Comments of Chok Tong in his ND speech

Below are some of the comments that Chok Tong in his famous speech during the National Day celebration. You may agree or disagree but these are Chok Tong’s thoughts and beliefs. I already penned in my comments.

1. The govt sets norms, impart values and regulate behaviours. What norms and values and behaviours? Are they good for the people or bad for the people?

2. When Singaporeans grow old, they expect the govt to look after them.
Really? How many Singaporeans expect the govt to look after them? This is another sweeping statement like Singaporeans will squander their CPF savings if they are allowed to take them out at 55. How many would do that? A swallow does not make a summer. Please lah, the majority of the Singaporeans are telling the govt to piss off and stop meddling with their CPF. It is the govt that is forcing itself to micro manage the people’s life. It is the govt insisting on helping the people not the other way round.

 3. We sometimes decide with less care than we should in the govt we elect. I would say very true and the people are going to pay for it, with their CPF savings for a start for showing less care in the govt they elected.

4. We forget we are a little fish in an ocean of big fish. Really, I thought we believe that we are as big as a whale and have an appetite as big as a whale, at least in the million dollar salary some are demanding and the population that we want to stuff into this piece of rock.

5. The new fractiousness, divisiveness and estrangement will lead to undoing what the pioneer generations had painfully and diligently built over many decades. This one I agree. With the reckless and mindless influx of foreigners and the fetish craze for foreigners, we are destroying the fabric of our society and alienating our original population as one people and one nation. Who is the cause of this new normal?

6. As a people we always know where we are heading. Yes, we used to. Today how many people know where we are heading?

7. We always had our different points of views. We discussed, debated and consulted. We built consensus and then went on to implement what best served the national interest. This is a confusing statement. Deaf frogs don’t listen and no need to consult or build consensus. Or he is referring to the Natcon, something that happened last year only and it was supposed to be a discussion and a debate with the people. Did the govt consulted the people on the PWP or other major issues affecting the people?

8. Each side does not want to give an inch and taking a quarter. I think only one side does not want to give and inch and taking more than a quarter. And it is the people that had been yielding all the years. Has the govt given a quarter?

9. We have so much going for us. Who is us? The people enjoying Swiss standard of living? Or the people downgrading and told to sell their little HDB flats? Or the jobless PMEs? Many are still waiting for the Swiss Standard of living but not many are enjoying it.

10. And in summary, we have good leaders, good government, good harmonious relationship between people of all races, and between people and govt. My question, are these still true? How many of you agree?

I think the above 10 points are good topics for discussion. Chok Tong has his views and beliefs, and so have the people.

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Anonymous said...

"And in summary, we have good leaders, good government, good harmonious relationship between people of all races, and between people and govt. My question, are these still true? How many of you agree?"

I think should add "relatively" before "good" in above.

Relative to what? Sinkie opposition lah, of course.

Can u imagine Sinkies like Hainan Ah Ko and Teochew Ah Hia becoming PM or ministers? Can they work together in the same cabinet? And are there enough relatively good talents for the rest of the cabinet minister posts, u tell me lah?

Anonymous said...

In Sinkieland, it is hard to get good people as PM, ministers or even as foreign talents.

And as for foreign talents, despite having choices out of the whole, wide, world, Sinkieland still cannot get good ones. Most are ordinary or worse ones to supplement or replace equally ordinary or worse Sinkies.
That's why these ordinary or worse and also daft Sinkies kpkb lah.

Anonymous said...

Wow redbean!
I think you captured what Singaporeans are feeling in our hearts right now.
Salute & respect.

Personally, I feel there is really nothing left to discuss with the PAP government.
In GE 2011, I was still open to compromise and discussion as a voter.
Now. I believe only a regime change will benefit Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

Red bean
I don't think they don't call him woody for nothing so I won't pay too much attention on what he said. God bless

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Would anyone think Jokowi would be a talent for Indonesian President? The Indonesians voted him for honesty and integrity and for not money grabbing. He is the man who wants to build Indonesia as a strong and rich country.

I bet he would not open his country's door wide wide and call for the import of foreigners that some called talents. That is a true leader.

