Why so few Singapore flags flying for National Day?

Some people, especially the old and patriotic Singaporeans, are lamenting why so few flags are seen on the flats? It used to be nearly the whole block of flats flying the Singapore flags. Now it is like you can count them on your finger tips.

Let me explain this phenomenon by arithmetic. First point, not too long ago, the majority of the population was Singaporeans. Then you have the element of being a closed knit society of One People, One Nation and One Singapore. Practically everyone will be flying the flag.

What does the number says today? 40% are foreigners. That is 2 foreigners to 3 Singaporeans. By this you can at best get 3 flags flying from every 5 units. But actually if you include the new citizens who are still fresh and not really one of us, you are talking about 50% are Singaporeans and 50% new citizens cum foreigners. This will mean that for every two units, only one will fly the flag at best. So at best, only 50% of the flats will be flying the flag.

But of the 50%, 30% are hard core anti PAP which will translate to no flag flying. This will reduce the number of flags flying from 50% in a block of flats to 35% at best. The 30% hard core supporters of the PAP/Govt will mean only 15% of the flats would fly the flag. Thus, for every 100 units, 15 units will be flying the flag(from the hard core supporters) and at best 35 units if all the swing voters are included, the grey area of 40% neither pro or anti PAP. If half of this group will to fly the flag, it will mean 15 + 10 or at best 25 flags will be flying for every 100 units.

And if you take away some from these 25 units due to forgetfulness, angry because of summons/fines, or not happy with MPs, or jobless, or for whatever real or unreal reasons, the number of flags flying could be less than 20 for every 100 units of flags.

So, the dearth of the national flag being flown in the HDB estates is normal, the new normal, when the population of Singaporeans is so much reduced. This could be a statement of how big is the Singaporean core that is left in the city state. It is a new reality when there are simply too many foreigners living here.

Make sense? You can’t expect the foreigners to be flying the Singapore flag right? If they could, as some have done, they would fly their own national flags. They are not Singaporeans and have no reason to fly our flag. They are not one of us.

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Anonymous said...

your maths is very "deep"....

anyway I m poor in maths....

but one thing I know about flying
the Singapore flags MUST be from
the HEART.....



Anonymous said...

Sad my block not facing main road.. else flag will be hang on my behalf

Anonymous said...

It's sad that my SingaPAPorean mp no long appear BIG BIG on neighbourhood banner wishing residents Happy National Day.. what they becoming so down to earth leh :-(

Anonymous said...

The banners are not cheap you know.

Anonymous said...

RB, you are wrong with your maths. In my area almost all houses fly the Singapore flag. Some houses even have 2 or maybe 3 flags hanging upstairs from the balconies and at the gates. In some houses of 3 or 4 storeys even more flags are hung. So by that reckoning the number of Singapore flags to be seen depends on the location. In my area where the cars outside or in the driveways are either BMW 7 series, Mercedes, Porsche or Ferraris flags are numerous. I cannot say the same for the HDB blocks within a stone throw away. So you see RB, your mathematics are a little skew. I suggest you rewrite the article and present a true picture of the Singapore divides.

Anonymous said...

Our state flag represents PAP. It is a well known fact that PAP supporters fly the state flag but neutral and opposition supporters are resistant to do so.

In the future, when opposition runs Singapore, our state flag may be altered or change (think South Africa) to one that is truly representative of the whole country. Until then, I prefer not to fly our state flag because what the flag means and what is actually happening in the country are world apart.

Anonymous said...

To me flying the State Flag has nothing to do with PAP. They just happened to be the government of the day. The flag belongs to all Singaporeans and we fly it because be love the country.

RB has a point, there is no motivation for foreigners to fly the flag. Since the population of foreigners is approximately half of Singaporeans, number of flags flown would likelt to decease with time.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


No lah. I left last weekend. Going around S'pore a day or so before, I reckon there are even more flag waving 'patriots' this year. I saw entire blocks draped in flag.


>> Our state flag represents PAP.

I absolutely reject such an OFFENSIVE idea.

Die, die I will defend the IDENTITY of my favourite hotel. The PAP are the govt. They are TEMPORARY.

Anonymous said...

How does the state flag represent the PAP? I see stars and moon, don't see any lightning on it.

How does being a hard core opposition means not wanting to display the state flag?

You mean teochew ah hia and gang will not face our flag to sing national anthem? You mean protesters at hong lim do not honour our flag and its symbols?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I did my arithmetic on the number of flags as a response to forumers in the msm and in social media lamenting that not many flags were hung on the flats. And my explanation is simply due to the numbers of foreigners versus Singaporeans.

Some parts of the island will have more flags and some will have less, that's normal.

And the flag is a national symbol, not a party symbol. But how to explain to the masses and the psychopaths that cannot see the difference and turn everything into a you or them, you are my friend or my enemy?

Anonymous said...

For a start, its good to recognize that the state flag is a national symbol, a unifying one. If we (meaning Singaporeans) are not all united in front of the state flag, I'm not sure how.

Moving on, it might then be useful not to categorize in such a way that "PAP supporters still display the flag while opposition supporters do not."

