The shifting and changing intolerance

We were once an immigrant country. We have the blood of immigrants. A stroke of luck, we became the owners of this island that we made it our home. We were generous to foreigners coming here. We welcomed them and extended our hospitality to them. Practically every foreigner who sat foot here went home in praise of our generosity.

When foreigners were small in numbers, when they came as tourists and just passing by, things were good for both them and us. They came to enjoy our little island paradise. We gave them a pleasant stay and a happy memory to bring home. They came and they left fulfilled.

As more and more foreigners came and stayed, things changed. We started to feel some annoyance and irritations in the beginning. But never mind, the govt said we should welcome them for all the good reasons. The govt did not tell us the bad reasons and the consequences of having too many foreigners living with us.
From rushing for a seat in the train, a seat in the hawker centre, we find that we had to compete with the foreigners for living space. Our space has been invaded. We need to share our space with the foreigners. The level of tolerance fell. They are becoming more than an irritant.

And more came. We suddenly woke up and realized that we had to compete with foreigners for jobs, for housing, for education, for the right to earn a decent living, for everything. The level of tolerance became intolerable. But we were polite, we bowed our heads, gave way to the foreigners. Many PMEs resigned to their fate to become taxi drivers and security guards. They deserved it as they had given up the fight. We gave way, we gave up our better lives and jobs to let the foreigners have a better life.

The foreigners were very nice people. When they were new, small in numbers, they were polite and a bit fearful of the owners of the land. They gave way to us, avoided offending us. Things started to change when their numbers increased, when they became familiar with the system and the docile owners. They started to get annoyed with our presence. We became an irritant to them.

They even ganged up to steal our jobs, our space, took our convenience for their convenience. Now they even discriminated against us, the owners of the land. They told us they were smarter, cleverer, and they were here to help us. They started to despise us. They thought they were superior to us, they have every right to be in this land of ours. We must give way to them. If we are not happy, they told us to move out.
The arrogance became rudeness, became offensive. They did not like us and did not have to like us. They did not like our presence. They even gave us the hostile stare in the trains like we should not be there. They called us xenophobic.

The foreigners are getting intolerant of us, the citizens, the owners of this land. The Little India Riot is not going to be the last. When they are big in numbers, there is nothing to stop them from beating us, from violence, from rioting, and worst.

The intolerance level has changed, the intolerance has changed side. They cannot tolerate our way of life, our cooking, our festivities, the noise we created. The foreigners, because of their numbers, and the docile and daft Sinkies allowing them to do as they pleased, are growing intolerant of us, the citizens here.

What’s next? Would they be thinking of chasing us away, the citizens, out of our homes, our country? Can you believe that? Threatening citizens, shouting at citizens and beating citizens? In the trains they would rush for the seats first, ignoring the citizens. They have become very comfortable here, too comfortable with the daft citizens. They can makan the citizens. The citizens must not offend them or else.

Welcome to the new 3rd World?

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Anonymous said...

Well said. Two Kopi-O for you.

Anonymous said...

"The foreigners, because of their numbers, and the docile and daft Sinkies allowing them to do as they pleased, are growing intolerant of us, the citizens here."


What do u expect, brave and smart Sinkies ready to fight and fight back?

Take note. There are no brave and smart Sinkies. Only smart Sinkies, and daft and docile Sinkies.

If not, and where it matters most, how could the strongest Sinkie opposition leader is not even ready to be PM and even praised the ruling Sinkie party as competent, u tell me lah?

If this is not daft and docile, I don't know what is.

And if even the leader is like that, what u expect of ordinary Sinkies?

So Sinkies will rather be smart to make lots of money rather than be brave. Remember, smart Sinkies can even make money in Timbuktu!

Anonymous said...

When one control almost everything one can do anything
In order to have the power n the wealth Isn't it ?

Anonymous said...

...how could the strongest Sinkie opposition leader is not even ready to be PM...
Anon 9:13 am

No need to say other things, this and this alone already tells a lot, if not the whole lot, about Sinkies.

No wonder the Sinkie PM even dare to say publicly Sinkieland belongs to all, maybe to appease the foreigners, because of their numbers, are growing intolerant of the Sinkies!


