The wolves and foxes met in secret

Someone told me of a story of a pack of wolves and foxes having a secret meeting to decide how to take care of a chicken coop. Somehow, for whatever reasons, the wolves and foxes were the guardians of the chickens. And they really cared for the welfare of the chickens affectionately.

They were so concern about the chickens that they held a meeting in the middle of the night. Among the agenda were items on how to ensure that the chickens remain lean and fit so that they could continue to lay the golden eggs. One suggestion was that the chicken must not be over fed. Made sure they just have enough or they would become lazy. Another was that the chicken must be kept fit and must receive a lot of exercise. Put them on the threadmill and run them non stop. An exhausted and tired chicken would not have time for anything, definitely no time to think of anything. Another suggested that the chicken must not know how many eggs they had laid to prevent them from becoming complacent or thinking that they had a big nest of eggs. Another suggested to hide the eggs from the chicken and when they were old and could not lay eggs anymore, they could, with all generosity, put an egg in their nest every other day to give the impression that could have an egg, once a while. This would be kind to them and good for their morale when they were retirement. It was like a goodwill gesture for a lifetime of egg layings.

Because the issues were so sensitive and important to the chickens, no chickens were invited to the meeting to know what was going on. Only their representatives were there, the foxes and the wolves, to speak for them and to look after their interests and well being.

I must say that the chickens are in good hands, in the hands of caring wolves and foxes.

Kopi Level - Blue. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

"Because the issues were so sensitive and important to the chickens, no chickens were invited to the meeting to know what was going on."

It's not that the chickens were not invited.

It's because the chickens are not ready to send a representative to attend the meeting. And the chicken head even said this aloud to the wolves and foxes, without even their asking!

So like that who to blame, the wolves and foxes, or the chickens, u tell me lah?

Anonymous said...

"And the chicken head even said this aloud to the wolves and foxes, without even their asking!"
Anon 10:19 am

But why the chickens have such a head? Can't they select a better head?

Anonymous said...

Hi RB, speed here. Good story and good analogy. Somehow I think there is more to that story that tickles the mind. Well, as long as all the chicken are happy and peaceful all will be well.

Keep up the story telling RB. Appreciate a laugh once in a while. After all, here in Singapore there isn't much time for humour. Cheers.

Anonymous said...


You make me so worry for the chicken



You see, me am a old cock
that lays not egg, maybe good
for canned curry.


Anonymous said...

"But why the chickens have such a head? Can't they select a better head?"
Anon 10:22 am

Because the chickens who can be better heads are not inside the chicken coop under the care of the wolves and foxes. They are outside and free roaming!

The said...

The chickens must be cheaperer, fasterer and betterer......

And they must not be allowed to cross the road - what you think that is your grandfather's road?

Anonymous said...

Patriot, I don't think we want old chicken in curry can as the meat is too tough lar. Likely the owner will banish u to jb to die a natural death so u can see, when u are old, u have no value at all.

Anonymous said...

1. chickens have to elect fellow chickens to represent them in parliament.

2. chickens should not be stupid and elect wolves & foxes ... I mean generals and scholars to represent them in parliament.

Anonymous said...

They like to sayang the old chickens and tell them to keep laying eggs for as long as the chickens lived. Then they tell the chickens they will keep their eggs for them. At the end they sapu all the eggs and give back one or two for old times sake.

Anonymous said...

Me likes the Idea of living North out of Sin.
Last week 9 of us senior citizens had Roti Chennai some with eggs and onions at JB. Breakfast with Teh and Coffee Tariks all for about Sin $11.50.
Camel Cigarettes non filter cost me 12.50 Ringgit. It cost me $13 Sin Dollars here.
We had 8 dishes seafood dinner with fresh buah Kedondong juice and Chinese tea, all for 250 Ringgit.
Thai Massage at Pelantong was 40 Ringgit for s full 40 minutes.

It seems to me that Sin$800 a month should make for a comfortable living for most healthy Sinkie Elderlies.
Taman Austin/Austin Garden in JB looks clean and nice with many Singsporeans owning the Landed Properties there.

Maybe, Singsporeans can consider moving up North for a more relaxing or less stressful living.


Anonymous said...

It is all for the good of the 'fami-lee'.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

They are not chickens. They are SHEEPLE.

Sheeple deserve to get slaughtered, mostly because they are too stupid or lay or both to PAY ATTENTION to the goings-on...and one day they get "surprised" at how fucked-up the situation has become, and then start looking for "someone to blame".

That's your typical Sheeple. Fucking asshole. Needs to be killed. And eaten :-)

I support patriot's idea 100%. I am in JB at least once if not more times a week. I must have deposited a least one bucket of my sperm in JB territory already. patriot is right: you go JB, your "stress" disappears -- in my case by shooting out of my body ;-)

Anonymous said...

