Would you like to work at 85?

The chances of getting a job at 85 are still there. For those who need the dignity of a job at 85, fear not, there are jobs available, provided you are a non graduate. The working life of Singaporean graduates, unless you belong to the immortal class, is about 45 to 55. After that it is self employed as taxi drivers, or if you are lucky, as security guards. I think the working life span of a security guard is about 70.

85 is only for those non grads who are prepared to work as cleaners. Maybe a grad could do as well if he does not mine. A job is a job. And if one has a job, what is there to kpkb about. Be grateful for the privilege.

Here is a short extract of a letter to Gilbert of Transitioning.org.

‘Dear Gilbert,

The cleaning companies of Singapore working at Changi Airport use Singaporean old lady for heavy duty work.

She is 85 years old and I really felt sorry for her on my departure at the airport.
I asked her why she is struggling with the heavy thrash in the departure hall and she said this is her part-time work for the airport….’

Some may think letting a 85 year old to work as a cleaner is not appropriate, not the right thing to do. Some may say the 85 year old is lucky, as she can live a dignified life, earning her keeps and be independent. Not sure how she thinks? Would she be cursing and swearing that she still has to toil at that age? Or would she really be saying, I am proud to be working and don’t have to depend on others for handouts. Or would she be saying she loves to work?

What do you think?

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Anonymous said...

Cannot complain lah.

People 91 oso still working, writing memoirs, books, hardtruths, mb even some gospel down the road as the god of SINKIELAND.

But dunno other people salary can be so high at $16k a month.

Mb the old lady at 85 may wish to switch job with one 91 yr old diligent hard worker?

Hope the airport supervisor dun overload this 91 year old with too much heavy barang barang to carry?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

At least those who still can work are able to find work.

Better to be working than to be stone-cold broke, begging for money like a total loser.

When the robots come along -- in about a decade or so, you'll find many more people; younger people; scrounging for jobs. First jobs to go will probably be truck drivers, then drivers of bus and passenger vehicles like cabs.

Anonymous said...

Old lady should join PAP grassroots.

Anonymous said...

I do not believe those who could afford will want to work beyond 80. When you see one, chances are that he or she has no other choice. Certainly not because their love to work but need to work.

Anonymous said...

Can you tell us why the 92 yr old fart need to work? Not because he love to work but because he needs to prevent his pension from being taken away?

Anonymous said...

There must be something wrong with the system when you see 85 year old people working. On top of it, working at the airport where foreign travellers can observe the inequality of the very rich and the down-and-outs must be a shameful thing for the country. I suggest the Singapore government pension her off with a lump sum, say S$50,000 and let her rest at home and take it easy. Better this than let the world see the failure of the PAP system.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Some will say the system is very merciful. Some would expect the govt to do the necessary. Some would ask why should the govt look after her. Some would even have unpleasant words to say about her.

It all depends on who is thinking or not thinking.

Anonymous said...

Hi RB. Speed here ( Anon 1:48 )

Most Singaporean would think kindly of her. She has to work to keep herself occupied and also to keep her belly full.

I hope the government will do what I have suggested in 1:48

b said...

I think majority do not mind working at 85 if can work, can find work and earn a bit of money. Its still better than sitting around doing nothing all day long and feeling useless. Being cleaners in sg still better than many jobs in this world that are 100% more risky and earn very little money.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

When the oldies work because they wanted to is different from work because they have to.

A compassionate and enlightened society would rather let their seniors enjoy their last days free from wants and worries regardless of their pasts. They should be taken care off just like children.

I must agree it is not a pleasant sight to see an 85 year old working as a cleaner anywhere. Decent people would want to carry her bag or things, offer seats to her, give her a helping hand to walk, watch over her in case she falls, and shower her with some human kindness.

This is sorely absent when we put an 85 year old to fend for herself. I take back my words back if she works because she wanted to, loved to.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi b, agree, Being poor in Sg is better than being poor in other countries.

By 70 I would want to do things that I love to do, even lying on my rocking chair staring at nothing and day dreaming, with a glass of wine in hand. If I have a choice, no more work.

b said...

