The American bully at it again

Since the downing of an American reconnaissance plane in Hainan Island in 2001, things got quiet down for a while. The Americans have always been flying spy missions over China and only stopped after several U2s were shot down in the 1960s. Spying missions were than restricted to the coastal waters and airspace of eastern China and have been going on continuously as if telling and taunting China that it can’t do anything about it. The seas and airspace around China are the playground of the American military aircraft and ships, so said the Empire.

All these hostile military missions were hardly reported by the western media, a self censorship not to highlight the provocative acts of the Americans. What would happen if the Russians or Chinese were to fly their spy planes along the western American coasts? China has always been branded as becoming more assertive when it flies its military craft, air and sea, in its territorial waters and airspace. If China would to fly its aircraft along American coast, would the Americans be crying war? Of course they will, and the whole western media will be thumping down China as a hostile nation.

What the fuck are the Americans doing, flying spy missions along the Chinese coasts like it is their playground and think it is acceptable? China is now able to take them down and would not allow the Americans to go on spying and teasing them. The bullying of China is coming to an end. The whole world must know that the real bully is the Americans. And the Americans are not doing it only to China but to the rest of the world, spying on them in all ways and thumping their nose at the rest of the world.

The recent confrontation in the airspace of Hainan Island is being trumped by the Americans that it was the fault of the Chinese. That the Americans can fly along Chinese territories to spy on China and China must not do anything about it. This kind of unfriendly acts would have to come to an end. The Chinese will increasingly push back the Americans to the Americas. This is Asia and China will guard its airspace and territorial seas like the Americans will guard theirs.

Whatever the Americans are doing to China, China will do the same to the Americans one day. The Chinese and the Americans are meeting to talk about this incident. It is best that the American bully starts to stop such unfriendly acts to another superpower. China must tell the Americans both can play the game. If the Americans persist in such unfriendly acts, China would do the same. Would the Americans be happy if the Chinese would to fly their planes and sail their ships along the American coasts? Yes, the Chinese is catching up with the Americans militarily and would catch up with the Americans in their unfriendly acts as well if the Americans do not stop their nonsense. The days when the Americans can bully the Chinese are over.

What occurred a couple of days ago over Hainan will be repeated until the Americans stop their unfriendly acts. The bully must not be allowed to keep on bullying other countries. The bully must be stopped. The bully does not own the world. Pax Americana is coming to an end. America would have to retreat to be the bully of the Americas, and perhaps Europe and Africa. East Asia will not be its playground with impunity for long.

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Anonymous said...

omfg ... not again

god i cumming ...

leemember .. for your descendant sake, vote for papigs ... proven track records; just look at the mrt

so .... papigs is the bestest, dun be mislead by internet ranting
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Anonymous said...

Every cuntry has its own bullies.
America got bullies.
Yew think singapore got bullies or not ah?

Anonymous said...

Hi RB, you are absolutely correct.

America needs to stay in their own backyard. The main problem with this region is that there are many Asian countries that are very pro-USA. Countries like Japan, S. Korea and to a large extent Singapore are very happy to kowtow to the Americans. Not long ago, someone prominent here in Singapore said that we need the presence of USA i Asia to ensure peace and stability. Personally I feel the opposite is happening.

Anonymous said...

The guy who said that must be crazy. Everywhere the Americans go, there will be tension, conflicts and wars. Unless the countries are prepared to open their legs to the Americans.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

The USA is keeping the big bad Chinese in check.

This makes the other Asian cuntrees very satisfied, as they continue to suck Uncle Sam dick in accordance with the "Suck My Dick" US foreign policy doctrine:

"You suck my American dick, I use American military to keep you safe. Start sucking!"

Anonymous said...

Why you so greedy?

Anonymous said...

with this as a pretext the Beekokias are sending another aircraft carrier fleet to south china sea. By the doing so, it is stepping the pressure on the Chinese airforce to watch their back! Tensions escalating.

Anonymous said...

Singapore could soon become a naval base for the US fleet? With the potential of extra money to be spent by the US sailors and good business for the enterprises in Geylang, this might not be a bad idea at all. Imagine the GDP and salaries of those concerned will sky rocket. I wonder why that has not been recommended.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The days of the Americans sailing their aircraft carriers into the China Seas are over. They would not dare to use them as a show of force. They cannot afford any of the carriers to be sunk. They know the Chinese are capable of sinking them. The Chinese have been working on it and have found the solution.

oldhorse42 said...

Uncle Sam style itself as international policemen and give itself the right to deploy its forces any where to safe guard its and its allies'interest.
The chinese is no longer a push over. It is no longer the sick man of asia.
Its fighter plane that confronted the intruder looks impressive and easily a match for the US plane.

Anonymous said...

Once in America they oppressed the Chinese, forbade them from education and from high level jobs other than railroad workers, cooks and laundrymen. And they laughed and sneered at the Chinamen as stupid and brainless, like the bananas today.

