A simple CPF question

How many people died without touching their CPF savings? Or how many people saved for a life time but never benefit from this saving to live for a day when they could feel relieve that it is time to enjoy their life long savings, to fantasise for a day of plenty?

Or how many people only could smile but die without really be happy spending their money after a life time saving it?

This is simply hideous.

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Anonymous said...

Should Singapore set up a institute of international studies in developing Singapore future in Sports, Technical skills & Arts?

To reduce the level and emphasis on academically achievement. Singapore no longer or able to can compete on cost with the cheaper countries.

Sports - To raise the fitness, stamina and the branding level of the nation.

Technical skills - To raise Singaporean technical skills and innovative environment to world standard like the German in cars, Swiss in watches and Japanese in electronics, emphasis should start developing the youth when they are young to develop their talents earlier.

Arts - To concentrate on design better not only innovative products and massive investments in branding Singapore small and medium companies to bring them to the next level.

Anonymous said...

When on top always think of grandeur, it is a slippery road ahead

Anonymous said...

AnonymousAugust 17, 2014 2:14 am
The past, the present, the future.

They are all interconnected.

The earlier generations had worked very hard and put in tremendous sacrifices to bring us to 1984 economic development and progress.

Between 1984 to 2004, were we on the right track in economics and social policies?

How about from 2004 till present?

It is indisputable some very small minority has benefited from the economic development.

But, and it is a big BUT, is this the CORRECT way and the ONLY way to build a society sustainably?

With the NET erosion of trust happening and unlikely to change course in the foreseeable future given the situation and the MOUNTING "volcanic stress" due to "ill conceived and wishful thinking governance " and constantly BUILDING UP underneath the surface, how long would the present last before tumultuous circumstances emerge like "earthquakes and volcanic eruptions" inevitably and eventually?

Going by present ground development, it does not appear optimistic situations would get considerably better to reverse course or halt the downward spiral.

The glorious past may sooner or later be replaced by painful and uncomfortable events down the road if present development continues on its self-generating vicious cycle and unsustainable mode.

Anonymous said...

Most people are not interested in all these CPF schemes, the are more interest to get out all the CPF by 55 as promised to diversify they earning base or at least half of it?

Which they expected to get out of it by 55 years old?

Many are worried they died before 65 and not able to enjoyed the hard earned saving for more then 40 years?

Anonymous said...

God said you will live to 90. Trust God.

Anonymous said...

If the credit bureau rate the person high, should return all the CPF to the person to manage, no point CPF keep it to manage too much money, as it was promised to return by 55?

The main reason to hold people money is that some people can't manage well the money, so if the credit bureau rate the person ok, should it be return to them, so the can get better returns then the CPF?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Please lah... your life, your business. By now if you don't know how cpf works and doesn't work, you are not paying attention.

If you are dumb enough not to use cpf to make your life better, using the "free kicks" the legislation allows, then you are a dumb motherfucker> and deserve to die tormented with regret ;-)

CPF is not perfect, nor will it ever be. In fact, it is a stinker...BUT there are enough "opportunities" to use the system to your own benefit.

Wake the fuck up lah!

Raymond said...

Even if G give your CPF back to you in a lump sum, there's also no guarantee that you will spend them all (or run out of money) before you die, silly!

Think of it as a "pay it forward" scheme -- you inherit your parents' CPF leftover, and your kids will inherit yours.

Get it?

Anonymous said...

What about people who need money now, urgently?

What about people who got no children?

Anonymous said...

think out of the box...

think simple...

at 55, allow people to withdraw
50% of their cpf if they wish....

at 65, allow people to withdraw
ALL cpf if the wish....

no need to twist and turn the cpf

don't complicate a good scheme....

it is that simple, cheers.......

Anonymous said...

拉皮 : // Think of it as a "pay it forward" scheme -- you inherit your parents' CPF leftover, and your kids will inherit yours//

How many PG and oldies inherited their parents cpf leftover, pls KEE CHIU?

Is 拉皮 suggesting old man, all the PGs and many current oldies inherited their parents' leftover?

IB getting no standard? Same same downward spiral?

Governance downward spiral? Even IBs' standard also atrocious and downward spiral?

Ha ha ha, base on open leg wide wide policies, how cum IBs neber engage 3rd world FTs?

SINKIELAND talents all 哈base liao?

Even IBs also CMI?

Time to suggest "MOM-MY" boy open leg some more welcome foreign IBs?

To all IBs: remember Toothpicks expurt Sui Sui Say what?

"CBF" not "CPF"


Got wake up idea?

IBs, listen! If very lazy, expensive, slow, lousy, and poor attitude, also need kena replaced and taken over by 3rd world FTs?

Reap what U SOWED!

Anonymous said...

If CPF really help those person to get a better income and diversify their source of income let them get it back when the past the credit bureau, credit worthiness test, there is not good enough reasons to hold the category of people CPF which they had been waiting for 40 years suppose to return to them, why should hold this category of people CPF?

Anonymous said...

My friends that is called LIFE!

Anonymous said...

Previously , all the CPF return to people, most of them who can manage their money do well after they get back their money? Their living standard improve after 55 they got back their money many don't overspent, and get good return from their diversify source of income?

Anonymous said...

Many of those who know how to invest would not able to meet the minimun require sum, they know they put inside the cpf is negative returns to them, it better for them to invest for their future?

Anonymous said...

This Raymond was exposed in TRE and got farked by everyone for his stupidity. Now come here to talk cock. Luckily the people here are nicer to him.

Anon 1:58, no mean testing please. It is our money.

Anonymous said...

Just love matilah's in your face dose of realism and practical thinking

Anonymous said...

