Pedra Branca, our island

Reading through several days of the reports in the msm on the Pedra Branca court battle in Hague, I am fully convinced that Malaysia's case was spurious. They were just grappling with straws to build their claim over the island. The msm has presented every aspect of Singapore's legitimate claim and every rebuttal or dismissal very convincingly. Reading the media, one wonders why Malaysia even bothers to take up the case and waste so much time and expenses to go to Hague. It is not only losing the case, but putting up a poor case will discredit themselves in the international platform. I kind of feel a bit embarrass at the supporting evidence and arguments put up by Malaysia. But all these are based on the reports in our msm. Malaysia's position was reported in bits and pieces, in an incoherent manner. Neither were there a decent coverage on how Malaysia rebut or dismiss our claims and positions. It would be interesting to read how Malaysia present its case in full and see if they really make out a good case for themselves. I will search the Malaysian msm for their version of the story. The other astounding impression is the comments made by the Singapore team. Their morale was high, they have made a good case, and they were cautiously confident, guarded and prepared for any surprises Malaysia may throw out. They went there to fight a 50:50 case and may lose. Hmmmm, I thought and have lived with Pedra Branca as an intrinsic part of our territorial integrity. It is ours, never in doubt, like ownership of a landed property. And if there is any spurious claims against it, my position would be quite different. I may present the case with all the legal documents. But at no time would I concede that it is a 50:50 case. I may even put in place some measures for damages and cost and make it very clear in all manners and conduct, that it is a wild claim and need to be dismissed with cost awarded to me. To take the position that it is 50:50 is already conceding that our ownership is also tentative.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

There is room for doubt on ownership. Just because Horsburg Lighthouse is there doesn't automatically grant title of the entire piece of bird-shit rock.

Remember, S'pore was in recent history, part of Malaysia.

Sophie said...

matilah singapura, u have a very succinct way of describing things. :-)

yes, one must also take into account the merger of the two countries in the dispute over the bird-shit rock.

check out


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woof woof

Anonymous said...

woof! while talk is always good, in the end what we really need is more seals and multiple warheads torpedos to keep the preying bandits away.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

the british, spanish, dutch can plant a flag anywhere and claim the land as theirs.

i found it!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Like I said, there is room for doubt.

I'm neutral on this, and by the way,

"opinions are like arseholes—everyone has one".

Remember, every post on the internet is merely opinion, not necessarily the truth — including this post :-) It is up to the reader to discover the (objective) truth for himself, if he gives a shit.

Most people don't—opinion will do just fine. Finding out for sure requires too much effort, and as we know, most folks on this earth are lazy dickheads <-- objective truth ;-)

So none of our opinions matter. When the court of international govt-employed legal fools has decided, they will pass their judgment and that will be that; or the case will drag on for years more, ensuring a steady stream of guaranteed tax-payer contributed income to the charltans and bums of the international legal community related to this case.

Once fucking lawyers and judges are involved, "justice" is a matter of luck. <--- objective truth ;-)

Anonymous said...


Pora le spore...bagi peha, nak betis. bagi betis nak kaki...bagi kaki nak benda lain pulak...

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

hi mampus s,pore,

apa cakap lah? anyway, welcome to the blog.

it is ok for us bloggers to scream and shout and take sides because we belong to two different countries.

who will own the island will be determined by the court of law using laws that were established by the western powers. tak boleh chop. chop tak pakai lah.

we are living in a world governed by the rule of law.

Anonymous said...

Wonder what will it be if Malaysia fights the case in Hague using MALAY language?? LOL

Anyway, we have more facts...so Singapore should win. I have booked the site www.pedra-branca.com, ready for some celebrations!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

hi pb_sg,

welcome to the blog. you are very fast to chop the site name. this is going to be a very popular name to come.

we may have all the facts. but you won't know the outcome until the judgement is passed. till then, many things can happen.

i still think it is stupid for singapore to agree to go to hague.

Anonymous said...


It's ok for Singapore to operate the LIGHTHOUSE... whether in Pulau Pisang or Pulau Batu Putih.... Don't put a radar base in it !!!!! It's belong to Malaysia..... Long ago !!!!