Street protest in vogue

Monks in protest and road march in Myanmar against high oil prices and a military regime. Malaysians in protest for a clean judiciary and now Hindraf, fighting for compensation against the British for abandoning the indentured labour they brought from India and dumped in Malaysia. We also witnessed 35 protesters in Orchard Road by Myanmese against the military junta in Myanmar. Street protest seems to be quite fun. And Singapore has its unique brand of street protest. So does other countries. In Indonesia, you can have paid to order protesters by the busloads at will, and at a price of course. You can protest for any cause. Simply pay the price and the protesters will come, in the colour of Tshirts you choose and with whatever logos on it, including headband. Headband means extra charge. Now you know why there are so many protesters that come and go. In Singapore our protesters also come in Tshirts. Black has been used and so is red. The classic thing about the protesters is that they will come, carrying the Tshirts inside their bags. When they are in the designated place, they will then slip on the Tshirts for the few minutes of protests. When the police arrives, they will simply take the Tshirt off and everything becomes normal. Another special characteristic of a Singapore protest is that they will come in less than 4 and mingle around with the shopping or office crowd. And it will be a great achievement if they get anything more than 30 protesters. I think the Black September protest was the biggest though the number was unofficial and difficult to substantiate as it was a protest without a leader and without an identity. Singapore needs to be wary of people who carry more than one Tshirt in their bags. But nothing will come out of it as they will simply take them off when challenged.


Anonymous said...

I now few times go out with family...

Because we family got 7 persons... wait police catch then how?
Hahaha... :D

Anonymous said...

Street protests in Singapore are indeed rare and unique, mostly with mata-matas outnumbering protesters. That is why we have slogans like 'uniquely Singapore' or 'Singapore - a city of possibilities'. I should add another - 'Singapore Boleh' to make it more brotherly with you know who.