National Day Rehearsal - 2 Aug 14

These pictures were taken last week. The top pic is the performance stage, the largest floating stage in the world. Pic 2 and 3 are the performers and dancers in front of a huge screen. Pic 4 and 5 are the Red Lions dropping from the sky. Pic 6 and 7, the guards firing the 21 gun salute. Pic 8, beautiful doggies dressed up for the National Day. And the last pic is the fly past of the national flag in a clear sky with nice cirrus clouds.

For those who want to view the actions again, today's the day, 9 Aug, with the parade starting at 5.30pm. The performers and dancers would start the show at about 4pm.

Kopi Level - Green


Anonymous said...

Looks quite boring.

In fact quite stale.

Only positive is the quality of the photo taking.

Time will be better spent with families or other productive stuff.

How about kopi session with uncle bean in town?

Good if go with some red bean and green bean soup as desserts to drive away the afternoon heat and enhance the relaxed atmosphere.

Given the choice, many would rather spend the evening with SINKIELAND online PM drinking coffee, red bean and green bean soup than the lame and distasteful pork soup and free smoking jokes teller.

Btw, the desserts store on level 2 of the food centre opposite the CC across Upp Pickering St is quite good.

If YEW want less stress in SINKIELAND, drink and eat more desserts.

Desserts is the word "stressed" spelt in reverse.

Happy DODO Day!


Anonymous said...


tomorrow stinkapore national day

wishes all daft .... go eat shit
maybe two poisons will cure these daft

else continue to be screwed, fucked by hsien loong, the chee bye asshole

oops ... y i cursing this asshole?
forgotten my medicine?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi all, I will be at the coffee stall in the centre of Hong Lim Park between 4pm and 4.30pm. Kopi on me.

The kopi at Fook Hai food centre, level 2, corner facing South Bridge Rd is quite famous. Many oldies like to return for their kopi cravings. Behind this stall the chi char also been there for a long time with its regular customers.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

It is a beautiful Perth day. My Singapore guests and I spent the morning in Fremantle.

After dinner tonight we're off to the voodoo lounge (google it!) for some private lap dancers...and whatever the rest of the night presents us ;-)

As true patriots we'll be "hormat senjata" as we individually enjoy our lap dances!.

Tonight, we too will fire our canons!