No one force her lah. I think she has made a choice to work rather than beg and we should respect her decision. Compassionate can only come in if other people have surplus to share. This is the world we are living in. Its not a fair world, its a sad world.

Anonymous said...

SINKIELAND is slowly but surely sliding into mud land?


May be into abyss and bottomless pit shit holes?

For those in Ivory Towers, everything is very happy and well.

Likewise ostriches and dead frogs. See no evil, hear no evil. Like in heaven?

But what's happening on the ground?

Everyday everywhere one can't help but witness things going down the slippery slope?

Is SINKIELAND run by some wise men or some 呆子 on top?

For some, the ground now may not be far from hell?

When hell ( ground ) starts burning, hope IVORY TOWERS residents continue to stay happy and dry?

Life is soooooo goooooooooooood for them?

b said...

Anyway, few people in this world LIKE to work at any age (25, 35, 45 etc). Working is just a mean to survive. Can find work is already very good. The gov did a good job that there are plenty of jobs. In many countries, jobs are hard to come by.

Anonymous said...

I am sure b would not like to see his grandma working as a cleaner.

Anonymous said...

Not his grandma lah. He would love to see his grandma and grandpa both working in their 80s. And he will say he did not force them to work. They love to work.

jjgg said...

My fearless leader at 91 will be propped n crutched to perform his duties..his smile and hand waves inspires Singaporeans to do the insurmountables so rb is championing the cause of an 85 year old?...hehe..this only proves..the old is never a burden to society..go to changi prison..or the schools or the army or the public services..how many old people are there to live off the state..how subsidies are given to the youth as compared to the elderly..who are the irresponsibles n drags on society...return our cpf....!! Hehe

Anonymous said...

In most other countries, being poor is not a dead end. In Philippines, China, India, Indonesia and Africa, there are billions of poor people from orphans to the elderlies.
In Sin, no matter at what age, being poor means work till drop dead or be despised.
Anyway, it is my opinion that those over 70 and working to pass time are either very lonely by nature or sadistic. By that age, me expects them to do works they are interested in as a leisure. They should be spending time to pursue their hobbies, catching up with kins and friends. Out of face saving, many will claim they are not struggling for survivals.

Another failure that this elderlies are prone to is bad habits amongst which are gambling, drinking, smoking and sexual vices. Much of which is likely to make the children and grandchildren to keep a distance or totally ignore them. Another area where their young will leave them is in their behaviours, especially hygiene. True that the children must be accommodating, but, if the elderlies are too untidy, worse dirty both physically and in words, they could be left to fend for themselves.

In Sin, there is nowhere to hide and no resource to live a poor life. Turning on the tap to qiench the thirst is an offence and owing conservancy charges would be arrested. Living in any empty space will not be tolerated. SINKIES HAVE NO OTHER WAY TO LIVE EXCEPT TO WORK FOR ONES' KEEP.


I am baffled by some comments here and certainly my comments would be viewed similarly by others. Being a working senior citizen myself, I prefer not to work under supervision and be subjected to inflexible working conditions. I do not mind working when the working conditions are flexible and returns are fair in my assessment.

Me had commented about my work at Facebook and shall disclose here that I work part time as a cargo hand at an International Courier Company with many other elderlies.


Anonymous said...

Ask the prc...even they are amazed to see one having to work at such a ripe age

Anonymous said...

RB, u siow or what. I don't even want to work when I am 65 not to mention 85!

Goh said...

Please lah.If garmen is to pay a lump sum of 50k to them so as not to let travellers view our failure, then I can start a cleaner company, gather all my neighbouring 80 plus elderly and let them work at airport till garmen give them 50k .Then I can share with them 50/50.
Chia buay leow.
Cleaning and screwty job are for the elderly and we should encourage them to work till their last day.If accidentally they injured at work, maybe still can claim insurance.If stay at home, kick the bucket oso no one know.

