The biggest street protest in Singapore

Singapore had experienced the biggest street protest for at least a few decades. Orchard Road was a sea of red last night. Protesters, mainly Myanmese, took to the street after UN Special Envoy Gambari's briefing to the East Asia Summit was called off. And all 35 of them flooded Orchard Road. It was a sight to behold. Quite frightening.


Anonymous said...

Missed it. Must have been quite a sight. Unbelieveable, amazing and quite unprecedented.

Anonymous said...

ban them...quick...ban them...!

look what's happening to France...they'r losing precious millions by the day. We can't have that, no can do.

Anonymous said...

Yes, ban them, otherwise investors will run away and Singapore will go back to the dark ages. Then your wife and sisters and daughters will have to work as maids blah, blah, blah.

Yes, please ban them.