10m population snippets

Many nice things have been said about having a 10m population. Some even encouraged the planners to be braver and go for 20m or more. Some were thinking seriously on how to accommodate 20m. One suggestion is to build 40 storey flats and nothing less going forward. This is not only cheaper than building 40 storeys down into the ground.

The advantage is that when there is an emergency, you can jump out of the window of 40 storey high flats. If you are 40 storeys down under, you cannot jump out.

Some were suggesting that all the low rise landed properties in Bukit Timah, Holland and Tanglin be acquired by the govt to make way for 40 storey high rise flats. And the owners would be happy if paid market price for their land, x 40 of course. $1m becomes $40m, $10m becomes $400m. Win win for all.

Old low rise HDB flats can go for SERS and owners get a free new flat when new blocks are all 40 storeys and above. No need to worry about 99 year lease ending. Get a new 99 year lease for free.

What do you think?

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lust for love said...

Those morons up there should not come up with target population,in the way that communist governments like to come up with 4-5 years economic planning.

Those morons should 1st think how to grow the economy faster, what kind of new business activities the country should have which can create jobs for the locals and must not be those low-paying ones.

You need to grow the economy as much as possible, because if the economy is not growing fast or grow at elephant pace, the country cannot support a bigger population.

You must increase the size of the cake 1st before you think of increasing people.If the cake size is not increased very much but people increasing a lot, there will be a lot of friction and this is not sustainable.

If the morons on top can come up with a thorough plan to boost economy and create jobs, then by that time, we will know what is the optimum size of the population.

Those morons are putting the cart before the horse. Yet, they have an elephant skin in thinking they deserve million-dollar pay for their mediocre work!

Shame on the whole of Singapore who keep these morons in power! What is there to celebrate for the national day?!

Anonymous said...

If RB, like Liu Thai Ker, is trained as an architect, I am sure he will agree 10 million population no problem.

RB may even be consultant to PAP govt and design 50 or 60 storey HDB blocks for those Sinkies who cannot emigrate, and those foreigners who still want to come.

But of course RB will not be domiciled here lah. Maybe in a Aussieland farm bungalow with cooler and fresher air. Tio bo, RB?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

As I've said before, with the right planning, 15-20 million is possible. Many of my friends who are architects, an engineers are quite confident of the numbers. They also stand to make gazillions from designing, building implementing the stuff that will be needed.

10 mill? Bring it on lah

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

This one I must up Matilah. I think 30 million also can.

But I would prefer to stay at 5m and not more.

The population growth is to boost economic growth, not economic growth to boost population growth. Can there be economic growth without population growth or not due to population growth? You mean no such things?

agongkia said...

Why only think of 40 storey flat?Bird brain .Think further.
We can actually consider to have 40 layers of Singapore.Built strong pillars up and have another layer of land,up and up to 40 layers.,like a pyramid.Smallest Singapore on top and bigger Singapore below.Those private houses and airport to be on the top.
40 million population is not a problem if one can think well.
We can use lift,cable cars,flying fox,tower crane etc for transportation up and down.
10 million will produce and will become more and we may face land shortage if we dun act now.
Be the first country that have many layers of flats,transportation etc.
Another first.

Anonymous said...

Remember the Tower of Babel?

Anonymous said...

Please look at this hyperlink...then seriously ask yourself...really?



So...still want 10m, 20m and 40m people in this finite little space called Singapore?

We are human beings between. Not rats nor mice nor some kind of thing jus to generate revenue.

Speaks volumes of the type of "human" beings in charge of population planning and growth...zzzz

Anonymous said...

OK now that we have the figures of 10 million or 20 million rolling in our head, when the population reaches 6.9 million we will all say " not too bad what ", still under 10 million.

oldhorse42 said...

The planner/architect who proposed the 10 million population does not have to live with the consequence of his proposal.
His angmo wife and son live in Kangaroo land. He is here to earn money saying the things his pay master like to hear.

Anonymous said...

When YEW have population growing at 2% and above each year, inflation at 2.5% and higher each year, nominal GDP growth at 2 to 3 % , actually it is a negative real growth GDP per capita since 2011.


The mad dash for 10m is needed because even 6.9m by 2030 cannot sustain the real estate bubble created since 2009!

