What kind of Singapore do the Singaporeans want?

We need to know where we are heading and the social economic model that will make life better for Singaporeans. This is our country and we must do everything to favour the Singaporeans, to assist them to lead a good life. There is no point of having a rich and prosperous Singapore but benefiting only a few elite families and foreigners while the rest of the Singaporeans were made to struggle and to downgrade their quality of life. Today, the catchphrase for Singaporeans is all about downgrading except for the few privileged elites and the super rich.

And if you look at the family structure of Singaporeans, even the rich would not last more than one generation. The cost of living is so high that if their next generation of children are going to be mediocre, they would be taking the downgrading road as well and that will be the end of their fortune and their good life. Some may not care since they did not want to have children. They just want to live this good life and call it quits when they turn to ashes.

We need to develop a system that would advantage Singaporeans to sustain their good life, their children and grand children’s good life. We must not have a system that only helps the foreigners to enjoy a better life at the expense of the Singaporeans. We should not be using our public funds to nurture foreigners to have a good life and not our children. We got a lot of table tennis gold medals. So? Anyone feeling excited about it? How is it going to better the children of Singapore?

We are spending millions and millions of public money to bring in foreigners, to hire them at very good pay, but to discard our own just to claim that we have talents. Is this good for Singaporeans? It is not about envy or jealousy. It is about stupidity. If you are talking of a handful of foreigners, fair enough, we need some diversities and some competition. When we go in blindly, and flooded our social economic system with foreigners, instead of supplementing our needs, or as interim measures to train our own, to replace our very own, what the fuck are we thinking? Where are we heading? Where is the future of Singaporeans and our children? I am talking about the children of all Singaporeans.

Do we want to replace our own kind with foreigners simply because they are better? I am not even thinking of fakes and half bakes. As a country and a nation of people, we must protect our own kind, provide all the opportunities for our own kind, provide them the space and avenues to have good jobs, good incomes, good homes. Not telling them to downgrade to be taxi drivers and security guards or cleaners because there is a long queue of foreigners waiting at the door. This is seditious talk..

Am I talking Greek? Or am I talking to dunces? This is your country and you must be the preferred choice for good jobs, good homes, good educations and good of everything. The foreigners can come only as a side show, at our pleasure, not displeasure, to compliment our needs, not to replace ours. We must not commit socio economic suicide by welcoming the foreigners to take over our jobs, our homes and our country, and to rule us. The foreigners must be laughing silly at our stupidity which we bragged to the world as the secret to our success.

And for those who want 6.9m or 10m people in this island, I simply ask, what for? You mean Singapore cannot be a rich and prosperous city state without more population? Is that the only answer? Is this the only trick that the pony knows?

Kopi Level - Yellow


Anonymous said...

u no brainer ..

it's not 4 u 2 decide

it's for papigs under hsien loong who under ho jinx underwear 2 chart the path 4 dafts

moi want papigs 4ever

leemember vote 4 papigs only n not other parties which r religously skewed unlike papigs which is religously harmonised

4 your future generation welfare vote 4 papigs

papigs ... HUAT AH
4d also choon choon leh
4989 ... lomber one prize
huat ah .... papigs, papigs, papigs 4ever

Anonymous said...

"This is our country and we must do everything to favour the Singaporeans, to assist them to lead a good life."

Tiok. But don't forget Singaporeans include those "instant" Singaporeans made by PAP from foreigners.

So who says PAP did not do everything to favour Singaporeans?

Or else how could PAP have got the favour of at least 60% Singaporeans in a general election, u tell me lah?

Even the strongest Singaporean opposition leader is also in favour of PAP for being competent, so what more can PAP want?

Anonymous said...

Anyone notice? Now got handphone name after Redbean, Redbean CH-U5. Steady lah.

Anonymous said...

PAP favour only those smart Singaporeans.

And as smart Singaporeans are the majority, PAP can afford to ignore those daft Singaporeans which RB is fighting very hard for in his blog.

But blog only lah, not even opposition member, and for kopi some more, so PAP where got scared of RB one?

Anonymous said...

we have to be very careful.....

our population is fast becoming 3

33.33% RICH...singapore a Paradise
to them.....

33.33% must struggle to keep up
with the fast pace and high cost
of living....downgrading quality
of life becomes their only options.....

33.33% left behind....as they
cannot keep up with the rapid
changes and fast pace and the
high cost of living.....

we MUST slow down NOW before it
is too late....take stocks and
decide where we want to go....how
to move there as a NATION.....as
a NATION......



