Myth 165 - Inferior genes

Inferior genes There is this myth that is being perpetuated as the tooth in the north and to some extend in this little red dot, that the genes of some racial groups are more inferior to others. So one can blame on their genes and continue to wallow in self pity or just demand to be given handouts and a piece of paper chopped with a degree without working for it. The top PSLE student today is Natash Nabila Muhamad. A 12 year old girl from St Hilda Primary School who scored a record 294 points and 4 A stars. This is the first time this score has been hit. Her mother, Zaharah Othman, is a homemaker and her father, Muhamad, is a technician. Bet you she did not received the best that an average normal Singaporean family received in terms of tuition and all the accessory aids. But she topped her cohort of 49,817, including many foreigners from China and India. If Natasha can do it, so can the rest. Don't blame it on your genes. That is a lousy and stupid excuse. It is hard work and a little intelligence. And for those who still think they are born naturally stupid, they can live on in their own stupid ways.


Lost4ever said...

Its not about genes.

The top student needs to take credit though.

Its about MOE taking Singaporeans for a ride!!

Just compare the results of the 2 years and its very clear that all the results were manipulated.

Can you see the marked differences?? from 281 to 294 for top marks. 29 schools with 275 and above to 76 schools.

This time even more funny for 2nd to 16th... all Chinese, and gap was 6 between 1st & 2nd, and 2nd to 16th was 2 marks.

Its just a full load of BS.

MOE probably needs more transparencies, stop all this BS....

They probably forgot about "Meritocracy", the very word which is the cornerstone of Nation Building.

Anonymous said...

Well, you never know what genes our ancestors carry and you cannot say that a hawker is not smart. The reason is he was never afforded the chance due to poverty etc to pursue his education compared to those elites who had every opportunity to do so. Blame it on some senile old man talking rooster.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

your example of hawkers who are smarter is the case of uneven playing field. some started life with chains around their legs while some have rockets attached to them.

quality of genes or talent of a person is too varied. many are gifted with academic talent but lacked many others. we have this tendency to look only at the academic ability. many academics are failures in life or failures when put to compete in other fields.

Anonymous said...

Are we going again to say that graduates must marry graduates in order to produce smarter children?

Hmmmmm... cannot remember who said that?? What a joke...

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

the brilliance and creativity of nature is unfathomable by man. it has developed a system that prempts whatever things that man thinks it can play one upmanship and win.

one of the tricks that nature built into the system is that you cannot practise inbreeding in any form. Within the same family or clan, among the same kind in terms of endowments eg brains with brains. one or two generations may be possible but after that it will self destruct. and i think it also applies to brawns with brawns. otherwise we will have giants if we breed two 1.9m and keep repeating.