Corporate Governance in Sports

We have dealt with and the msm has reported extensively on the misdeeds arising from lack of corporate governance in the commercial world. And this has been extended to a few prominent and infamous cases in charitable organisations. And the bad thing is that we are only dealing with the tip of an enormous iceberg. Before we forget, there have been many complaints and rumours circulating in the sports fraternity. Biasness, discriminations, cheating, collusion, favouritism, etc etc have been floating in the grapevines. Many of these cases were outright cheating and abuse of power, misplaced trust and misappropriation of public fund to serve personal objectives. Anyone looking into this industry? Sports is all about uprightness, competition, fighting spirit, honour and sacrifice, to achieve glory in the most sportsman like manner. Are our sports organisations living up to these virtues? What kind of corporate governance are there to ensure fair play, recruiting sportsmen and sportswomen to represent the country based simply on merit? There are many who are tempted to become whistle blowers and this could be very embarrassing. Or maybe all our sports organisations are paragons of virtues, clean and untainted, and are models for all to follow. But I have heard and felt the tremors.

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