Talks and more talks

Parliament debated quite a bit on the high cost of living. Debated or talking cock, I could not see any difference from what was happening in the kopitiam and cyberspace. All talks and no action. The closest to doing something to minimise the pain of inflation is the call to substitute what one is used to now with cheaper stuff. That is perhaps the only thing actionable that came out of Parliament. Yesterday I briefly saw a statement flashing past the TV screen on being kind by Vivian Balakrishnan. Yes, that is the right thing to say. Let's show a little kindness to the less fortunate. But to many successful people, what is the sweat all about? Use the car less, plan your route, product substitution, buy kopi from kopitiams that did not raise the 20c cuppa, etc etc. What the heck, everything is still cheap and affordable. And some quarters even called for taxi fares to double or triple to make taxis more easily available instead of the current hide and seek game. So, where is the problem of rising cost when people are willing to pay so much more, even for the use of taxis?

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