Why is the taxi fare system so wrong?

Everything in the system is wrong. Even the piecemeal recommendation is wrong. And everyone is crying foul. How could this be when we have the brightest brains managing the system. Or we don't have the brightest brains doing it and need to transfer some of the brightest brains to look at the system? Hey, we are spending millions on salaries and this is the easiest thing to do and the commuters should not have to suffer from a faulty and ineffective system. It is so messy that you need to carry a calculator or a computer to keep tap with how the system works. And to talk above reviewing the system now is a sure sign that it is not working. What is happening?


Anonymous said...

its quite unique, our system.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

the degree of complexities is as good as a complex computer game.

Anonymous said...

Taxi mess is really part of a bigger transport problem. What to do? Nothing basically because the Govt decides when and how to roll out the transport infrastructure. Our MRT and LRT are inadequate, but officials don't want to admit it. They think we have already arrived and continuously pat their own backs. With this kind of mentality, how to improve?

Look at Hong Kong. Their public transport system is really one of the best for a compact city. It's integrated, affordable and comfortable - across land, sea, subterranean and mountains. There's no compulsion to own a car out of necessity.

As for the taxi mess iteslf, increasing number of surcharges only compounds problem. The shit gets passed somewhere and will resurface as another problem. People are already disputing and killing one another over questionable surchage levied on them.

In any case, the surcharges are getting so complicated that we we need foreign talent and grads to drive our cabs...!

Anonymous said...

The bright sparks managing the taxi-system are not going to admit they are wrong, rest assured. And if they revert to the old system of charging taxi-fares, they are going to roll out the same old excuse that the surcharges were necessary at that time and that circumstances have changed. But, never, never in a thousand years will they admit they are wrong, rest assured!

Anonymous said...

Thrown them out, power corruption stupid self claimed "ex-ordinary poeple".

Anonymous said...

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