Knn... this happened on a wet raining night more than sixty years ago accompanied by thunder n lightning

But was between a god n a gecko.... btw the gecko is dead oredi

N the result of this union... ?

a dragon popped out... months later n was destined to be the king

Like many king..... his daft subject are basking in his generosity

Leemember... papigs is bestest

Vote papigs

Anonymous said...

My apology for a typo mistake.

The 8 dishes Seafood Dinner cost 205 Ringgit and NOT 250 Ringgit.

And me was simply overwhelmed when I found the Seafood Restaurant was having almost similar amount of Malay, Indian, Chinese customers and one table was occupied by a few Angmos with 2 Chinese.

And the Restaurant served beers and stouts.


Anonymous said...

Thank You Matilah Singapura for the Concurrence.

Singaporeans may like to visit Penggerang, a more laid back part of JB. Board the boat at Changi Village Jetty and on the Way there, one gets to see the extend of reclamation by Singapore at the Eastern Part.

Seafoods are reasonably priced and hotel rate with Wifi for double is around 30 to Sin$40.
No night activity except watching television programmes in hotel room.
Eateries are mostly all closed by 10pm.


Anonymous said...

In SINKIELAND, one plate of crab mee hoon even in coffee shop settings already set YEW back as much as $100+ SGD which is already about more than RM300. Eat ONCE in the most EXPENSIVE global SIN-TY, YEW can eat about 10 times in JB? Anyway, it was published that 2 miserable tiny fishes which are much more inferior than crab mee hoon already set some tourists back S$200+. Two miserable fishes already cost more than 3 full tables of 8 dishes seafood in JB? No wonder even in Vivo City 3rd level food courts, often tourists were seen digging out their last dollars just to buy enough food for that one meal........ A few times, overheard some tourists commenting that they hope the taxis can accept CREDIT CARDS when they make their way back to the hotels. Any wonder why tourists arrival may have peaked at 15m per year in 2012/ 2013 and it could be a downward slide going forward? How many 15m "菜头 cai tao" In a YEAR YEW can get YEAR IN YEAR OUT? ��Game over SOON? Who are their next targets? Did somebody whisper SINKIES? OH NOOOOOOOOOOOO! NOT AGAIN! OMG!

Anonymous said...

Talking about Vivo Level 3 foodcourt, a few months ago got a BIG surprise from the "economic rice store". Just 3 dishes - 1 meat and 2 veggies cost $10.70. Supposingly 3 or 4 dishes can cost between $12 to $20/= at this store. Really Baey jin choo! Imagine some people can post in facebook some months back that he only paid $2.50 for a nasi padang meal? Can YEW see how disconnected all these 1,000 storeys high IVORY TOWERS dwellers are out of touch with the ground or what's happening? Well for those who are skeptical how costly one meal can be, the economic rice store is just opposite the bak kut teh outlet.

Anonymous said...

Stop complaining about the cost of eating out in Singapore. If you don't like the price then cook at home. Why the fuss about the cost of hawker/foodcourt meals? If you think you are being fleeced by the hawkers then try and eat at home. No one force you to eat out? Singaporeans are so miserable. Complaining all the time and being kaisu and kiasi really gets up my nose. What a load of spineless people. All Singaporeans can do is complain and being miserable. I guess being nannied all these years brings out childish behaviour. Stop complaining, if you do not like living here in Singapore, GET OUT !! Take you miserable CPF and go. There are many from elsewhere who would be glad to take your place. So there.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous, August 31, 2014 7:57 am.

I agree with the above sentiments to some extent.
If you think our PAP government is not running the country well, stop complaining.
Either leave Singapore or stay behind and help vote in a new government.
To keep voting PAP and to keep hoping for a change is madness.

Look at ex-PAP Minister George Yeo.
He wanted to change PAP from within.
Looks like he gave up and went to work in Hong Kong instead.

Anonymous said...

True, true, true. Totally agree. Either leave the country and forget Singapore OR stay and take an active part to change the situation. Just sit back and complain will not do you any good.

Too many Singaporeans are just so used to complaining and do nothing, hoping someone else will actively change the situation. If you want change, then participate and contribute to the change. Take part in HLP and show yourselves. If you hide behind the scene, nothing will happen and you will be forever be unhappy with your situation. Be brave....

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

After reading 7:57 and 8:41's comments I just have to post another Singapore story. I thought of keeping it till next Sunday, but the comments by these two bloggers made the story more relevant.

Anonymous said...

Be reminded that many of these wolves and foxes are not local breeds.
Many are born out of Sin.
This Tiny Dot has indeed '引狼入室' meaning the wolves and foxes are lured in by Sinkies themselves.