Anonymous said...

This GDP numbers is just a fallacy to some extent.

When YEW built, it adds up to the GDP.

When YEW tear down, the cost of destruction of the building is added to GDP numbers when nothing is actually built, created or produced and actually a whole building was destroyed.

Even then, the value of the destroyed building is NOT subtracted from past GDP numbers.

YEW see the picture?

GDP numbers does not paint the exact picture. To some extent, high GDP numbers can be a fallacy and for some ego boosting exercise.

Somebody up in the Ivory Towers not only graduated from branded foreign universities. They could have learned some side lines such as working in MASSAGE PARLOURS while pursuing their degrees. Seems like their massaging skills are as good if not better than their university credentials.

Anonymous said...

Actually is it possible to lease a piece of land for 999 years from a 3rd world cuntry to expand sinkieland's population and secure its future economic growth?

In turn, we can adapt our SuZhou experience by developing the host cuntry economy in a mutual win win?

Time to think BIG and outside Sinkieland rather than FOREVER restricted to this snort-size less than 1k sq km miserable rock?

Anonymous said...

Rb, many would like to join YEW and drink free kopi at HLP CC cafeteria this Sat but many would rather avoid the "limelight" in such occasion.

A kopi chit chat session near MBFC or RP during weekdays or in the heartlands or Chinatown or city areas during weekends would be likely be a better setting for many.

What say YEW, RB?

Anonymous said...

Rb, the move towards 10m can mean two things:

1) Continued depressed wages for sinkies till 2030 and beyond due to massive cheap foreign labour influx;

2) continued sky high property prices and cost of living due to the heightened demand for housing and basic necessities from the massive foreigners yearly relentless infux. With very limited land and no domestic food sources and raw materials, the demand from massive foreign labour yearly influx surely would strain limited supply and does put undue upwads price pressure on housing, basic necessities etc.

In short, sinkies will suffer double whammy! High living costs but depressed wages.

Surely 500 storey Ivory Towers residents are not expecting sinkies to bear with all these till 2030 and beyond while situations worsen?

Anonymous said...

TCJ asked what will happen to Singapore if population dropped to 4m. What a dumb question. Yes, we are on your side for population growth BUT we want a sustainable growth and be selective. So, do not threaten us with rather silly scenario.

Anonymous said...

Experiments carried out by social scientists have shown that the friction and space crunch are unbearable when more and more living creatures are being squeezed into a limited and very cramped living and breathing space.

At far less than 1/4 of our density, Hitler complained of suffocation and launched WWII to reach the Eastern vast land for breathing space.

Sinkieland can only "conquer" downwards and hellwards for more space. In China, poor folks in big cities literally lived underground in unsanitised building basement carved out to meet the needs of the so called "underground race" who can only afford pittance rentals.

When 10m target is here, cages and underground rat type dungeon cells would be homes for some poor folks.

The MEWR ministar by then would ask whether want to live in bungalows, HDB flats or cages and dungeon cells when ask by his fella MPs to help poor residents?

The said...

/// Anonymous said...
TCJ asked what will happen to Singapore if population dropped to 4m. What a dumb question. Yes, we are on your side for population growth BUT we want a sustainable growth and be selective. So, do not threaten us with rather silly scenario.
August 08, 2014 8:08 am ///

I thought it was Chan Kee Chiu, not TCJ who said that. That paper general is rehashing his Lan Chiau, oops, Lanfang Republic again.

If Singapore's population drops to 4 million, I will be the first to celebrate. It will mean I can get onto a train without smelling the armpits of FT construction worker. It will mean I won't feel like I am a foreigner in my own country.

Singapore's greatest economic miracle was achieved when its population was below 3 million, and its ministers paid in the thousands instead of millions of dollars. It was done with Singaporeans at the helm of most institutions and corporations, not Fallen Talents or FILTH (Failed In London, Tried HongKong).

So, Kee Chiu, what is so bad about 4 million people in Singapore? It would mean a Singaporean Singapore. It is quality, not quantity, that counts.

Anonymous said...

Millionaire ministers, we pay you to think and find solutions, not to ask the masses that are not paid questions and expecting answers.

If you are not deserving of the millions, cannot find the answers, please don't take the money. Are you worth every cent paid to you?