The beheading of American journalist James Foley

The tragic and sad video of the beheading of James Foley is the stark truth of what the Americans have unleashed with their invasions of the Arab countries. The killing of the dictators is like removing the chain that was used to restrain the evil force trapped inside a bottle. Now the full force of evil has exploded and many will face even more vicious and tragic terror from this force.

It would need the Americans and the West greater force and resources and determination to stop the spread of this terror that is now sweeping across the Arab world.

America, you have sowed and released this evil force and it is your duty and responsibility to put it back into the bottle. Failing to do so will wreck havoc and tragedies to many innocent people, and perhaps to the American people as well. James Foley is just the beginning.

Now the whole world is watching how this terror is spreading and how far and wide it would affect them. Thank you America, or no thanks America. Please do the necessary to stop this evil force from spreading.

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Anonymous said...

Hi RB, America will never be able to stop this spead of evil. It all started with Bush Jr and Blair and the WMD affair. Going into Iraq after Saddam without UN sanction was the first wrong step and the start for all the bloodshed that followed. We are still living in this world full of hatred and killings. The American drones killing of innocents are the greatest recruiter for the ISIS and Al Qaeda. The start of bombing in Iraq by the American will trigger more atrocities by the ISIS. When will all this end? I do not think it will end.

Anonymous said...

Muslim preachers constantly encourage donors during the Hari Raya Haji to slaughter the lambs that they purchased. On the surface it look like a ritual during the holy month but if you take a deeper look, it is a way to make Muslim male insensitive to blood and killing by beheading. Peace loving religion? Your guess.

Anonymous said...

The US and Americans all over the World will be victims of US International Relation Policy of the Past 100 years. Those earlier are forgotten.
Me will say again that killings by firearms in the US will be rampant and most probably will escalate. The Black and White American chasm and confrontation will grow in scale and intensity.
Barack Obama, the First Black US President will be the Greatest Victim of the Standoff between the White and Black Americans. He will end his Second Term as US President, however the Black Americans shall hold him responsible for ALL THE UNHAPPINESS AND WHATEVER THEY FEEL OBAMA HAS FAILED WHILE IN OFFICE. The Black American will also want Obama and his Wife to play active roles in whatever they are expecting from those that take over the Presidency in future. There is no running away for Mr and Mrs Obama. He and his Family will be in very unenviable position. The Conflict and confrontation between Black and White Americans can be reasonably expected to get worse as time progresses. One main reason will be poor economic progress, animosity and antagony of foreign regimes and their people. On top of that, mounting natural disasters will cause much hardship which in turn will cause much social upheavels. As a whole, Americans in US and out of it, will face much challenges.

Ironically, for President Obama, he is more like by the White Americans than by his Own Black Race Americans. There is real danger that he may be branded as a Black Betrayor in the Latter Part of his history.

If ISIS brings the Battles into the US Homeland, all the Americans will not live in peace, though the damages would not be too widespread. Living in fear makes life miserable.

Americans in a way have asked for the troubles that lie ahead of them. They can reign in their political leaders to keep their own house in order and should not procrastinate any longer to do so. Otherwise, they themselves will be ruined.


Anonymous said...

More... more... more

Hope it cuming closer...

Huat ah... vote papigs, for more good years

Anonymous said...

Where are the voices of disapproval from maintream Muslims? I can hardly hear any.

Anonymous said...

Huat ah.... cheers to the rising religious fanaticism

Leemember, 4 more good years, who do you 4?

Anonymous said...

voices of approval or disapproval are useless and pointless. they're just hot air. when some tragedy occurs somewhere in the world, pinky loong will issue out a statement: s'pore condemns this act of...; We sympathize with the victims of this tragedy... You think people give a f**k?

when the us invaded iraq on the pretext of non-existent wmd's and killed hundreds of thousands of muslims in iraq, did muslims in s'pore ask christians or jews in s'pore to condemn the mass murder? the people who made the decision to invade iraq - the us president, his cabinet, his generals - were of the christian and of the jewish faith.

you apply a rule on muslims but do not apply your own rule on yourself. that is called double standards, hypocrisy.

Anonymous said...

We have to look at this from the US point of view.

What they have created is chaos and war and that is their intention which is enough for their factories to churn out more fighter jets, missiles and weapons.

Hell, their manufacturing activities have picked up steam over the last year, which I am sure is the result of the massive arms export riding on the chaos in the Middle East, Ukraine and East Asia.

Just watch them continue prodding the Japs, Pinoys, Indians and Viets to pick fights with China. It is a win win situation for the US and a loose loose situation for everyone else around the world.

If they can tell us that we need war to have peace, I have to rest my case.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I must agree with all your comments. And yes, the American economy is picking up when more fighting and military visits and alliances are signed.

Good for the American economy that is for sure. Never mind the collaterals. They don't even bother about the women and children.

b said...

Maybe there will be another 911. Fingers crossed. Pheasants often easily fall prey to their self interest, self righteous leaders all over the world. Religion will not unite the world, only peace can. Make peace not war.