Time to redefine what is good for all the redbeans

The apolitical and apathetic redbeans from this little red dot have been living in an aquarium for too long. There are pluses for life in an acquarium. The temperature, water condition, etc are controlled. The type of fishes in the acquarium are controlled. The type of food and amount of food to consume are controlled. In fact everything is controlled and well. Control is a bad word to use. Everything is planned according to The ONE's plan. The ONE, the knows all, will plan everything for the redbeans in the acquarium. What The ONE thinks is good, it must be good. It is time the redbeans redefine what they think is good for themselves. Starting from what and who they think should be allowed to be the President or stand for election to represent the people. The terms and conditions should be decided by the redbeans for the good of the redbeans. The redbeans must decide what is good for them, how to live their lives and how to spend their own monies, what they want and need, and not let everything be decided by The ONE.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Please everyone, use your brains and look what appears "obvious" to you.

A popular voted president will not necessarily represent "The People". Look to history for examples: Ms Bhutto (most recent example), Sokarno, Soeharto, Marcos, Estrada, Stalin, Lenin...and of course George W.

Although you may *think* that a parliamentary appointed president is "collusion", it is FAR SAFER than having a popular chosen president, and one who the people slowly hand over power to.

The People of S'pore were "upset" when Ong TC was given the brush when he asked about the reserves. The point is this: EVERYONE is entitled to query the govt about the reserves. The president didn't 'represent the people" when he did this, although many people mistakingly believe it to be the case.

Having a popular elected president is VERY, VERY BAD IDEA

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

my goodness, suharto, marcos, stalin, lenin were popularly elected.

if popularly elected president is bad, then we should not need one.