Violation of a very important principle – A very dangerous precedent

We don’t trust you with your money. We pronounce d that you are irresponsible and stupid and will squander your money away. So, the one in the corner, with ‘3 heads and 6 limbs’ declared confidently and proudly that he is going to keep your money for your good, to protect your money from you. And there are many such asses living among us. Without the façade of a title or authority, every one of them would be queuing for his plate of char kway teow or his cup of kopi O in the hawker centre like you and me. But today, they really believe that they have ‘3 heads and 6 limbs’ and are superior to other fellow beans. And they have the authority over your money, and if the same logic is accepted, they could even put you in a cell or into IMH.

How dangerous are these people? How dangerous has this island become when people really believe that they could do just that, by pronouncing someone as stupid and irresponsible and they can do anything with him, without even examining him or seeing him?

And how pathetic it is that a nation of people that claimed to be sophisticated and knowledgeable, could not see anything wrong with such a premise, such a silly thought, and allow it to be used against themselves and their fellow beans, without protesting?

There are people who are less able and even responsible. But they are in the minority, probably a small percentage of the population. But because of a few, the ‘3 heads and 6 limbs’ self arrogated gods, or fools, will think they can condemn everyone to be the same, millions of the people are now branded as irresponsible and idiotic when given the use of their own money. And these irresponsible and idiotic beans include themselves.

What is going on Sinkies? Are you going to accept such a judgement by some asses that every one of you is irresponsible and cannot manage your own money? The more dangerous part is that this logic can also be used to put you into IMH if not dispelled and rejected.

Be warned, we are on very dangerous ground. Would the Sinkies wake up? No, this is not a reflection of a maturing society. It is a degeneration of a people into idiocy. Unbelieveable!

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Anonymous said...

They are scared that taxes have to be raised to take care of the irresponsible lar. Example if 5% is irresponsible that mean a population of 5 million is 250,000 say at 1000 a month to feed and house them mean one year a sum of 3 billion a year is required mah. U tell me lar they scared or not cause it will take away all the Coe profit!

Of course on the principle side there is no reason why they cannot also extend that into your bank balances cause if you can not take care of your cpf balance, what makes u think that u can take care of May be a larger bank balance. So new law may need to be passed that one can only withdraw the bank balance on an installment basis by using the bank balance divided by the number of years left on earth before expiry lar. This will be a good law to take care of sinkies in case his money get cheated by prc, pinni or vietnamese mei mei or Nigerian men

Anonymous said...

" Having achieved full control over the legislative and executive branches of government, Hitler and his political allies began to suppress the remaining political opposition.
The Social Democratic Party was banned and all its assets seized.
While many trade union delegates were in Berlin for May Day activities, SA stormtroopers demolished union offices around the country.
On 2 May 1933 all trade unions were forced to dissolve and their leaders were arrested.
Some were sent to concentration camps.
The German Labour Front was formed as an umbrella organisation to represent all workers, administrators, and company owners, thus reflecting the concept of national socialism in the spirit of Hitler's Volksgemeinschaft (German racial community; literally, "people's community"). "


Anonymous said...

" Hitler's Nazi Party became the largest elected party in the German Reichstag, leading to his appointment as chancellor in 1933.

Following fresh elections won by his coalition, the Reichstag passed the Enabling Act, which began the process of transforming the Weimar Republic into the Third Reich, a single-party dictatorship based on the totalitarian and autocratic ideology of National Socialism."


Anonymous said...

KNN.. saw TODAY's "experts worried over retirees squandering CPF monies"

Anonymous said...

They are the silly 3 heads and 6 limbs monsters RB is talking about.

Anonymous said...

The experts are afraid that I squandered MY OWN MONEY!
I am already 55 or more

Anonymous said...

@ anon 9.00am

During the 2008/ 2009 GFC, the giants such as AIG, CITIBANK, UBS, GOLDMAN SACHS, MERRILL LYNCH, etc etc RUN BY """""" EXPERTS """"""needed to be """""BAILED OUT """""" by govts and investors.

And most, if not all the money $$$$$$$, came ultimately from taxpayers money, the public, main street, masses.

Insanity, pure greed, hypocrites, experts, decadence may be nouns and adjectives describing the VERY SAME GROUP OF PEOPLE.

Anonymous said...

Who lost $60b, or was it $100b?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB:

As usual, your argument is hollow and of no substance because your pre-supposition is FALSE.

IT IS NO YOUR MONEY to begin with. You base your argument on the assumption that the money belongs to you. No, it doesn't.

Anonymous said...

KNN.. saw TODAY's "experts worried over retirees squandering CPF monies"
August 20, 2014 9:00 am

I worry more about these experts.
How many of them recommended the mini-bond and other disastrous structured products to elderly Singaporeans?
How was PAP government's efforts to protect Singaporeans against such experts compared with other countries like Hong Kong or USA?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

KNN Matilah, you stupid or what? The ministers already admitted that they money belongs to the CPF members and you still act ignorant.

You trying to be a deaf frog or what? Or you pak chiu cheng until your brain juice also elang?

Anonymous said...

The most sickening thing is to lose your money and blame you for it and then use the excuse that you will squander your money to take your money to cover the hole they created. You get what I mean?

This is like people gambled away your money and make you feel guilty and pay for it.

Anonymous said...

Rb // KNN Matilah, you stupid or what? The ministers already admitted that they money belongs to the CPF members and you still act ignorant.

You trying to be a deaf frog or what? Or you pak chiu cheng until your brain juice also elang? //

Matilar new moniker : JIU CHENG KIA?

JCK for short.

Anybody assent pls kee jiu!

b said...

All leaders tend to sell us a future that they are not even sure of. Thats what politicians are for. Humans live on the hope that they will still be around tomorrow, next year and many years after. Maybe alien invasion will start tomorrow? what will happen to all the monies?

Anonymous said...

Violation of Principle but no violation of Law and Constitution.
It is all legal and proper and Sinkies are not complaining. In fact they are so very happy.

Did not see their smiles and joys at National Day Parade and Celebrations meh?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ true shithead RB:

>> KNN Matilah, you stupid or what? The ministers already admitted that they money belongs to the CPF members

RB, you have proved to the world that you are indeed an idol-worshipping automaton.

Just because "the ministers" say something doesn't make it TRUE, but you of course just believe hook line and sinker.

>> and you still act ignorant.

Better to be ignorant (i.e. "I don't know") than to be an unquestioning, gullible IDIOT like you, who it would seem BELIEVES ANYTHING "authority" says, as long as it accords with your own superstitious beliefs.

Instead of criticising me like a buffoon who has run out of ideas, why don't ===>>YOU <<=== FURNISH P R O O F -- i.e.. hard evidence that the money in CPF is yours.

If you cannot, go catch spiders and fuck them, cum hard up their tiny spider arses then FELCH them lovingly, savouring the deliciousness of the exotic aromas and tastes.