Inflation this year is 2%

This is the official projection. What a nice number when GST is up by 2%. With this kind of figure, Singaporeans should breathe easier as their cost of living is only up marginally. And with say a 5% or 10% increase in income, they are actually better off than last year. And they must not forget that the increase in GST has been given back to them and they will continue to get the adjustment for a period of 5 years. Come to think of it, the 2% inflation is fully absorbed. Not bad.


Anonymous said...

Savings rates is also a mighty 2%. CPF rates set to go up. It cancels out one another. Our purchasing power is preserved. Save more. We're okay.


Anonymous said...

I cannot see why there are so many Singaporeans hot under the collar and constantly moaning about the high cost of living. I find it quite OK. Little increases here and there are quite acceptable, nothing drastic. 10 cents increase for coffee, 50 cents for chakweyteow are quite normal. My salary increase took care of all that. No sweat.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

hi anonymous,

shhhh, don't tell those poor buggers.

Anonymous said...

First idiot who actually celebrates inflation. That's why so many are deceived by its insidious effects!

Inflation will continue its relentless march next year (almost guaranteed!!) Question is - will cost of living continue to rise at greater pace than salary increase??

Even tho inflation is rising, savings rates remain suppressed, depressed. If gen pop saves at this rate, why bother setting aside for old age? Money will become worthless by age 65.

Millions are paid to intellectuals to manage and preserve our purchasing power. Then, why are costs escalating so fast? It certainly does not seem modest or gradual...! When the crunch comes, all that's being offered is that things happening around the world are beyond their control. Sigh....!

Better to be a leisure footballer and live on happiness.

Anonymous said...

CPI measures only the 'Controlled Price Items' like rice, sugar, cooking oil etc. And of course the increase in all these items will be nothing much or quite OK as someone said. The real increases comes from prepared food that Singaporeans have to eat at work. 10 to 20% up is quite common and these are not reflected in the CPI. Anyway, after all these years of being indoctrinated with the term 'affordable' what is a little inflation to those who can afford? Everything ok lah!

Anonymous said...

If Singaporeans choose to eat out all the time then of course they will have to pay the increase. Cost of living increases is everywhere. Stop whinging and if you cannot afford to live here then quit and go elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

cock rationale...while you work, must surely eat lunch, right?

with long working hours and family to take care, where got time to prepare food at home??

Cannot even fucking afford maid...!

So how?

Quit...sure, already making preps.

Anonymous said...

Good..... make preps to leave and make room for another FT who will be grateful you lrft and he takes your place. At least he will not moan too much.

Anonymous said...

wah, I am lowly accountant...you need FT for that??

another cock response...!

I am still moaning (in pain) from your reasoning. Anyway, why make noise also cannot...u gahmen, meh?

Quit...yes...but don't hv to be so immediate, right?? so jumpy...!

Anonymous said...

Just think, if Singapore is so bad, how come so many want to come to take your place.

You should be thankful you have a forward thinking government.

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans do not choose to eat out all the time. They have to eat lunch while at work and there is no choice. Telling those who complain about inflation to leave the country must suggest that Singapore belongs to someone's grandfather.

Anonymous said...

You are right on the last point, it does belong to a certain grandfather.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

maybe we are over exaggerating the pain of the people. there is no protest whatsoever. and people are clamouring to raise taxi fares higher. and people are eating out as usual.

so the suffering lot is a very small lot. and these people deserve to be suffering. they are less talented or lazy. oops.

Anonymous said...

Abdullah Badawi of Malaysia did not ask those who staged the recent protest against the corrupt judiciary to leave the country if they disagree with the Government.

The Burmese junta did not ask those who staged the recent protest against the rising cost of living to leave the country if they disagree with the Government.

George W. Bush did not ask Americans who voiced aloud their disagreement with his Middle East/Iraq policy to leave the country.

And Musharraf of Pakistan did not ask those who protest against his emergency rule to leave the country.

And yet, here, now, in this very country, we have someone telling other Singaporeans to leave the country when all they did was to 'complain' peacefully on the net about the rising cost of living. Who the hell is that and what bloody impudence! What the cheek! Is this another of the elites cast in the same mould as Wee Shu Min?

No wonder Singaporeans are in such pitiful state, hapless to do anything when the Government just shaft things down their throat without the slightest whimper. Sad.