Fukushima – Singaporeans not kiasu and not kiasi

A report on 13 Jan 2013 by a Roland Kelts in the Smart Planet site said this,
‘At a testy meeting last fall between government representatives and farmers from Sukagawa and Soma, two of Fukushima’s largest food-producing areas, one Sukagawa farmer noted that the government approves of shipments of food that test below 100 becquerels (units of radioactivity) per kilogram, lower than its original 500 Bq limit (and in line with global standards), selling it at below-market value. But he would not allow his own family to eat the food he is allowed to sell. “We won’t eat it ourselves, but you tell us to sell it to others. Do you know how guilty this makes us feel? There is no pride or joy in our work anymore.”’

Singapore is starting to import rice from Fukushima starting with 300 kg in August. It was reported that the batch of rice would be put under ‘rigorous screening’ before shipment to Singapore. The problem with the Japanese is that ‘neither its producers nor consumers trust them(Japanese Govt) anymore’.

This shipment is going to be screened by the Japanese govt first. And very likely it would be screened by our NEA as well. So, how many of you are crazy enough to want to eat rice from Fukushima? Or how many of you are so desperate as if there is no other rice available that you must eat Fukushima rice?

The thing about radioactivity is that you don’t need to eat it to be contaminated. Just being near it would do the damage if the radioactive particles are above the safe level. And food products near it would also be affected. You cannot screen the radiation by putting up a shield of papers or plastic from nearly food. And radioactive products have an extraordinary long life.

Now who says Singaporeans are kiasu and kiasi? We are braving ourselves to taste the Fukushima products when others won’t dare.

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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Another piece of nearly 100% RUBBISH from redbean, with load of JUNK SCIENCE thrown i for good measure.

>> So, how many of you are crazy enough to want to eat rice from Fukushima?

It's not a a matter of "crazy". If no radiation is detected or the levels are within the protocols


1 adult human (100 Bq/kg) 7000 Bq

1 kg of coffee 1000 Bq

Bq (becquerel) is defined as ONE decay of a nucleus per second.

Learn some fucking science lah, you asshole. You're setting a LOUSY example lah!

Anonymous said...

Ask LSS to eat first then the whole cabinet.

Anonymous said...

300 kg of rice should be evenly distributed to all the PAP ministers. The PAP government has approved the importation. It is reasonable for them to consume the rice to show to the Singaporeans that the rice is safe to eat. It could be that the rice is perfectly safe for consumption, therefore let those who have approved the importation of the rice to show they truly believe the safety of the rice.

Anonymous said...

I think that the Japan Fuk. Rice, is going to be sold not to consumers directly, but to businesses interested to cut costs by buying cheaper products to use. So how are we consumers supposed to know what we are eating. We have no choice because we cant be cooking home food every meal.
If I own a business, I would be actually HAPPY about Lee Hsien Loong. He is injecting cheaper rice in the market, I will buy! I will use it to cut costs, make food to sell to Sg people. No one can sue me because Prime Minister said "SAFE FOR EATING". Thank you Lee hsien loon, if I am a business owner. Hurray for pap help me cut costs. (but I wont eat those things I sell. This is quite common actually)

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Matilah, you are an absolute ass. Learn something about selfish interest and lying for profit.

You trust everything the Japanese said when they are trying to sell something that even their farmers dare not eat?

Do you have other choices of rice that you must gamble with something that is possibly toxic?

I thought you are smarter than you appear to be and only pretend to be an idiot. You just confirm that you are one without any effort.

Anonymous said...

Just give this ass a can of urine in a coke bottle and he will drink it.

Anonymous said...

I would not eat in Japanese restraunt anymore as the rice is contaiminated too.

Anonymous said...

>>Ask LSS to eat first then the whole cabinet.

Can bring a few pack to parliament house?

Anonymous said...

>>You trust everything the Japanese said when they are trying to sell something that even their farmers dare not eat?

Ya.. the Jap claimed WW2 was not an invasion.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they already earmarked the whole lot to be "donated" to old aged homes? Assisted "euthansia" through "cancer"? Less burden to the $$$$$ obssessed rulers?

Anonymous said...

Spelling typo:

Should be "euthanasia"

Anonymous said...

Many old people hope to take out the CPF at 55 which was promised, can stop dreaming, which they hope to spend some of the money go traveling, now can't use it got to continue to work and work?

After working for 40 years now extend until 65, later might extend to 75 then can get some money? Should CPF return at 55 or at least half of it as promised?

Anonymous said...

"Fukushima rice would be put under 'rigous screening' before shipments to Singapore"

Do you trust the Japs? They lie through their teeth and tried wriggling out of WW2 atrocities.

