National Day Protest Rally at Hong Lim

Topic:  Should we unite to build a fair and just society for our fellow Singaporeans?
National Day at Hong Lim Park 4pm to 6pm

A protest rally will be held on National Day organised by Han Hui Hui and her friends.Below are a few of the examples that speakers will talk about on 9 August, 4pm to 6pm at Hong Lim Park:

Foreigners taking our jobs
Lowest public healthcare spending as a percentage of GDP in the world
Lowest real rate of return amongst pension funds in the world
Most expensive public housing in the world
30% of households spend more than what they earn
Hardly any real wage growth
High cost of living – Most expensive city in the world

The speakers include Leong Sze Hian, Patrick Low, Benjamin Matchap, Tay Kok Weng, Pek Chee Yong, Roger Caleb Chua etc etc.

For those who are not attending the NDP at Marina Bay, this is another event that they could attend without the need for an invitation.

Kopi Level - Gteen


Anonymous said...

Why call it a PROTEST rally?

Should drop the word "PROTEST" on our national day.

Just my suggestion.

Anonymous said...

Hi Redbean, speedwing here. Good morning. I will visit HLP on that day, just to see what all the fuss is about. As a foreigner I will not take side, just an observer. After that maybe if I am lucky I get to meet you and have a kopi O together. Can??

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Speedwing, nice to know that you are back. I was planning to meet some of the bloggers on 23 Aug earlier. Now we have this rally this Sat, perhaps I should change the date since I can be there.

Ok, everyone here, I will be at the coffee corner in the centre of Hong Lim Park. Think it is the community centre. Anyway, there is only one coffee corner in the park and no one can miss it. I will be there at 4pm.

Everyone is welcome for a kopi on me, those who agree with my posts or disagree nevermind.

Hope to meet some of you there.


Raymond said...

So sad that some of you folks have nothing better to do on our nation's birthday...

Anonymous said...

national day is not PAP day. it is our nation's birthday. where even PAP and opposition members sit together to watch the parade. It is not to celebrate PAP, but Singapore.

yet these looney fringe people like han hui hui want to use this day to advance their own political causes. Do we have to breed negativity on our nation's birthday? we are often told that Singapore is not the PAP, yet these people are the ones behaving as such. They want to use a Singapore day to talk about the PAP.

han hui hui is irrelevant. any respectable opposition party won't take her in, and her efforts in these protests will attract the same pathetic number of people every time. i wonder when she will realize that this is not the way to effect change. Singaporeans are less afraid of the PAP now, but this doesn't mean we want any jobless,half baked wannabe with only crazy tactics to lead us.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Raymond and all the IBs and all the undercovers are welcome to join me for kopi as well if you have nothing better to do on that day. We can proceed to Marina Bay to watch the celebration after Hong Lim.

Anonymous said...

aiyoh ... lidat aso can?

not stadee leh ....
rallee at hong lim park ... mata kia mana woo eng?

leemember ... u all dun b influenced by angtow

must mati mati vote for hsien loong, oops, meaning papigs hor!

vote papigs ... more good years, 2day have poineer gen pancake to make lau nang beri the happy!

but seriouslee ... happy for what? for fuck sake ... monelee put inside medisave... for fuck sake?

use this monelee ... meaning u not healthee, paupek liao leh, doktors n hospital, insurance companies bery the happlee

chee by ... so evil this pgp, yet daft so happy

neber mind ... i still will proud for papigs

vote papigs ... 4 more good years

huat ha!!!

Anonymous said...

Such big parade evey year. How much financial and human resources needed for this event. Spore men in consription, students and unions workers all forced to take part like those one-party regime in North Korea .
In america they have floats, they dont force people.
In China only every ten years they hvae a parade but many are forced just like here.

Time for Singapore to remove the military as the main theme, this not Myammar.

Kaffein said...

To those who think that Han Hui Hui and the team have nothing better to do than stage a 'protest' at HLP, here is my reply:

Screw you.

The parade is for the celebration of Singapore but in recent years, it has become nothing but a showcase. Think North Korea and you are not too far off.

With recent findings that the NDP tickets are given out to new citizens, this is another reason why 'protests' should be be HLP. I will like to believe the true blue Singgies are at HLP.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

I'll be surprised if the cops give out permits for any event at Hong Lim on Aug 9.

Anonymous said...

The parade style relects the military mentality of the party when military men becoming top ministers.

How many women in the SAf are generals and admirals, when there are as many female scholars in each cohort ? None right?

There are so many ministers in the cabinet coming from military.

In Europe there are defence ministers who are female. UK got a Queen since opium war era .

In Singapore pap military mentality makes it harder for women in fact almost impossible to become a female defence minister or head of government

Anonymous said...

@ redbean
"Everyone is welcome for a kopi on me, those who agree with my posts or disagree nevermind.
Hope to meet some of you there."
August 05, 2014 10:18 am

Dear Mr Chua
This is what I admire about you.
And what I hate about PAPigs.
Agree or disagree, never mind.
Just talk.

Sue here, sedition there and etc.
How these PAPigs can say they represent Singaporeans I don't know.

Anonymous said...

