers. :-)


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

hi oriental express,

yes, live for today, now, the moment. tomorrow can wait.

while we live for today, a little preparation for tomorrow is necessary. but should get overboard.

what is your blog? must pay a visit.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

This is a classic technique used by Statists to control the population: make them fear the future by painting a dire picture, and also making sure that "uncertainty" scares the shit out of people. (* the point is, that if the future is uncertain, how can anyone—like the statist—predict the future?? This shows you how fucking dumb the average cunt is that they would believe anything, even something that is a logical contradiction).

If people stayed in the present, they would seize control of their lives, and do things like "follow their dreams" and other important "individual" things.

By making them fear the future, and directing their consciousness to the bleak picture, the cunning statist leads the people away from their own individual lives into "group think" thus killing off any sort of individual identity and independent thinking, so that these dumb-fucks—having surrendered their mind to The State—now surrender their bodies to it. The State has total virtually total control over them, and the state may direct these people in any way it, the state, chooses.

Do I feel sorry? Nope. Everyone is always in-charge of their consciousness. If you get conned because you are too stupid and/or lazy to think for yourself, and look to total strangers—mostly dishonest and corrupt—who work for the state to "HELP poor little old needy, balls-less, fucking cowardly, an embarrassing human, welfare-state-dependency-minded" YOU, then you deserve the pain you so willingly courted.

Fuck all you SHEEPLE. Burn in hell, as you must, but please entertain me in the mean time :-)