/// Singapore no longer or able to can compete on cost with the cheaper countries. ///
August 18, 2014 11:07 am

I challenge this idea.
Singapore is expensive because PAP government wastes a lot of our money on useless project.

Our land is expensive because PAP government wants to make a lot of money from land sales and rental.
If our land and rental costs were reduced by 90%, we would be more competitive.

Anonymous said...

i am 35 years old.
i want CPF to be abolished.
It's my money.
how i spend is my business.

we pay million dollars to PAP ministers to be honest.
why not pay me million dollars so that I will not need welfare?
Farking PAP logic right?

Anonymous said...

The cost of a Toyota Camry in Singapore is $160,000 ... thanks to our PAP government.
A Toyota Camry costs $30,000 in Australia.

Our PAP government is making Singapore very expensive.
And how does PAP want to reduce costs?
They want to reduce our wages.

make no mistake.
Singapore is expensive because PAP runs a very expensive government.

Anonymous said...

'Singapore is expensive because PAP government wastes a lot of our money on useless project.'

You forgot to add the millions they have to pay themselves and many yodas.

b said...

At least their children (or next of kin) can touch their cpf. Compare to compulsory pensions funds from many first world countries, it is much better.

Anonymous said...

Singapore is expensive and life is very competitive. PAP runs a good government and CPF is to ensure the people get an income when they are old and not able to work. OK retaining ALL CPF may be a little over the top, but at age 65 people will be able to get back what is over and above $155K. That I think is reasonable. PAP reckons that $155K is enough to maintain a good life from 65 till you have to leave this world. If you leave shortly after 65 then you are disadvantaged. However if you live for another 20 or 30 years then you will have a regular payout from your CPF. I think that this system is reasonable. What PAP is always afraid of is that the government has to old and destitute people with no means to support themselves. No welfare state for Singapore.

On the whole the PAP system for CPF is good for the country.

Anonymous said...

" What PAP is always afraid of is that the government has to old and destitute people with no means to support themselves. No welfare state for Singapore.
On the whole the PAP system for CPF is good for the country."
August 18, 2014 4:45 pm

1. I don't care what PP is afraid of.
What PAP is afraid of is not my problem.
Why withhold my money just because you are afraid?

2. Looking after the old & destitute & helpless is the hallmark of normal human beings. Hitler and the Nazis hated doing this.
I'm starting to wonder about PAP citizens.
Maybe they are different from Singaporean citizens.

3. I agree that a PAP government will never look after old, destitute and helpless people.

Singaporeans with old sickly parents.
Singaporeans with handicapped children.
Poor Singaporeans.
Disabled Singaporeans.
Remember this.
A PAP government will never help you.
If you want to help yourself - Vote Opposition in GE 2016.

Anonymous said...

Can't imagine there are daft Sinkies that think it is ok for a govt to keep all the people's money cuz a few people may have money problem. These kind of silliness is beyond idiocy.

Anonymous said...

8.25 pm that guy is daft and is an idiot lar so don't get upset over him. Actually my monthly drawdown from cpf is 750 per month. It is more than enough for me to meet mei mei once a week. If they let me take the whole sum at my age I still would only meet met mei once a week which is 100 per visit lar. So why the govt worry about me blowing all the money on mei mei? The spirit is willing but the flesh can not mah. Tio Bo? Matilar and angkokian may have better solution cause they are younger but even they are sensible lar

b said...

people still do not get it. all politicians and their masters are evil irregardless what they are claimed. the difference lies in the intensity.

Anonymous said...

Part 1

Rb // How many people died without touching their CPF savings? //


Rb, can YEW start a petition, get it signed and send to the DOORSTEPS of your "MOM-MY" boy or poster boy or whatever YEW prefer to "affectionately or one-sidedly, blindly " want to call him by.

The important thing is for many people especially old and ill-health retirees, the latest CPF proposal ULTIMATELY may be TOO LITTLE TOO LATE.

Teochew nang say: "Pak Lo Ko Liao Lo".

Those who pass on before 65 WILL hear the "Lo Ko " ( aka funeral drums/ music ) than ever be able to touch their CPF ( COLLECT POST FUNERAL ).

Anonymous said...

Part 2

This is "too much" after a life time or about 40 long years of slogging. Usually, most of these retirees are low level manual workers. Due to MANY YEARS long hours of work, poor rest/ food, usually before 65 they could be suffering from poor health.

There are many cases of low income workers who pass on in their late 40s, 50s and early 60s due to heart attack, cancer, sudden death etc.

For those who managed to "tong" ( aka endure ) until 55, life thereafter could be like lottery or a dice. Any time may go.

Thus, the tweak proposed could be too little too late and too "cosmetic".

An alternative change could be to allow withdrawal between age 55 to 60 and the amount allowed should be at least between 40% to 80%, if not all.

Anonymous said...

Part 3

The garment of the day should kick the addictive habit of spending $$$$$ big time on superficial ego boosting projects and look good, optional expenditures and focus more on its people who built this nation and served NS ( aka cheap sai kang. Still cannot fathom why must pay crumbs to our ns boys but give out freely to foreign students in hundreds of millions each year? What pump and pump logic is that? Or is it pimp and prostitute logic? )

The battle line may have been drawn.

This GCT really talked cawk.

His Chinese and understanding of Chinese culture SUCKS!

For what he advocates, the Chinese had a term:

"认贼作父" ( to take "thieves, robbers, burglars, cheats, baddies, evil people, enemies " etc as parents)

Anonymous said...

So many Singaporeans saved for a life time but never get to use the money. But they should be happy to die and feeling rich.