UMNO lacking in confidence

Reading from Malaysian PM’s speech, Sin Chew daily columnist notes ruling party is short of confidence. By Tat Tian Yan Does anyone know the title of the opening speech by part president and Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to the just ended UMNO General Assembly? Not many people will realise it. Here it is: “Strengthening Confidence – Venturing Into A New Era”. The most important word is “confidence”. “Confidence” is the weakness of UMNO. In fact, UMNO has everything, be it power, resources, party members, the vote and so on. However, they are lacking confidence. Abdullah knows this as a fact. But the majority of the party members, and even the high-level cadres are not aware of it. They feel insecure because they are lacking confidence. Their tough look is very often used to hide their deep unease. Therefore, we can see a lot of “terms” in the UMNO General Assembly. The most common terms are “Do not challenge us”, “Our patience is limited”, “We have already sacrificed too much” and so on. "They feel insecure because they are lacking confidence." These “terms” reflect the collective psyche. The above is an extract from littlespeck.com I rather see this lack of confidence from a different angle. What UMNO needs are able leaders who are development minded, take on projects to develop the country, introduce positive and pro business and development policies to drive the economy. What UMNO now has is a bunch of politicians who spend their time politiking and how to line their pockets. How many of them have come out with ideas, serious development and economic ideas and push them through? Practically zero. And worst, any big idea, other than the stupid crooked bridge, will be torn down to pieces for fear that they make less and the investors make more. With this type of frog in the well mentality, Malaysia cannot progress. And as it starts to regress and go down the hill, the politicians will keep on inciting the people to raise tension. That is what the Malaysian politicians in UMNO are good at and are doing everyday to keep their bank account growing.

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