America’s four corner fight

The Americans have lost control of the battlefields that they have started. They no longer could pick and choose where to start a fire and when to end a war. They are now reacting to the wars they started. The thinking that they could shut it down and move on to another theatre to start a new war is no longer that easy.

Today, the genie of war will follow and shadow the Americans wherever they go once it is out of the bottle. The Palestinian Israelis conflict will forever be dogging the Americans and Washington. It is an unending war of attrition. But the bigger quagmire must be Iraq. No, you can’t leave them alone after messing up the country. The Americans are needed to mend the holes it had created. The genie is growing in strength and demands attention. Obama is now in deep shit, to go back in or to wipe his hands? The latter option will see a more dangerous Iraq than under Saddam. The ISIS will be the dominant power in Iraq and the Middle East, and will be a bigger headache for the United States of Israel.

Then there is Syria. The ISIS is there too, fighting Assad. The American supported rebels are also fighting Assad. The fall of Assad would mean ISIS fighting the rebels and the Americans. But there is also the Russian factor. Putin would not allow Syria to fall into the hands of the Americans. Once the Americans move in, Ukraine will flare up and fall into Russian hands. The Russians have moved in and will consolidate its control over Ukraine and the former Soviet Union states. Would the Americans dare to venture into Russian territories?

With Ukraine secured, the Russians will move in strongly into Syria to confront the Americans. The Middle East, Palestinian/Israelis conflict and Ukraine will form the three corners the Americans have to fight on. And the fourth corner, the Afghanstan and Talebans/Al Qaeda will raise their presence and drag the Americans back into the region.

How would these four corner wars affect the American pivot in East Asia? The temperature in the region is heating up with the Americans increasing their provocations against the Chinese. Can the Americans afford another front? Do the Americans have the money to finance a 5 corner warfare? Do the American people still have the stomach to fight losing wars that are so costly and drag the American economy into the doldrum? Once a theatre is open, there is no way of extricating themselves out like in Korea or Vietnam. The wars will continue to drag on and on and drain on the limited resources of the Americans. Washington must know by now that they are not the chess master deciding on how many boards they want to play. Once the game has started, the opponents will insist the Americans play the game to the end. And there will be no easy quick checkmates.

The warmongers are stuck in the quicksand of wars they started.Can the Americans afford to do mischiefs in Asia?

Kopi Level -Blue. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Hi RB, speed here. You paint a very grim picture of the world today. Let us all hope people are not stupid enough to start anything they will regret later. The balance of power is not what it was half a decade ago. Things have changed and the strength of players are all different. In the past the Americans could dictate and many smaller and weaker players would obey without hesitation. These days the situations are a little different. World economy has shifted from the west to the east. These days not many, except a few would ask "how high" when America say "jump". The Americans are very busy in the middle east and they will not have the stomach to stir up too much trouble in the far east. However, they still have a few "out post" countries in this region to safeguard their interest. Prudence must be the logic for the Americans. Hope they do not bite off more than they can chew. Vietnam should have taught them a lesson. Hope they remember that episode.

Anonymous said...

Rb they very busy lar

Anonymous said...

Once you have power, cannot let go. Want more and more power. The more power you have, the more you don't want to let go, the more rubbish you do to retain that power. Just like the old man and his familee lah.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Yes, other countries can now give the Americans a bloody nose. They are not getting it any easier with the Talebans and the resistance fighters in the ME.

It would be nice to see how Putin deal with them. China has just told them to fuck off and stop spying on them.

The Asean countries should learn to be smart and don't get bloodied by sleeping with Americas. They are starting another roll call for another Coalition of the Willings to get back into Iraq and possibly Syria.

Let's count the goons that would join them in this new massacre of the Arabs.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

"I still don't get it"
@ RB:

»» The warmongers are stuck in the quicksand of wars they started. ««

I can tell you they are not "stuck". They like it this way. Their military-industrial complex is having a big cock stand...billions of dollars are changing hands. (Follow the money lah)

»» Can the Americans afford to do mischiefs in Asia? ««

Put it this way: It is AMERICA. It is expected THAT THEY GET UP TO MISCHIEF.

Redbean, are you still sleeping? America doesn't play by you rules lah. They have their own standards and reasons, and can do what the fuck they like.

America, Fuck Yeah!

Even more ridiculous @RB:

»» Yes, other countries can now give the Americans a bloody nose. ««

Nonsense lah. Where? Which cuntree? China? Russia? The yet-to-be-caliphate-of-ISIS? They say they can...but they never try. When they try, then we can all enjoy the "bloody nose" and the aftermath. But until then....bullshit bullshit bullshit!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Just count the dead bodies in the black plastic bags man. And they got a general too. What about Vietnam?

Anonymous said...

The Americans are still under the illusion, even after 911, that they are still secure at home, and they can go around creating wars overseas and killing the innocent.

If the wheels of fortune can go round, so too can the wheel of misfortune. They are going to find that out very soon. Now, Jihadist come from within and that is impossible to eradicate.

b said...

Those supreme masters are very smart ones. They made use of japan to rid 30m people off from china and made use of germany to rid 30m people off from ussr in ww2. They can play any cumtries against any cumtries at the tip of their fingers. Once they have their hands on the oil in arabs world (aka the genie bottle), they will do much more killings to reduce the population size to their liking so it will not threaten their power. Violence will lead to more violence.

Anonymous said...

The Americans will be on their knees when it's enemies bring the wars into the US Homeland.