Life as a footballer

Life can be a breeze as a footballer. I mean a leisure footballer. One can just play football as a hobby, watch football and live football just to enjoy what one likes most. And this is despite whatever income one is getting. It is a different kind of happiness, and very healthy as well. A lot of fresh air and sunshine. A lot of sweat and perspiration, laughter and excitement. And friends. There is no need for snobbish pursuits like attending concerts or poisoning one's body with drugs and alcohol. They called it fine wine or brandy. The danger of this kind of free and easy living is that these people can be easily manipulated. Someone will tell them how come others are living in big mansions and flying all over the whole for their holidays. And that life is unfair to them. These people can easily be worked up emotionally and run wild. They will forget that it is a lifestyle choice, that they have taken a path of pleasure and lesser stress. That they play and had played since they were school children. No need to sweat and be stressed by the system. Life as a leisure footballer can be fun as a lifestyle choice.

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