The Chinese have liberated themselves and learning very fast, anything that they could lay their hands on and reinventing themselves. They are proving to be as good as any westerners. Only the bananas don't think so and still bowing to the white men as their superior.

b said...

Politics is a game of power. Its not about right or wrong, good or evil. Its about who is more powerful and hence can do what they want. Its just like papist is the most powerful political party and hence can put in laws the way they like. The people can protest but will change nothing.

b said...

Thats why Jesus came in and preach 'you must love one another' but no one bothers to listen to him but continue 'to bully one another' leh. Its all in the bible and such things happening donkey years ago already.

Anonymous said...

What do you think the bananas would say?

Anonymous said...

Jesus himself was victim of violence and he did not save himself.

Anonymous said...

@August 27, 2014 4:55 pm

u r correct,

seek salvation in old fart, the self appointed one

all others are merely claimed in story books in some strange language and interpreted by con-men to suit their personal agenda

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Anonymous said...

The second aurcraft carrier pacific carl to be deployed in asia is heading for China

even if the p8 is escort by a few F-18 jets would the Chinese back down and say 'dor long' meh?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB:

»» They know the Chinese are capable of sinking them. ««

That's actually a BIG PART of the "problem". (P.S. I don't think it is a 'problem' in the sense of the word. I think wonderful opportunities.)

The "problem" is: The stronger China gets, and the more it shows that it isn't going to be a "pushover" for western military forces makes other Asian states UNCOMFORTABLE.

As such the feeling of "discomfort" as experienced by other Asian govts urges them to act to protect themselves and their interests from this "threat". And so they become increasingly US-friendly and allow themselves open to the idea of having US military bases within their sovereign borders.

Like I said, I dun blame the yanks. We already know what they're on about: American Exceptionalism -- one American life is worth more than any other lives on earth.

Also the US Dollar needs help. The US Dollar is secured by DEBT -- US Treasuries. China and Japan together hold the bulk of these securities. But other Asian cultures are also HABITUAL SAVERS. What better way to maintain the value and demand for USD's and US Treasuries than to get on the "good side" of those hard-working, thrifty Asians - most of them afflicted with Pinkerton's infamous condition: the undying faith in "Ang Mo Tua Kee will protect us from those invading Chinese barbarians"

Get on your Asian knees and suck that pinky-white Mat Saleh cock, suck it hungrily as if you were one of your starving Asian forebears :-)

Anonymous said...

With the increased tension as the China fighter jets try keep the anglo-saxon military planes from the de facto air defence zone in South China Sea. The aircraft carrier carl vincent together with its sea powers like frigates and destroyers escorting the carrier, the chance of them deployed long-term in this region is high.


Anonymous said...

China advanced jets not many leh

1. Sukhoi Su-27
Air Superiority Fighter

76 planes

2. Shenyang J-11
Air Superiority Fighter


165 planes

3. A Chinese built 4.5th generation fighter based on the Sukhoi Su-27.

Sukhoi Su-30MKK
Multirole Fighter

73 planes

4.Shenyang J-16
Multirole Fighter


24 planes

A multi-role fighter based on the J-11 and Su-30MKK with upgraded avionics and longer range. Entered service starting 2013.

5. Chengdu J-10
Multirole Fighter


250 planes

total 558 enough meh to fight US and Japan airforce somemore got australia and Spore and even Vietnam ones

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Do you people know how much it costs an aircraft carrier and how many aircraft in it and how many officers in it?

China has developed a very cheap way of sinking it. There is no need for a single aircraft to do the job. China will fly 200 DF21s in 20 waves one after another at the carrier. The Yanks can shoot down half of them or 90% of them, which is impossible, and only a handful of the DFs will be enough to sink the whole carrier and everything in it.

That's asymetrical warfare at its best.

The best part, each DF would cost not more than a price of a car.

Anonymous said...

All the carrier group commanders have nightmares when DF21Ds are mentioned. One hit thousands of kills, billions of dollars go up in smoke.

Anonymous said...

For the Chinese they believe in
斗而不破. By the time there is a need for DF missile of any type it is very jialat already. It is unlikely like China will allow things to reach that stage. It is not good for peace if there is a need for any missile but maybe there will be dog-fight in the air between j-10 and f-16.

A Chinese jet fighter can evade a missile by the US/Japan combat jets with abrupt maximum-performance turns and employing countermeasures—such as chaff and flares—provided they can detect the missile via a radar warning receiver (RWR) or visually.

However 输人不输阵 in the high seas against the US navy, but China can put a up respectable display of its naval strength in view of the meeting of the powerful twin carrier fleets from US and Japs navy combined strength.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

There is no way China will gain any "advantage" engaging in DIRECT MILITARY ACTION against the USA. They are still way behind in the tech. And way way way behind in the training. Yes, they are catching up, but still no match for DARPA and all the PRIVATE defence contractors in the US. At least not YET.

Which is why China has come out with the doctrine of Unrestricted Warfare authored by Colonels Qiao Liang and Wang_Xiangsui