Look at how Yudhoyono ran the country and held it together and growing its economy without foreign shit talents also.

Anonymous said...

I won't bother to listen to woody goh's speech but I like to ask him: Where is our swiss standard of living?

Anonymous said...

Me would not put blames on all the Rulers despite the FACT THAT THEY ARE IN MY SINCERE OPINION, GREEDY, RUTHLESS AND SELFISH.
I liken our Rulers to Hyenas, yet it seems to me that Sinkies do like Hyenas very much. Well, some Hyenas may indeed become pets to people.


Anonymous said...

Anon 10.40 // I don't think they don't call him woody for nothing so I won't pay too much attention on what he said.//

M Parade sits on one of the dragons (龙脉) in SINKIELAND but this is the weakest dragon out of all the dragons ( 龙脉 ) in SINKIELAND. Meaning his "power also weak ". Whoever takes over the GRC in the future also "unlikely has decisive power in the scheme of things " from the Fengsui perspective.

Btw, though SINKIELAND is so small compared to many much larger cuntries in Asia, it has disproportionately the lion share of good 龙脉 in the whole Asia continent.

The NE region in SINKIELAND is arguably the most baren in terms of 龙脉 --- that's why SINKIELAND Fengsui wasn't affected much when they were digging and building the NEL MRT Line.

The "worrying thing " is when they start digging in the former Bt Brown cemetery area where many SINKIELAND' s pioneer tycoons were formerly buried to construct SINKIELAND next major highway. One of the most IMPORTANT 龙脉 in SINKIELAND runs through that area. "龙哥" & "猴婆" GRCs sit on this important dragon as well. "龙哥" is already up there. If "猴婆" remains, she should rise much further up than her current level.

Anonymous said...

May I add that having Teochew Ah Hia and Hainan Ah Kor to entertain us would be hell of a lot better than to listen to empty promises.
Wont You think that they will be better than wood, Hyena, window dressing and empty promise????


Anonymous said...

I saw a TV news interview with Jokowi when he was governor of Jakarta.
The reporter asked him how he can make things happen so fast in Indonesia?
He said "I check and check. After that I check again."

Jokowi does not sound like a PAP scholar-general to me.
The interview was done while Jokowi and the reporter were walking knee deep through flood waters in the streets of Jakarta.

Anonymous said...

Thank You very much Mr Chua Chin Leng aka Redbean for presenting us this Great Piece of an article on Your Birthday.
May I wish You Happy Birthday, Good Health Long Life.

Had been reading and commenting at My Singapore News for nearly a decade. Must say that Mr Chua Chin Leng is one MOST PATRIOTIC SINGAPOREAN.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

GCT = waste of oxygen

Anonymous said...

Please just ignore what Gong Char Tau said over the years. Like NATO, his words sound hallow, which is 'no action talk only'. He gets chopped up by lower ranked immortals often, yet still believe that citizens have faith in what he has to say when it means nothing more than empty words.

The old man's words, who, when he ranked him 4th for the PM's job decades ago, probably encouraged the lower ranked MIW to challenge and oppose his proposals many a time. Which MIW would dare challenge or oppose the old man's proposals all those years, or even today? They dare not even fart in his presence.

Just take those comments of his as 'gags', good for a laugh.

Anonymous said...

Anon. // They dare not even fart in his presence //

That could be an UNDERSTATEMENT!

Probably more than that.

Likely they dare not fart even in front of his photo or portrait.

For his adversaries, wheeling out even his wax replica would likely send them scattering and fleeing in all directions.

That's how formidable and intimidating old man is as compared to char tow.

Anonymous said...

I(pap) hear and hear , after that I hear again(from grassloot) again; all fine and glossy.

Anonymous said...

This is possibly the best of all your many pieces. You've hit the nail with almost every problem with Spore.

What's missing: Sporeans don't care enough about how their country is doing to make such a stink that things are changed.

Singaporean are too fearful of changing their govt, even though it is bringing this country backwards, destroying everything that was built and achieved.

The PAP claims the opposition will do this. That it is hard to beat what the PAP is doing. The PAP is right there - It would be hard to beat the PAP when it comes to running the country to the ground.

