It won't happen!

Imagine a couple of happy grandparents proudly walking their first grandchild. The toddler is happily toddling ahead, a step at a time like any child learning to walk does. It is a moment for the photo album. A perfect sight of a happy family. Then out dash 5 rottweilers and they descend on the little toddler. In a flash of second they were tearing away the hands and legs of the toddler apart, right before the eyes of the stunned grandparents. It is so swift and over in a few second. During the aftermath press conference the owner of the rottweiler calmly said it is natural for the big dogs to attack small things. Period. They are prepared to pay the $5000 fine. It cannot be. It cannot happen. Too much dramatisation. Neither can 5 strong young men, strong swimmers, died in an ordinary dragonboat race in a calm river in front of thousands of spectators and helpers. It cannot be. It can't be. But it happened. It is not fiction. It is real. It can be!


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

If that ever happens, I hope some videos the spectacular event, adds music to it, and posts it onto YouTube.

Humans beings are arrogant to think themselves as top of the food chain. A video of some doggies ravaging a tiny tot should jolt some arrogant humans back to reality.

Bring it on! I wanna be entertained!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

i bet you, 100 to 1, it will not happen.

by the way, i thought i have seen a video of such incidents on tv once. but sure will not happen in red dot.

we are a blessed country.