Raymond said...

This post is seditious (promotes feelings of ill-will and hostility between different classes of the population in Singapore, Section 290.3).

Please retract your post.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday I took the MRT. To and fro in 4 stretches I had to stand for the entire trip, while foreigners and younger folks rushed to the seats.
I'm 70.
And this is my country?

Anonymous said...

And it was non peak hours - about 4pm!

Anonymous said...

@ Raymond @ August 01, 2014 9:57 am
/// This post is seditious (promotes feelings of ill-will and hostility between different classes of the population in Singapore, Section 290.3) ///

Your post is traitorous.
You are censoring the warnings of a patriot.
If you believe in the population white paper, why are you so scared of an open discussion?
What are you trying to hide?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Raymond, why don't you tell us who you are then I will take you seriously.

Anonymous said...

Raymond, are you the govt, ISD or the police, or a foreigner turned new citizen?

Anonymous said...

In the name of public safety from daft policies - I say Raymond should be arrested for contributing to the downfall of Singapore by attempting to censor public discussion.

Anonymous said...

This Raymond guy is dangerous. He is creating fear and using fear to threaten bloggers. He is trying to warn RB he is someone important and demanding RB to take down the post or else.

Anonymous said...

Is Raymond impersonating a police officer?
I think he should be reported as such.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Anon 10:01,

I also old uncle. Once I saw a whole row of seats taken by foreigners and all snoring away. And old uncles, older than me, and pregnant women all standing.

And you are right, young foreign workers rushing for seats, reserved seats, with old uncles.

But must admit some would give up seats to old uncles and aunties.

Anonymous said...

There are enough fear in the air. And those people going around trying to threaten others, even if they are policemen, must be stopped. And those who pretend to be policemen must be reported to the police.

Anonymous said...

One of them who loves looking at the cpf statements and feels very shiok

Anonymous said...

But we must support the population white paper.
This is the only vision PAP & LHL has for Singapore.
So we all must follow.

DIW said...


MIW said...

Men inside women?


RB = Red Bean?

RD = Red Dot?

RL = Red Light?

RF = Red Face?

RC = Red ........?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Please lah redbean, you have only yourself to blame if you cannot compete.

Sore losers : those who fail in their objective and blames the better party, i.e. the winner.

Fuck off lah.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Matilah, let me gently remind you that you are the first loser. You have already fucked off from here so many years ago. By that you have admitted that you couldn't compete and chabut first.

I have stayed and have lived pretty well. So, who is the loser? Why should I blame myself? Got no reason to.


Anonymous said...

The ISD people are smarter than this nut. And they are discreet and would not go around threatening people in the net for spurious reasons. They have better things to do.

Hope they will go after this Raymond for impersonating them and giving them a bad name. All the rascals using the police to threaten people is giving the men in blue and the ISD a very bad reputation, tarnishing their image.

Anonymous said...

Raymond said " This post is seditious (promotes feelings of ill-will and hostility between different classes of the population in Singapore, Section 290.3). "

I must say I totally agree with Raymond. RB is just trying very hard to create friction between Singaporeans and Foreigners who have decided to work here or make their home here. I cannot understand why RB is writing such hateful articles almost everyday. He must get such a kick out of inciting fear, hatred, anger in people. Why can't RB write about peaceful co-existence and harmony . Instead he keeps on about the imaginary threats from the new citizens, FTs and FWs. RB must be a very insecure person. If he feels so threatened wht does he not move out and let the people of Singapore, whether true blue Singaporeans or new citizen or FTs or FWs live in harmony and build Singapore to be better than it is today. Shame on you. I wonder if you have a hidden agenda, or maybe you have been hurt by a foreigner in the earlier oart of your life. Shame on You.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone made a police report against this post yet?

It's not only xenophobic, it stirs animosity towards a large part of our population (~40%).

RB: You are really courting trouble...

Anonymous said...

PAP's Population White Paper
It's not only unpatriotic, it stirs animosity towards Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

So it's confirmed prostitutionland is the S E A cousin of a pariah state in N E A?

A GREAT LEADER should make up his mind to run this place under democratic principles or under oppressive draconian tactics?