They tried building a ice-wall to prevent contaminated water from seeping into the ocean, but that has now been abandoned. Now, they are openly throwing those contaminated water into the ocean and it seems that nobody, including the poiliceman of the world, has raised any alarm or objection. Now the Japs are at a loss as to how to deal with Fukushima. and the radiated water leak is out of control obviously.

And daft Sinkies are going to buy rice from Fukushima.

Anonymous said...

They cannot see any evil in what they are doing to the oldies. They are all looking like the angels of God.

Anonymous said...

It is most strange when Japan does not produce enough rice for itself, yet it is exporting rice. Japan is importing rice from South Korea.

Does it not smell like someone is a sucker?

The said...

Fuk U Shi Ma

Anonymous said...

Where got suckers? Sinkies are the most talented people in this world. They are only less talented than the fake talents of the third world.

Anonymous said...

AnonymousAugust 21, 2014 1:44 pm
They cannot see any evil in what they are doing to the oldies.

Ha ha ha

It's quite obvious right?

Previously one of the new citizens ministars suggested "throwing" oldies who "cannot contribute anymore " to neighboring countries old folks home.

But on the other hand, CPF die die cannot take out but give back drips and draps every month for the next quarter to one-third century at oldies tail ends life span.

Does it make sense at all?

How many being "put" in neighboring countries old folks home live until 90 years old to enjoy 30 years regular cpf income?

Seems like many leave this world in a sad, angry, hopeless, despair and wretched state after staying less than a few years in the super talent multi-millionaire new citizen ministar suggested neighboring countries old folks home.

CPF truly becomes "COLLECT POST FUNERAL ".

b said...

Everyone in sg will eat his/her share of the rice. The cheap rice will be bought by restaurants and business owners and making them into irresistible stuff and selling like hotcakes. Anyway, it is very difficult to avoid radiation in this planet.

Anonymous said...

Some Sinkies flame proof.
Some disease proof but are
Germ and Virus Carriers.
Surely, there must be radiation
proof Sinkies as well. And there
are those who are not afraid of
or do not mind germ, virus, flame,
greed and shame.
The Society is make-up of all kind
and the Most Horrible Ones are
those that live without conscience.

Anonymous said...


any idea of where is the PAP attack dog that showoff tasting the water from a water tank where a dead body was found in woodland ? Since he like to stuff-taster of PAP, Why didn't this clown taste the rice from Japan then ?

New MP Vikram Nair drank "Dark Water" fm Blk 686B Woodlands - 19May2011

Anonymous said...

Ask Raymond.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Tsk tsk tsk Redbean. You cannot win, so you twist people's words. Thankfully, I never thought for one moment that you could show a "better standard". You can't -- not as long as your arsehole points to the ground ;-)

I never said anything about trusting or mistrusting the Nips. What I did remark was your GLARING LACK OF UNDERSTANDING of science, and how you just butcher it in writing, no less.

Seriously, consider some "remedial" training. Get with the program, it is 2014.

Anonymous said...

For many, it's getting harder on the ground.

When pushed, better respond.

Otherwise, a family' s livelihood dependent on the breadwinner is in jeopardy.

Enough is enough.

Contaminated food is not fit for animals, let alone human.

Likewise other issues. Non-negotiable principles and conditions and people's welfare should not be bent and traded. Just like our adherence to racial, religious and social harmony. They are non-negotiable. Likewise food safety is non-negotiable.

Anonymous said...

You mean there are no alternative rice to eat and die die must import from Fukushima? Siow!

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans not kiasu and not kiasi. But strangely hor - 60% kia pek. Anything white and they worship like God.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

“A 63-year-old TV newscaster has been diagnosed with acute lymphocytic leukemia and is now hospitalized, getting ready for chemo. He felt a strange lump in his neck on October 28, he says. (Various news sources including: Zakzak 11/7/2011, Yomiuri Shinbun 11/6/2011)

“In his morning program on Fuji TV he’s been promoting Fukushima produce by eating them in the show. He also happened to be in Fukushima in March 15. Just a coincidence. Never mind that ALL is predominant in small children, and an adult case is one in 100,000 annually in Japan.”

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Time in Japan: 15:29 08-24-2014
S.Korea rejected contaminated scrap iron imported from Japan / Radiation level 5 times much as safety limit
On 8/11/2014, the government of South Korea announced they rejected scrap iron from Japan.

Time in Japan: 15:18 08-24-2014
The government of Hong Kong rejected Japanese request to lift restriction on Japanese imports
On 8/13/2014, Hayashi, the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries visited Hong Kong to request the government of Hong Kong to lift the restriction on Japanese imports however Ko Wing Man, the chief of the department of food and hygiene rejected the offer.

Anonymous said...

It's not just about the radiation. The MUTATION of the rice plant is another aspect to consider... =\