The Singapore Dream

I am not calling this the Singaporean Dream for good reason. Some Singaporeans have their dreams fulfilled and living very very well indeed. For the majority of the Singaporeans, the Singapore Dream is beginning to turn into a bad dream. For a start, many would need govt assistance in order to make life bearable. Their life savings will not be enough to sustain them to their last days. Their dreams of car ownership, private properties are as good as day dreaming. Their dreams of happily retired with little worries to watch the sunset would not happen as they would need to work to have money to live after retirement age. And their dreams of dying in their own homes could also be in jeopardy.

The Singapore Dream is meant for foreigners. Many foreigners are here to live their Singapore Dreams, from the rich westerners to the workers of the 3rd World countries. Many have their Singapore Dreams fulfilled. Many came here poor and returned home rich. Many could not find employment at home but got good jobs here to live a life they could never dream of in their home countries.

At the rate it is going, millions of foreigners will be thankful for the opportunities to live out the Singapore Dream. Unfortunately many Singaporeans would have their Singapore Dream dashed, or made so much difficult to become true. To every foreigner stepping foot on this island there is hope, and many will succeed in varying degrees, to better their lives. Many Singaporeans will live their lives disappointed and full of regrets at the end of the day. Many will come nothing and leave nothing, not even have a HDB flat to bequeath to their children after all the downgradings. They need to trade the HDB flat for some stipends for their last days.

What an irony. Singaporeans could work for a whole life, save for a whole life, but ended up with nothing. Foreigners could be here for a few years and return home rich. Look at the queue of fortune hunters outside the door. And some of these foreigners are threatening to go elsewhere, to give up their Singapore Dream if the govt introduces more favourable policies for the citizens to make the Singapore Dream bearable.

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Anonymous said...

"Their life savings will not be enough to sustain them to their last days."

Majority (60%) Sinkies are much richer than u think.

Or else they would have even voted for a dog or cat rather than PAP.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

We will see.

Anonymous said...

Majority (60%) Sinkies are much richer than u think.
Anon 9:35 am

Tiok. And PAP has the information through IRAS and govt records how many rich and high income majority Sinkies there are. And if not enough of them, PAP also has the power to make happy, rich and high income foreigners, if they are willing,to become new Sinkies with voting power.

Anonymous said...

Rich new Sinkies, despite owning properties here, need not even have to stay in Sinkieland if they don't like the hot, humid weather and crowded with people.

Which may explain why many condos and private properties here are empty.

They can just stay as when required to settle their matters or come back to vote during election time, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

Hi RB, Speed here. Whenever I go to any shopping mall in Singapore, especially in the evening, I often see long queues at posh restaurants. I am not talking about the KFCs, McDs or BKs. The queue are always in front of the upper class restaurants. I have read from your blog and many others that the rising cost of living in this country is hurting a fair portion of Singaporeans. However, this is contrary to what I have observed on the ground. I have always known that Singaporeans love food, but if what I read is true then most pricer restaurants should be less in demand. Furthermore, I see young Singaporean teenagers ( I know they are Singaporeans by their Singlish ) going around with the latest mobile phones and latest electronic gadgets. The clothes and shoes and always branded. This, to a foreigner such as myself, would point to a society of rich and comfortably well-off people. I am always puzzled by this.

Anonymous said...

Speed u are correct in your assessment as 60% are rich. The one that rb refers to are the 40% so both of you are correct.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anon 12.42, does this indicate that your next GE will result in another 60/40% split?

Another puzzling thing here is, you have a 60/40% vote split in your last GE, how come you do not have a 60/40 or thereabout representation split in your parliament?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Speed, you are right. Did you observe that those queueing up are the young people?

During our time, we need to share our incomes with the family. Today's young don't have that problem. Their income is theirs to spend.

Then of course there are many that are rich. It is the PMEs and oldies that are feeling the pinch. The PMEs need to pay for housing, food and children's education. It is one hand in and one hand out.

The young with two incomes are still ok if they don't have children or parents to look after.

Anonymous said...

2 young grads, income $2-3K each is quite comfortable. But when they have homes and children, forget about cars, the stress will start to build up.

Money will be just enough. But don't get hit by major expenses, like medical bills or sending children to overseas university.

