It is only natural!

I read some comments in the report on the rottweilers biting the Jack Russel. The silliness of these comments is not surprising. It is someone else that will be hurt. In this case it is a small dog. The dog lover did not want to see the rottweilers put to sleep. The owner of the rottweilers said it is only natural for the big dogs to attack small dogs. It is only animal instinct. So everyone is happy. It is only natural that the dogs will attack small animals, including children. Do we want to see a toddler being torn to pieces before we act? No amount of money and compensation and words of sympathy and empathy can take away the horror and mental anguish of the parents should a child be torn to pieces and ended up as meal for the dog. Please do something before something ugly happens. Animals are animals and they have no intention to kill or maul little children. They did that naturally.


The Oriental Express said...

I always say that there are no lousy dogs.....only lousy, insensitive, ignorant, inconsiderate and lazy owners who do not train their dogs properly and are too lazy or busy to take that extra precaution of building an extra gate, etc.

Even though my dogs do not bite and are very friendly, yet I always put them on leash when I walk them. As you have said, animals are animals. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

agree. the culprit is always man. for our selfish reasons, we do things for our own sake without thinking how it can hurt others.

loving animals is good. but make sure it does not pose a risk to other people. the attitude cannot be so casual and allow mistakes to be repeated again and again. the risk of the rottweilers escaping out of the compound is so high and has been occurring. and the owners are still taking it so easy.

there must be very severe penalties when animals hurt people. caning should also be considered as a deterrence.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Dogs often bite people. And sometimes other animals.

So what?

Bring it on lah. Let's see some fun.