Why deprive them the privilege to enjoy the aircon and beoing the international swee char bor at airport and at the same time enjoy a salary and workfare.
Only poot how kia will feel they are a disgrace to work as cleaner .
We should be grateful to pap and those towkay who allow them to work without age discrimination.
Dun kaykhiang and make me lose my chance of beoing the you know who at the airport when I am old.

Anonymous said...


Elderly woman staying in Lengkok Bahru detained for owing just $411/= in arrears as reported in Chinese Shin Min papers.

According to the Shin Min report, she was held custody for 2 days in the police station until a $1,000 bail was paid.

Can die in SINKIELAND but cannot fall sick, have illness or be poor?

It is illegal to abandon dogs and cats but many elderly are "abandoned" to fend for themselves?

Our society value dogs and cats more than the deemed "used up, no more value " elderly folks?

What exactly is the value to uphold in our society?

Char tow said sinkies bor tua bor suay never respect garment? But garment enact law to punish owners who abandon their dogs and cats but yet many elderly folks are "abandoned" to fend for themselves? No law to "protect and safeguard " elderly rights but strict laws to protect dogs and cats?

Rb, what's happening?

YEW siao already?

No wonder many elderly folks' "hearts died inside " already? Physically alive but hearts "died" liao? Mr Gracious SINKIELAND, halooooooo, are YEW there? How to pass on like that with peace and can close both eyes? Any surprise many elderly folks died with their eyes WIDE OPEN? 死不瞑目?

Anonymous said...

Town council "lost" almost 100 millions in lemon brothels mini bonds "nothing happened " though $$$ all cum from residents payments but old elderly forgetful female resident owes less than 500 kena "locked up " in custody for 2 days until bail posted?

Don't YEW see something VERY WRONG in "natural justice "?


Anonymous said...

AnonymousAugust 27, 2014 8:25 pm
RB, u siow or what. I don't even want to work when I am 65 not to mention 85

Halo! Anon 8.25pm

As much as your sentiment is understandable, YEW may not have a choice in Sin city when rules are bent to favour MNCs, the rich etc.

In 1944, when the German Third Reich ran out of their soldiers, oldies aged 60s, 70s, 80s and young boys below 16, many just 8 to 14 years old were conscripted to bear arms and send into the battle fields in the Eastern front and western side.

Dictators, to self guard their power and lust historically might not bat an eyelid to sacrifice young boys and even elderly folks.

65 in present time, to some ruthless rulers, may be equivalent to 35 years old of the good old times. The new normal of the good old days retirement age of 55 to 65 could be 85 to 95.

If medical advancements can sustain human life to 110, society may see rulers amending labour law to push retirement age between 95 to 105.

65 to 85 in the new normal may be 小弟弟 in the eyes of a 110 years old 老公公. Even 91 years old could be very young in the eyes of someone more than a century old.

Anonymous said...

Alamak.... even filthy loaded old fart is working in his twilight year, liking story books, sharing his experience as a japenis translator, u can call it as a running dog.

Even now out for public display occasionally, of course supported by hands behind

Daft dun wanna to work?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Don't you ill treat a dog or cat, you can be imprisoned. Oldies, they know how to fend for themselves, so never mind. Think no laws to put them behind bars.

Anonymous said...

Rb: // Don't you ill treat a dog or cat, you can be imprisoned. //

Rb, YEW smoking some strong stuff or just swallow some head shaking pills?

Tao niao bor hosay?

Dogs and cats cannot ill treat or else go prison?

But female oldies even at 85 can tekkan or ill treat?

Dogs more valuable than oldies? ??


No more place even for oldies?

So how?

Change SINKIELAND to what name?


Like that jin cham leh?

Oldies: " Who am I? "

How to shut eyes like that when kick bucket?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Anon 9:04. Obviously you have not been reading the news and did not know what I was saying.

Anonymous said...

Chua Chin Leng aka redbeanAugust 28, 2014 10:12 am
Anon 9:04. Obviously you have not been reading the news and did not know what I was saying.

Rb, perhaps, obviously YEW also not reading carefully lor?

The YEW may be U or otherwise?

Can read between the lines, will YEW?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Ok, Ok, I hope in betw the lines are not blanks. Yew know what I mean : )