Anonymous said...

The thing I most remember about Goh Chok Tong was him calling S'poreans who migrate overseas quitters. The Sinkies found out that his own daughter married an angmoh and lived overseas. And also his wife backing T T Durai the corrupt NKF boss and making that awful 'peanuts' remark. NKF at that time spent directly on the kidney patients 10 cents only for every dollar they receive from the Sinkie suckers. I think that is how Sinkies will remember this couple once they've passed on. Sinkies will collectively envision the words Woody Quitter and Monkey Peanuts engraved on their respective tombstones.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Aw, common, there must be people who believe or share Chok Tong's views and ideas.

What about you Raymond?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Sinkies fear old man.

Anonymous said...

Sinkies no respect, sneer at Ex-PM with Quitter daughter married ANG MO TUA KEE. Old man first one no respect him, publicly said he very "char tow" during 1980s NDR and "char tow" not his first choice to pass the baton. How to respect such a person? MANY, MANY bad things in SINKIELAND that suck BLOOD from the people originated during the 14 years under his lousy and forgettable stewardship from 1990 to 2004.

1) COE started 1990,
2) GST 1994,
3) MEDISAVE also his idea which the late former DPM vehemently opposed and objected on the basis that the masses especially the oldies and poor are grossly disadvantaged by such regressive policy.
4) High ministers pay
5) Harvesting all the low hanging fruits planted by the PG leaders and leaving future generations to suffer eg. ramped up properties prices between 1990 to 1996. A typical $90,000 4 rm flat in 1990 was inflated till more than $350,000 by 1996.
6) Due to policy #5, people's CPF forever $$$ NO ENOUGH!
7) LED SINKIELAND to a VERY unsustainable path of no return via GDP growth at all cost and totally neglected dwindling TFR during his watch. When mai hum took over in 2004, many "stop at 2" policies instituted in the 70s were still intact and mai hum finally abolished what char tow should have done long ago during his 14 long years watch between 1990 to 2004. He was simply too bz doing many bad policies ( pls see above #1 to 6) that led SINKIELAND on this unsustainable path. By far, his legacy likely is worst than mai hum as of now unless mai hum do something silly big time down the road.
8) Spend huge $$$ on foreign students and talents but produce pathetic results eg GOAL 2010. It was an excuse to execute "LEG OPEN BIG BIG POLICY " in the labor market to depress sinkies wages so offset huge ASSET INFLATION so that the rich including himself and his family can get richer and richer! NO? Pls ask him declare how many properties he and his family own and all the assets locally and overseas under his name and family members! !!

Need to list some more?

Anonymous said...

PAP's ideology requires them to make the facts fit the ideology as written in stone: "The Hard Truths".
It is dangerous because when things don't work ... PAP government will not be able to react fast enough.

My cousin is a hopeless driver.
Absolutely zero situational of his surroundings while driving.
Even though he has a driver's licence.
He is at least honest enough not to want to drive a car.

Lee Hsien Loong and PAP.
Can you follow my cousin's example?

Anonymous said...

Good reminders for us Anon 7.10. All the misdeeds cannot just be forgotten.

The old man is cunning by putting him as a seat warmer and do all the dirty work. The blame for any consequences goes to Char Tau of course.

But, reading between the lines, we probably think the old man had nothing to do with all these misdeeds, which is totally unlikely and misguided, since he holds absolute power over the cabinet. Even in death, he still wants to exert control from the grave.

Anonymous said...

Even in death, he still wants to exert control from the grave.
August 24, 2014 9:31 am

Is this why LKY write so many books?
Is He giving a bible to his PAPigs.
Does the Bible contain more words?
LKY books contain more words?

Which book is more important?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Anon 7:10 has written a very long list of bad policies. But the people who drafted and implemented these policies would disagree and claimed that these are wise policies and many people are benefitting from them.

Just count the number of people living the Swiss Standard of living like Raymond and his friends will do.

Anonymous said...

AnonymousAugust 24, 2014 9:31 am
Good reminders for us Anon 7.10. All the misdeeds cannot just be forgotten.