Anonymous said...

Bery funny leh...

Dunno whether I going mahbok anot

Seem like many new cileezen nric nomber very funny leh..

How cum.... start with S7xxxxx... ? Cileezen since 1970s ?? So beri funny.

Leeren from doktor Mahatir from mudland?

or moi getting old n senile, cranky?

Anonymous said...

How can Singapore do well if Singaporeans do not do well?
Common sense right?

But remember.
PAPigs don't think this way.
They consider Singapore and Singaporeans to be two different things.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:40 got his decimal points wrong leh. It is 3.333% rich while the rest of the socalled asset rich are struggling to survive and needing govt handouts to survive. Many are waiting to downgrade leh.

Anonymous said...

To the PAPigs;
In their hearts,
Singapore = Singapore Inc.
Remember the Suzhou Industrial Park?

This is Singapore Industrial Park.
To the PAPigs.
They are only interested in the land in Singapore.
The Singaporeans here are workers just alike any other alien who works here.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

I want a Singapore where I can have a good time -- make some money, pay low taxes, have good quality leisure, live well and have a fiery sex life.

Already got. Singapore, keep on rocking!

PAP report card: 7.5/10. Room for improvement, and also reduce itself in size, but not bad lah. Better than any western democratic govt I can think of. Much better than Aust, that's for sure!

Anonymous said...

Touché! Touché! I "feel so rich" when I open up my Pioneer Generation package. Some more, Ah Loong and Woody personally give them out, with so much song and dance, literally. So now, all the oldies will vote for PAP.

Referring to his NDR speech on Aug 17, Ah Loong said “I will be talking about how we are working in Singapore to give (Singaporeans) assurance (and) peace of mind.” Very important, The Speech! The Ah Loong way is to make speeches and talk the problems away. Not to be outdone, our lame duck President also unveiled the Government’s ambitions of becoming the first smart (???) nation to improve the Republic’s quality of life (???). With so much talking and assurances, what's there not to like, eh?

Anonymous said...

When PAP say they will improve our lives.
Be prepared for more cost increase.
First year is always subsidized ... while the number of suppliers is just reduced to one.
2nd year onwards, the price will keep increasing every year.

If we want to reduce costs.
We have to vote Opposition.
We cannot afford the PAP gahmen anymore.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Just count the number of Singaporeans who "cabut" during the National Day weekend. Some people like to stay to enjoy the parade and fireworks. Other people can't wait to "ponteng" and have a grand time in Bangkok, Bali, KL etc.

BTW, do you think a Malay pilot will fly his plane kamakazi-style into the grandstand where Lee Kuan Yew is sitting?

I always ponder this question every National Day ;-)

Anonymous said...

I like your selfie.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ cheebye-kia:

Thank you.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Is that a selfie? Quite handsome.

lust for love said...

Share the same concern and thoughts as the writer here, but still I don't understand quite a substantial of the population still want to keep them in power?

It seems that the government hasn't screwed us hard enough for the majority of the population to wake up.

I see many people in HK,Brazil and Turkey waking up but look at us?

No wonder my mum is so ashamed to admit that she is a Singaporean when she is out of the country!

Anonymous said...

Singapore is going to be like the Table Tennis team. Is this the future you want for your children?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@lust for love:

>> No wonder my mum is so ashamed to admit that she is a Singaporean when she is out of the country!

Good tactic. Depending on the circumstance and situation, I also bullshit my cuntree of origin when I travel in Asia. Because of the reputation of the ubiquitous Ugly Singaporean, I tell people I'm from Malaysia or Indonesia when anyone asks.

In western cuntrees however, I'm open and immediately fess up to being Singaporean. Sometimes there's a smart-ass who will say: "Don't they hang people for drugs there?"

I always respond: "Yes, and for years my company has supplied the rope the govt uses for hanging". That usually shuts them up immediately.

Anonymous said...

In the table tennis team, foreigners played, Sinkies watched. Foreigners won, sinkies clapped. Foreigners became rich, Sinkies 'lau nuar'. Foreigners being praised, Sinkies felt out of place. Foreigners walked in front, Sinkies followed behind. Foreigners in the front page news, Sinkies read the news.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Received this email.

'This is something new. Is the PAP system cracking?
Michael Goh openly announced to all his Facebook friends that he is no longer the Senior Grassroot leader
in Tanjong Pagar GRC and his mother resign as Chairman of RC with immediate effect. Read on.


