Passion of being Singaporeans

We have passionate Singaporeans who stay and passionate Singaporeans who left. But they all share one thing in common, they love the country, feel for the country and are emotionally attached to the country. And they talk and share their views of things that are happening to the country. These are characteristics of a people who belong to a country. They are not sleepers, passengers or visitors, or guests. They are owners and they feel that they belonged here. Whether they have left, or still rooted here, they are still interested in things here, the good and the bad. This kind of attachment and involvement do not come about instantly. Many who have left to be citizens of new countries could not feel so much about their new homes and neither do they talk so much about them. It will take a life time or several generations to belong and call a country home. Not just a swearing in ceremony and the collection of a piece of paper to recognise one as a citizen. Often you will hear ex Singaporeans expressing strong views about the home they have left behind many years ago. But they would not have such strong views of their country of adoption. Or maybe their new countries were too big to feel that one is a significant part of that piece of land mass. Here, one is intricately and intimately interwoven into everything around us and the people, from the top to the bottom. We are that close as a people and that close physically to feel one another. A country without a people to talk and feel for it is not a country. Views and dissenting views are two sides of a coin of a people of a country.


Speedwing said...

Same goes for all the new citizens of Singapore. Will they also be so attached to their countries of origin?

Anonymous said...

what a stupid question.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

I criticise all cuntries; bothe the governments and the people — only because the stupid sheeple believe that humans are incapable of cooperating with each other, so they form governments under the authority of "The State" (a bullshit, arbitrary entity) to "manage" the society and "solve problems".

Invariably, the government under the SUPREME AUTHORITY of The State (a bullshit, arbitrary entity) grab lots of the resources of The People, con The People into a relationship of dependency on the government (The State), remove individual freedoms and rights so the The People are now disarmed and easily manipulated (now they are called SHEEPLE), preach some bullshit doctrine fanning the bigoted flames of "nationalism" and "xenophobia"... and so on.

Most of the world's cuntries have ended up this way. The People have lost Their Country because The Governments under authority of The State have literally STOLEN the country from the people, but then again The People allowed that to happen, as The People ALWAYS Get The Government They Deserve.