Does anyone believe in his mind oppressive draconian tactics are tenable in a democracy?

Resorting to gangster type of threat is revealing the true colours of those preaching harmony?

Who is advocating disharmony and unlawful violence?

What has become of our society?

Bloggers who highlight elderly folks being deprived of their reserve seats are issued with open warnings again and again?

Are we living in BC 221 Qin Dynasty or a modern democracy?

We are becoming of a society with more and more rats cramped into a very limited confine space.

Is anybody suggesting the Little India Riot in Dec 2013 is imaginery?

And many other mass incidents before it?

Did any blogger cause those incidents or the cracks in our system?

For some, they may choose to stick their heads in the sand and see nothing?

For others, they may pretend to be deaf frogs?

The signs are all over the walls.

Wishing the many budding and burgeoning problems away may be the most self deceiving and autocratic follies proven to bring down countless civilisations since time immemorial?

Anonymous said...

Wow, no wonder Sinkies do not like to join the Singapore Police Force. If they have to take Orders from the Masters that suka suka sold away national assets. Then the people can suka suka want the Police to investigate those who highlight social problems arising from policy makers, policeman will have no pee break. What about meal break and break? Like this, Sin got to import more aliens to join the Force and then more Sinkies will be unhappy. What will Sin be?
It is already in a mess and the people are yet squabbling with themselves, the future of Sg is confirmed jialat liao.
If Qin fell, so can Sin collapses or in local parlance, sinks. Doesn't take long, it seems.

Anonymous said...

Knowing RB, he is much more secure than all those who are here to attack him. These are likely to be foreigners having a good time here and feeling insecure that the policies may be changed.

Singapore belongs to Singaporeans and all Singaporeans must take ownership of their country and protect it for their descendants. If they don't, they will lose this country their forefathers have fought for and built.

Anonymous said...

If this post is seditious, then all the posts in TRE and other blogs and sites must be seditious, or more seditious. Assholes.

RB is here and you know who he is. All those accusing him of sedition, why don't you identify yourself to see who you are, and stand by what you said? Or are you so shameful of your false accusation and dare not own up?

Anonymous said...

Raymond, you are hiding under which anonymous? Why you dare to threaten people here but dare not show yourself?

Anonymous said...

What is being posted here are being seen by the whole world. The Americans must be laughing their guts out to read that a post like this is seditious. Is this how the law is interpreted in Singapore?

Anonymous said...

I think we should publicize Raymond's "seditious" accusations to the whole world.
It's time to shame our Singaporean Fascist Party

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I want to let Raymond know that what he said is amounting to intimidation. If he knows what intimidation is like in legal terms.

Anonymous said...

Raymond is just a paper tiger la.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if they are also paying paper tiger raymond a million dollar salary just to do paper work on the internet?

Unknown said...

Look at the palestinians, they lived in that land for thousands of years, but now they are like slaves to the tyranical Israelis. Israeli went as far as occupying West Bank and Gaza which as supposed to form the state of Palestine. The Israelis suppressed the Palestinains and called them terrorists. The Israelis were no different from the Nazis who once suppressed them. Now they are doing the same what the Nazis did to them to the Palestinians. If we are, not careful, we may ended up like the palestinians where we become the untouchables in our own country.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ redbean-buay tahan:

>> Hi Matilah, let me gently remind you that you are the first loser. You have already fucked off from here so many years ago. By that you have admitted that you couldn't compete and chabut first.

Please, you big fake, don't suka suka bedek "gently remind" when you have pure malice on your mind.

I fucked off? Really ah? How come I spend 30-50% of my time in Singapore? How come I have business interests and assets in Singapore? (the low tax is very attractive). How come I encourage my young Aussie nephews and nieces to take up jobs and even low-paid internships in Singapore -- so that they can get "a foot in the door"?
How come ah??!?

For me it has always been about maximising opportunity for the biggest personal gain -- i.e. I make NO APOLOGIES from squeezing out the best (for me) of both worlds. Call me selfish, and I'll wear it as a Badge Of Honour! :-))

>> Hehehehheh....loser.

Hahah...you think you can win an argument by hanging a label on me? Good for you. Knock yourself out. ;-)

Living well is the best revenge.