Celebrating Singaporean - Goh Poh Seng

Goh Poh Seng a cultural medallion recipient I read with a little sadness, the anticipated return of one of our cultural and artistic pioneers later this month. Goh Poh Seng was in the thick of the infant art scene within our shore. He was everywhere when arts and culture was sprouting up and breathing on this infertile ground. I remember his jazz cafe lounge where one could have a drink and participate in poetry or music, in a warm, joyous and uninhibited atmosphere. Imagine that this kind of activities were frown upon! What kind of mentality was there, then? Unfortunately that could be one of the key reasons why he had to leave this island that he called home. The air then was stale and suffocating. Breathing was difficult for artists like him. He left on self exiled to Canada where the cold artic air were fresher and allows him to live a freer life, unrestrained, undisturbed and nothing to fear. But he was disturbed, emotionally, and spiritually till these days. He has finally taken steps to come to terms with the past and is willing to walk down memory lane, to meet new and old friends once more, in the island he called home, once. Actually, he left, but never leaves....

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