The bad Arab leaders…So said the Americans and the West

Muhammar Gaddafi, Hosni Mubarak and Saddam Hussein were all gone. Gaddafi and Saddam were dead and so were many of their family members. The next bad Middle Eastern leader on the chopping block is Bashar Al Assad. He could have gone the same way as the three if Putin had not put his foot down and said no to the Americans and the West.

In many ways these dictators were bad in the perspective of the West. It was good that they should be replaced by less dictatorial and less powerful leaders. Now that they had been replaced, what is happening to their countries? Are the Libyans, Egyptians and Iraqis living a better life? Are their lives better now than during the times of the dictators?

The UN has just passed a resolution to save the minorities in Iraq from being massacred by another group of Iraqis, the ISIS. The Americans have resumed bombing in the country. Libya and Egypt are in turmoil and in a state of civil war and social unrest. The Americans can now march in like the angels from heaven to save them and their countries. The Americans and the West are blowing their trumpets about how bad the situations are and how good it is for their return to rule these people, to help them rebuild their countries and their lives. But first thing, the most important thing, is to rearm them so that they could fight and kill each other and lay their countries in ruins. The Americans and the West are the saviours and these countries have again become the White man’s burden.

These countries will be in for a long stretch of disorder, fighting and killings and without an economy. They will live a life without peace and needing the help of the western angels that came offering more arms, plus food supplies of course.

Is there a bigger scheme of things, to create a perpetual state of strife, of war and unrest in the Middle East, to keep the Arab people busy fighting and dying, and not able to thrive in peace and with functioning govts and economies? Who would benefit most when these people are made to fight and kill themselves and destroy their countries and economies?

Gaddafi, Mubarak and Saddam were bad leaders, and so is Assad. But with them in charge, at least there were law and order and peace, and the people could go to work, children could go to schools and life was fairly normal for the majority of these people. Syria better pray that Assad is not killed or their fate will be similar to those in Iraq, Egypt and Libya.

There is no need for more angels and saviours if there were no monsters coming in to help the Arabs destroy their countries and to murder their leaders. Cheers to the Americans and the West for their generosities and compassion to come to the aid of the Arabs who could not live in peace among themselves. Aren’t the Arabs lucky, aren’t they grateful and thankful to the Americans and the Western powers for the happy state they are in now?

Kopi Level - Blue. Thank you.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

As long as you have the religion of Islam in those parts, you will have people who use religion to boost themselves into dictatorships.

Religion + Politics + Machiavellian actors = plenty of entertainment to last many generations.

The World's Best Dictatorship has to be, hands down, Number 1, the unprecedented champion: SINGAPORE. The rest of the world can go fly kite lah...

Anonymous said...

55 should get all the money as promised, wait until 65 maybe the rule change again?

It better to return at least half at 55 as promised, many may no chance of see the money by 65, after slogging so many years hoping to get better returns expected it to be return their life time savings to them?

Anonymous said...

"Are the Libyans, Egyptians and Iraqis living a better life? Are their lives better now than during the times of the dictators?"

Of course not.

And closer to home, the more pertinent questions will be:

If the Sinkie opposition is accidentally voted into power next GE, will Sinkies live a better life? Will their lives be better than during the times of the PAP?

What do u think?

Anonymous said...

Domination in the Middle East is the most important aim of the Americans. They must have a presence in the region. After the Shah of Iran, they seem to have lost a policeman in the Middle East. Where else and to whom would they sell their arms to if they do not stir up a little tension here and there in the region. How come they are not so interested in countries in the middle of Africa like they are in the Middle East. The answer is.......OIL!!!!

Anonymous said...

Actually a lot of Sinkies want to vote opposition.

But they are also very scared that in doing so, they may accidentally vote the PAP out.

Because Teochew Ah Hia said it loud and clear that WP is not ready to be govt and by implication Ah Hia is also not ready to be PM.

If even Ah Hia is not ready, who is ready, u tell me lah?

b said...

they have been fighting since long time ago as depicted by the bible. will they ever learn?
while they fight among themselves, the rest of the world can strive ahead. the earth will go on rotating with or without them. make peace not war. easy to say but difficult to follow.

Anonymous said...

If only the West have transmigrated the Jews to America after the war, the tragedies would not have happened today.

The Arabs are just being screwed, their lands taken away from them and they could do nothing about it. Pathetic specimens of the human race.

Veritas said...

Actually the Arabs being an extremely violent and primitive people deserve all these shit leaders. The Muslims sympathetic with Arabs may curse me as racist but I am speaking the unnecessary fact.

Arabs themselves are full of tribalism, if left alone will fight one another. The best way for Arabs to pick a fight is A tribe accuse B tribe of "not Islamic" enough and vice versa.

Then they will kill one another to please Allah.

Saddam despite being vilified by USA was a necessary evil to keep Arabs in peace. Assuming 1000 people died each year due to Saddam's tyranny, under "democracy" today, 5000 would be kill under sectarian conflict.

Despite of this Saddam is sincerely socialist and patriotic enough. Saddam Baath party has roots in communism and founded by a Christian Michel Aflaq. Saddam tried to be as non sectarian as possible allowing apostasy nevertheless, the Sunni Islamic sectarian composition is lingering and that make Saddam went around gassing Shia and shitting on Kurds.

But I can say honestly Saddam try his best to be non Islamic and secular.

After USA went into Iraq, a Shia Islamic Party Dawa or their affiliates was in power ever since. The bad thing is sectarian trouble persist. The good thing is Shia Islamist for all their wrongs are far more progressive than Sunni.

Shia Ayatollah Sistani deserve a Nobel prize in my opinion.

Ayatollah Sistani has actually open a back door to allow apostasy. Ayatollah Sistani fought for democracy and fought to make Iraq a non Islamic country. He fought to make cleric out of politics.

Compared to UMNO Malaysia who do all their best to poison Malay mind into Islamofascist, the Shia supremacy of Iraq is the next best we can hope for.

Under Sunni it will be much worse.

Veritas said...

Also right now there is an emergence of PKK/PYD/YPG group in Turkey/Syria and Iraq which provide a new hope for Muslims.

PKK is the Turkish branch of socialist.
PYD is the Syrian branch of socialist.
YPG is the arm forces of PYD.

In the recent war in Levant, the Shia Iraq army, the Iraqi Kurdistan loses their pants against ISIS. The KDP kurd peshmerga flee sinja without fighting.

Then the socialist PYD and PKK form an expeditionary force, rescuing all the Yazidis.

The PKK/PYD being Marxist are extremely secular. They are the hope of Sunni Muslims.

Being Marxist in ideology, they do not preach Islamofascism. Instead, they protect all minorities including Christians, Yazidis and Shias.

When the ISIS make sex slave out of Yazidis and Christian, and murdered their men, the PKK/PYD form an expedition force and rescue the Yazidis.

The PKK/PYD has Christians, Muslims and Yazidis joining their ranks.

USA hate PKK/PYD mostly because they are Marxist. USA prefer to work with Islamofascist far more than Marxist.