Anonymous said...

So sad whenever I see 70+ year olds working in the foodcourts wiping tables and gathering dirty dishes. It breaks my heart to see that after toiling all their lives they have to continue struggling at their age. Maybe they do not have children to support them and maybe their children already have a tough time keep their family intact. Or maybe their children are queuing in front of the posh restaurant. Some even say they do not frequent the foodcourts their aged parents work at. Such is life in Singapore these days. Don't remember it used to be like this in the old days when I visited this lovely island.

Come to think of it, you are right, the queues in front of posh restaurants are mostly from the younger generation. Well, I mostly move among the more well-to-do families when I visit Singapore. I guess I do not truly appreciate the hardship suffered by many here on this first world island. Keep up the good work RB. I will continue reading your blog even when I return to the land of fish and chips.

Anonymous said...

We are becoming like Hong Kong in the 70s and 80s. People have good income but with their salary, they cannot afford to buy house in Hong Kong. Car is out of the question as carpark lots are expensive too. So, these professionals will spend their money on other things like posh restaurants and fashion wears. Singapore is coming to be similar. House and cars are expensive so they spend their money on pubs and restaurants instead.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Speed, so you be going to stay with the Queen as your neighbour. Nice feeling. And more fish and chips too. My kids are there in London doing the same : )

Yes, Singapore is like HK in many ways. Food is still relatively cheap to the young people. But to the uncles and aunties in HDB estates, living on their savings, it is getting tougher everyday.

With rents in tens of thousands even in HDB food courts, you can't run away from pricey food.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rb, Yep I shall be leaving your wonderful happy island on September 29. Maybe I will still see you at HLP on the 27th.

The one thing I will miss is the chicken rice at Maxwell market. Yummy.

b said...

Many sinkies also living good lives and much better than those in south eu like spain, italy and france. They want to work but no work. THeir gov really like a**holes. Only know how to have mistresses.

Only a small number in sg not enough to get by because they do not work or gamble or buy 4d or party all the time.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Things are still ok at the moment here. But there are several factors that could lead this island to its early demise. I just hope that things don't get worse but can't help seeing all the dark clouds, if only daft Sinkies can see further than their nose.

No one is seeing the Trojan Horse inside the city and everyone is drinking and partying like tomorrow is going to be better. Complacency has crept in.

Ya, Zhen Zhen Chicken Rice at Maxwell is good. There are many local dishes that many Singaporeans would crave for when they are away. It's a pity we still did not meet after travelling half way round the world.

See if we can meet on 27 Sep. And maybe we can have Outram Park Char Kway Teow at Hong Lim, if it is open on Sat evening. There are several foodstalls there that are quite famous. The clayfish hor fun, the curry chicken noodle, bar kut teh etc.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1.49's point is telling, but few of the young today will ever heed it, unlike their parent's or grandparent's generation. To them, the good life will always be there because they believe in what the Government tells them. To be precise, they buy into the 'more good years' mythology.

Few young people of today really have gone through the tough times of the Pioneer Generation, so what they have gone through today teaches them little about the uncertainties of life. Thrift is no longer a virtue to them.

If I may say so, seeing with my aging eyes and simple lowly educated mind, today's young will only see the problem at around 40 to 50 years of age. That is when the real financial issues and heavier burden starts to be felt, when the needs of kid's education and wants, coupled with escalating health expenses is made worse by the loss of jobs.

Loss of jobs at middle age is well known to everyone. Older workers are paid more than younger workers and probably deemed to be less productive by employers. Coupled with that, some jobs are on year to year basis, so job security is never a certainty.

So, the young of today can still enjoy all the branded stuff, posh restaurants and nice cars. Ignorance is indeed bliss.

If they have rich parents, no problem. If not, prepare to face the realities of life in middle age. Many are finding out, regretfully, too late.

Anonymous said...

If they have rich parents, no problem. If not, prepare to face the realities of life in middle age. Many are finding out, regretfully, too late.
August 26, 2014 8:38 pm

Not happy vote Opposition lah!
LKY's books are law.
Sacred cows.
Cannot change.
Even if Singaporeans have to suffer.

Anonymous said...

I already did so! You did not because you must be a cow worshipper.