Goh Michael
14 hrs ·

To All my FB friends,

It is my pleasure to say that i am no longer a Senior Grassroot leader of TP GRC and my mother is stepping down as chairman of the RC with immediate effects. For me now it is the time to see Singapore that it doesn't fall into the wrong hands of Governing.'

This is an unusual development.

Anonymous said...


Each time I watched Ah Loong iterates his love and care for the people, old or young or all, it gets very worrying.
You ask why abd here is my reply; he will use our money to help us.

virgo49 said...

my oh my, good that the tanjong pagar charman had resigned when he no longer bears to see the cuntree goes to the dogs!

Skunks better word as dogs are more lovablwe creatures.

no wonder my ex-rc branch tanjong pagar chairman always scorns at me when i meet him and said "stupid bastard ex chairman, chiak liao bee for the last few decades just enjoying your benefits"

Anonymous said...

10 million is the right number for the population of Singapore. When we reach 6.9 million we must not stop. 10 million will then be the target. Why? Well, to keep Singapore in the 1st world status we must have the manpower to boost the economy of the country and we must all stay focus to keep the economy at 1st world level. Singaporean are not reproducing enough children to replace the old. Therefore the only way to reach 6.9 million can only be from the world pool of talents. We must make Singapore so attractive to entice these talent to come to our island to help us make this dream come true. Therefore we must create a nice living environment to attract the foreign talents to come here. Only with the help of the talents from the world pool can we achieve this Singapore dreams.

There are those Singaporeans who may feel threatened and there will be those who are jealous of the newcomers. That is natural. However, for the good of the future of Singapore, we must live with the disgruntles from these minority. In any society there will be the haves and the have nots. Singapore is no different. There will be those who will never be satisfied.

Singapore with 6.9 million will be an economical success and with 10 million population it will be an economical miracle.

Anonymous said...

Just follow the assumptions closely. Sinkies are stupid. Foreigners are smart. Sinkies are not producing, so import more and more foreigners.

What would happen over time, Sinkies get more stupid and smaller and smaller in numbers. Foreigners get smarter and more and more.

Soon it will come a time when there will be a few Sinkies left, and mostly stupid.

The said...

What kind of Singapore do Singaporeans want? All kinds since there are all kinds of Singaporeans. Like a certain Liu Thai Ker who wanted a 10-million nouveau-Singaporean Singapore.

As for me, I want a pre-1994 Singapore.

Anonymous said...

What kind of Singapore do Singaporeans want?

National Referendum.
Not the fake parliamentary vote on the PWP when PAP was enforcing the party whip to get the votes.

GE 2016.
Cast your vote wisely in this national referendum

Anonymous said...

Rb: // What kind of Singapore do the Singaporeans want? //

Ermmmm .........

Since this dot is red anyway, why not a red SINKIELAND?

Can prostitute and prostitute all the way?

名不正则言不顺, right?

And hang some GIANT RED LANTERNS prominently at somebody's abode in town?


Anonymous said...

How about open a CPF Bank?

GIC/temasek keep away from our CPF money.

New overseas investment like those new mega industrial park in China, going to be costing billions, funds coming from where ? Kept us totally in dark regarding the sources of funds.

recent news 'SINGAPORE: Singapore and China are exploring a third joint project, this time in western China, after already having two joint projects - an industrial park in Suzhou and an eco-city in Tianjin.

This was announced by Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean, and Minister for Social and Family Development Chan Chun Sing as they rounded off an official visit to China on Thursday (July 31).

Anonymous said...

Why should the mrt card comes with a expiry date ? Please, there is no contact what, contactless isn't it, no wear and tear what!

Why keep changing the cards ?

The company doing the cards must be laughing to bank.

Anonymous said...

The news reported that gic has reportedly hundreds of billions in its portfolios. But not a word is mentioned that OUR cpf savings form a signicifcant portion in that so called gic funds .

Should the agency that manages our CPF funds use a name that reflects the source of its funds?

Best is to set up a independent committee to report to the Parliament to recommend how greater transparency can be achieved ?

Hence we need more opposition Member of Parliaments, at least 40 good men and women, to effect the checks and balances we badly need.

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon at 10.11

The Chinese are just toying with this big nose Teo.

Think they will joint venture third project.

They do not need us anymore. After two projects, you think they cannot do better than us???

They are now cold-shouldering Sinkapore after what this pinky looney said : Can have free smokes and pork soups.

Their President even do not wants to make a stopover when he visited Malaysia.

We have to send some many of our delegations to talk to them.

Jacob said...

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