The old man is cunning by putting him as a seat warmer and do all the dirty work. The blame for any consequences goes to Char Tau of course.

But, reading between the lines, we probably think the old man had nothing to do with all these misdeeds, which is totally unlikely and misguided, since he holds absolute power over the cabinet. Even in death, he still wants to exert control from the grave.

Anon 9.31am, you have your points there.

What anon 7.10am is trying to say, reading between the lines, could be that no one force char tow or point a gun or put a knife to be the seat warmer.

It is inexcusable and totally irresponsible to pluck all the low hanging fruits built with lives, blood, sweat, tears, broken bodies etc and then claim being made the scapegoat. On top of all the sacrifices and price put in and paid by the PG leaders and generation for the low hanging fruits, future generations, if not the entire SINKIELAND' s future sustainability have to continue pay for the GREED, SHORT-SIGHTEDNESS, SELFISHNESS, SELF ENRICHING, MEGA EGO, MISGUIDED POLICIES etc.

Can ALL THESE be brushed aside in the name of being a seat warmer?


The f-cking SEAT must be damn BIG and GIGANTIC to need FOURTEEN LOOOOOOOOONG years to warm up for mai hum?

Meanwhile char tow was as NAIVE as a 1 year old infant and led by the nose? He wasn't sure and aware what he was doing? He wasn't sure of the millions he was raking in for his multi millions remunerations all these years? He is a bystander to all the assets, properties, cash etc now under his name and his family? He is as innocent as a lamb? He is a vegetarian? He only eats grass like an innocent lamb?

In life, either you are a hero, a villain or a nobody but at least be a real man.

Still want to claim innocence and just a seat warmer? For 14 looooooooooong years?

Beside old man calling sinkies daft, in char tow' s heart, perhaps he also think Sinkies all very daft?

Anonymous said...

Please call me char tow if you like. Just let me be the seat warmer and all the millions and the glory.

I char tow, so?

Anonymous said...


Char Tow is naturally well aware of the millions he raked in over the years, but to him, those are just a couple of 'peanuts'. Not even enough to fill a 'kschang puteh' paper cone.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone been invited to his istana?

oldhorse42 said...

Why mock and ridicule GCT? He and prata man are the smartest. They did nothing to unruffle feathers and they survive and prosper. Unlike OTC.
GCT enjoy a happy retirement. earning millions and no responsibilities and spend his time golfing and travelling.
hat a clever man!

Anonymous said...

Please be forgiving.
He, Goh Chok Tong, was paid
many Millions of Sin Dollars to
warm the Seat. However, those
Millions could be just big peanuts
to his wife.
Maybe like ong Teng Cheong,
Goh Chok Tong has realised
some problems somewhere. Or
he has searched his heart as he steps into the twilight of his life.
Wealth, power, fame and glory
may serve less purpose as menopause sets in. Where to from now could be a very frightening bother. Posterity will be an issue that he will inevitably ponder and
worry. Will there be needs for diapers, wheelchair? Any need for
others to bath and feed? How long will the needs have to take? What would sinkies say about it? Who should get the huge fortune one is leaving behind could be a big headache too.

It is time for one at his age to look back at many things, deeds, achievement, integrity etc. For some, where to hereafter could be
very frightening. Many do make amends or seek forgiveness on reflection when old. Some do their best to be kind and charitable in the hope of going to blissland. And most just wish not to leave a posterity that curse the successors. Whatever it is, remorse and repentance are usually only needed by those
with great influence over others
wellbeings. Unknowns are less
worried as they only affect the immediate family.

Rulers and Leaders leave a longer history in posterity and this makes them do their very best to want a good reputation.

Anonymous said...

Cannot lump Chok Tong with prata man leh.

Chok Tong never work for the Japanese.

Anonymous said...

With the damage done, even if a much younger "old man" comes into the scene NOW, there might not be much hope for a reversal of the inevitable DOWNWARD SPIRAL in society generally. With that, current sinkieland fate is sealed. No doubt about it. Only deaf frogs, ostriches, mercenary FTs, PRs and New Citizens are pretending everything is fine one surface and business as usual. Apparently, there is still milk left in the cow to be further milked until finally dry or NO MORE!