The greatest compassion

Having been talking about the plight of the less fortunate, how to make their lives less miserable, it may be all a mistake. The greatest love or compassion is to make these people understand their pathetic situation. And how to do that? Start by kicking their arses. Scold them, humiliate them, be cruel to them, don't help them, no donations and charity, make them stand on their own two feet. Let them know that if they are not going to help themselves they will have to face their own consequences. Yes, tell them the brutal truth and let them know it. That is true compassion.


Anonymous said...

yes, and what I cannot grasp is why some of these jokers have family the size of a football team??

If you can't feed them, why breed them???

Anonymous said...

becos we need a large population to work and help fan the economy silly !!!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

our parents used to have 10 or more children. and many grew up without attending schools or at most secondary schools. some of these parents just produced mindlessly. some hoped and prayed that one or two would made it to become clerks, working in the comfort of an office, a pen pusher was a great achievement.

many made it to doctors, lawyers, engineers and ministers. but time has changed. today, without a university degree that cost a few hundred thousand bucks, all they can aspire is to become a small time footballer in a small time league. and how many footballers can our small local league takes?

our parents may be forgiven for their ignorance. today, this is unforgiveable, to perpetuate poverty and misery in the next generation. and in mulitples of 4.