More tragedies waiting to happen

The 5 rottweillers are at it again. This time attacking a puppy and injuring the owner as well. When will the rottweillers lay their fangs on a baby or small children before we call for a major board of inquiry like the dragon boat tragedy? If we are to shut up and accept that nothing will happen and let the rottweillers and big dog owners to go the way they are doing, when the next tragedy occurs, people will again all have a lot of questions and clever answers to tell. We told you so. The people who allow all these big dogs to run wild with the potential of maiming lives, the dog owners and the policy makers who think that nothing of the sort will happen, shall be hanged if it did happened. Do something now. Don't have to wait for another dragonboat inquiry to regret. Don't have to hear the wails of grief to feel sorry.

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