@ PAPig @ August 05, 2014 10:52 am
/// ... yet these looney fringe people like han hui hui want to use this day to advance their own political causes. Do we have to breed negativity on our nation's birthday? ///

This is a free country.
Han Hui Hui and anybody else is free to gather at Hong Lim Park anytime they want to say whatever they want.

You are just a fascist PAPig who wants to tell every Singaporean how to behave, stand and sit.
By the way, just curious.
Does PAP have an approved position for PAPigs to fuck each other?
Are PAPigs allowed to fuck on National Day?

Anonymous said...

Sure. 60000 at a fake north korean style parade at the floating platform. Meanwhile most of the rest will be spending some weekend time with their friends and family. At least I will.
To the 1000-2000 true blue brave patriots at hlp this weekend, have fun with hui hui. For all the change and difference and use to the cause you will be.

Anonymous said...

Talking about Han Hui Hui, this blogger has an opinion.


Seriouslee speaking, what do u all think?

Anonymous said...

Seriouslee speaking, I will rather vote Teochew Ah Hia than Han Hui Hui in an election.

Much as I despise Ah Hia party for not being ready to be govt and Ah Hia having no ambition to be PM, I still think he is more mature and not that looney, despite even praising PAP for being competent.

Everything is relative lah. PAP is more competent relative to opposition, and Ah Hia is less looney relative to Hui Hui.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


Everyone has the right to express their point of view peacefully.

The blogger in question is an idiot. When he/she says something is in "poor taste", WHOSE taste is this blogger referring to? Taste is subjective and a personal experience.

Hanging a label like "the looney fringe" is pure an simple an ad hominem -- i.e. it is not an argument, and thus it can be discarded and ignored.

Whilst my personal view is that every protest at Hong Lim is a lost cause and a total waste of time, in a free society, people are FREE to support any cause they like and spend their time and waste their lives because it is THEIR OWN BUSINESS.

EVERY protest at Hong Lim has been peaceful. There hasn't even been a HINT of violence.

I don't know what you call that. I call it "civilised people" expressing themselves.

Not bad lah. Not bad at all.

Anonymous said...

Their type of parade is about control. It gives them a chance to exercise control over us, young men forced into ns made to obey to put up a show, students forced to participate, primary 5 kids forced to watch them in the hot sun etc etc.

The never ending propaganda films on tv in black and white re-enactments is really bad

It all about exercising their control just like they control our CPF, they use the media under their control to justify their action for deferred withdrawasl and more minimum sums with no end in sight while good alternative and critical views regarding cpf policy is blocked.

The national celebration should be something that is not forced
and of course their media can always forced someone to say he or she is not forced !

Anonymous said...

Good that more Singaporeans are speaking up. Important thing like medishield have one billion dollars in reserves, money made from cpf holders, is something you won't get to read or hear in State media BUT in Hong Lim park.

Anonymous said...

To the looney control freaks, all the protestors and speakers must be charged for sedition. See how dangerous this place can be with such fascists running around trying to threaten the people?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Matilah, if you are here, you can join us for kopi this Sat at Hong Lim.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ redbean:

Thanks for the invite. Unfortunately I'm playing host to some "escapees" from Singapore, taking advantage of the National Day holiday weekend to visit Perth.

It is interesting: these folks all work for various stat boards, but instead of attending NDP or waving the flag, they've chosen to "chabut" to Kampung Perth for a break...and a few lap dances by very jambu gals at the Doll House where they are sure to HORMAT SENJA-TA!! ;-)

Do I blame them? NO. I salute them!

agongkia said...

RB:"Everyone is welcome for a kopi on me, those who agree with my posts or disagree nevermind. "

I very much wanted to limkopi with uncle but I worry uncle is a very special secret agent,out to establish my identity.
Good if you pull me in to become member but worst is if I kena lock up or future ruined without knowing who sold me.Kopi can sometime be very expensive:-)

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Haha agongkia, you see how I was being harassed and threatened by Raymond. He surely knows who I am, and if I am what you said, he would not dare to kuai lan with me.

Anyway many have met me at Hong Lim and other places, and still lim kopi with me happily. Sin City will be a better place without such fear in the citizenry. But if you have gangsters like Raymond around, it is going to be tough.

Who is to blame?

Anyway I will be there to meet Speedwing and everyone who wishes to join us. 4pm. I think the coffee stall should be open.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Just check today's kopi level, still very low. Saturday real kopi on me.

Come to think of it, maybe must call up Raymond's boss to give him a kick in the ass.

Anonymous said...

Rb: /// Sin City will be a better place without such fear in the citizenry. But if you have gangsters like Raymond around, it is going to be tough. ///

When people get intimidated from morning to dusk as if living in ancient Qin Dynasty, modern day DPRK or 1960s racial riot rife newly independent Singapore, how to bring ourselves to shed any tears when old man, kfc, wooden char tow, mai hum one day kicked the rubbish bin?

Did anyone here shed any tears for Kim?

Did many ancient Chinese shed any tears for the tyrant emperor Qin?

Many countless citizens cried their hearts out for the benevolent and wise late ex-DPMs GKS, TCC.

Could the same be said in the future for Big Nose, Botak, Cannot Sing, KFC etc?

Would anybody shed tears for Big Nose, mai hum one day?

Is it wise to send "mad dogs" to hound some citizens day and night bcos they couldn't agree with the masters?