Anonymous said...

Singapore flag is half white in colour.
So definitely Singapore flag is PAP-linked.

Anonymous said...

RB: "But how to explain to the masses and the psychopaths that cannot see the difference and turn everything into a you or them, you are my friend or my enemy?"

11:14 "Singapore flag is half white in colour.
So definitely Singapore flag is PAP-linked."

Yup, sounds right. Haha.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Writing on current affairs and local politics is like negotiating a treacherous obstacle course. I take credit for not stepping on the mines and traps after so long. I am watching every step very closely.

Anonymous said...


Rb, here's a song in the future that may be sung in commemoration of sinkies existence:

There was a time people said it won't happen but it did.

There was a time we could not have let it happen but we did.

We build a cuntry, clean and rich.

Reaching out together for 3rd world fake FTs.


This is 3rd world cuntry. This is foreign land.

This is aliens' future. This is Sinkies life.

This is Dodo extinction. These are the aliens.


SINKIELAND the foreign land, belongs to aliens all.

Foreigners United marching together as One.

We have come and gone, our common destiny.

SukaSukaLand forever, a cuntry for ALIENS FREE.


This is 3rd world cuntry. This is foreign land.

This is aliens' future. This is Sinkies life.

This is Dodo extinction. These are the aliens

Anonymous said...

You may be accused of sedition for writing this song.

Anonymous said...

Nationalism is dead, no Singaporean liked the idea that singapore is a hotel where visitors comes and goes while Singaporean stays working to their bones

Anonymous said...

"You may be accused of sedition for writing this song."
August 06, 2014 1:00 pm

For the sake of freedom.
Better vote Opposition.

Anonymous said...

How does it benefit me to fly the Singapore flag for National Day?
PAP gives incentives to MNCs to come to Singapore.
Why not PAP pay Singaporeans incentive to fly the flag?

Everything also PAP expects Singaporeans to subsidize the PAP gahmen meh?

Anonymous said...

In Singapore everything is so
goooooooooooooooooooooooood !

Anonymous said...

“Loyalty to country ALWAYS. Loyalty to government, when it deserves it.” - Mark Twain.

Notice how it differentiates country and government? Of course, not all know the difference. Got people want to be given self benefits to fly the flag. Not all know the difference.

No different from PAP, these fake patriots.

oldhorse42 said...

Actually lor all the flags in HDB blocks common areas are done by RCs. HDB drilled holes at common corridors to facilitate RCs hanging flags from the corridors.
RCs also go door to door selling flags. If you say you cannot afford to pay they will give you a flag free if you promise to hang the flag from your unit.

Anonymous said...

Mr Chua - your are delightfully humourous while making your point. Agree with you. I am not flying the flag either. All my pleasant memories of childhood and teenage years gone. 1st home, primary school, sec and Pre-u - all no longer exist due to bulldozing for higher property profit

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Thank you Anon 2:21. At least you are still sane and your sense of humour is still alive.

On the other hand some people very angry with my posts.

Oldhorse is a Singaporean and knows what is happening around him.

Anonymous said...

Rb: // Oldhorse is a Singaporean and knows what is happening around him. //




Anonymous said...

Hi RB, speedwing here. Foreigner can fly flag or not? I do not have a flag, can I borrow one from you?

Anonymous said...

Government should impose a fine for any household without a valid reason for not displaying the national flag during national day
Anyway Singapore is known as a 'Fine City'

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Speedwing, for National Day I am sure every foreigner can fly a Singapore flag like everyone else here from his flat or home.

You may want to approach your neighbourhood RC for one. They will be most happy to lend you.

Anonymous said...

just heard news from radio that
there will be pay increase for the


Really Happy National Day.......


Anonymous said...

/// Government should impose a fine for any household without a valid reason for not displaying the national flag during national day ///
August 06, 2014 3:06 pm

I suppork.
PAP government should also fine any Singaporean who does not vote PAP.

Anonymous said...

stupig .... stupigs

daft .... daft ...dafts

old fart kuan yew is absolutely korrect ...

no fly flags meant stinkaponang not proud of nation? abandoning suppork for papigs????

piss lah ... this show that stinkaponang are maturing, not hoisting the moon n star; are to show respork for the pinoy, the Chinese, the ah neh, myanmarian??, vietgooks, the nonok-what-stans visitors etc our immense admirable for them

u write machiam papigs is being sidelined n about to be overthrown, u so the stupig lah.

cum 2015/2016 popular suppork for papigs minumum 92% ... confirmed n to be casted in concrete n written into laws too ... eh, like modern day moses hor?

leemember vote hsien loong, meaning papigs

huat ah ... UNDER PAPIGS

UseYourHead said...

My family voted for the opposition and we fly the flag at our home. The State and the government of the day are not the same, although the latter often tries to make you think otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Patriots should be flying the falg at half mast.
To mourn the loss of our country to aliens and traitors.

Anonymous said...

If the number of flags put up by household units in HDB estates are an indication of PAP support, be aware PAP, be very aware. You will have a rude awakening at the Polls. Your support is flagging. Flag-ging, giddit?