Pawn shop – a new concept

I attended the Return Our CPF Rally yesterday at Hong Lim. It was a very productive session, for me at least. I heard what Leong Sze Hian said about the different Home Buy Back schemes operating in other countries. This gives me a business idea. Like some bloggers used to say in my blog, smart Sinkies don’t waste time blogging but spend their time making money. These two thoughts were inspirations to my new business concept and a good one in making money.

There are pawnshops listed in the SGX. Nothing from Geylang so far but won’t be long before they got the idea and want to list their lucrative social service lubrication business. My idea is not of those kinds. My idea is a mix of business, philanthropy and social responsibility. We have all heard of the HDB Home Buy Back Scheme announced by Hsien Loong in his NDR. I think that was a good idea for those oldies that needed money. I would like to borrow his idea and go one further. I would want to start a new business that would do everything better than this govt scheme. What ever terms the govt is offering, this new business would offer better or at least match the govt’s offer.

This business concept is about setting up a string of pawnshops in all the HDB estates with only one product, ie HDB flats. Oldies or even younger HDB flat owners can pawn their HDB flats in my pawnshops with better terms and conditions. The age group need not be limited to the oldies. The types of flats need not be restricted to just 4 rms, 5 rms and bigger HDB flats we would also take. We will market it as a new lifestyle thing, chic and cute and definitely dignified.

The mission is to offer better terms and conditions to those HDB flat owners who want to pawn their flats for one reason or another. Not necessarily limited to retirement. This is not only to offer the HDB flat owners a more competitive option, but also as a kind of philanthropy work to help the citizens who are in need of cash. Now, would that be admirable, helping the people, offering them better terms to tie them over during difficult times, and doing a bit of charity? The thought of helping these people is so comforting and shiok.

The details can easily be worked out subject to approval by the HDB/Govt of course. Any angels or venture capitalists willing to put some seed money into this proposal? It is scalable of course and can be replicated in every HDB estate. It is also durable and sustainable in the long run as people age and have flats to pawn to meet their financial obligations.

I have registered and copyrighted this idea as mind. And I am waiting for interested parties to come forward to put in the start up capital. You know where to contact me.

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Anonymous said...

Ha Ha Ha, RB you will NEVER get approval. Better bin your idea. Speed.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

It is Sunday morning, good time to relax and talk about fleeting dreams. Maybe selling my blog would be a better idea than setting up a string of pawnshops pawning HDB flats: )

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I really have big plans for my HDB Pawnshops. Imagine running a series of glamorous ads on TV with pretty celebrities walking into my pawnshops and saying, 'I want to pawn my Ah Kong's HDB flat'

Next scene, they were seen waving a stack of dollar bills, laughing and driving into the sunset in a sports convertible.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

No sorry redbean, you can't do that. Pawnshops deal with PRIVATE PROPERTY. HDB is definitely not private property.

HDB is LEASED -- you do not own it. What you own (with conditions) is "permission to occupy" -- aka a LEASE.

The govt can buy back the lease, because it it the govt who issued the lease in the first place.The govt doesn't deal vey well with private property.What all govts do is make up the rules and schemes - by PURE FICTION is necessary to solve certain problems that might occur now and then.

Wake up your fucking ideas lah. Better give you bonus kopi -- give your brain a caffeine high!

Anonymous said...

Neber mind

Leemember on voting day

Just give papigs the X

Onlee papigs cunt deliver.. others onlee talk.

Anonymous said...

Forget it. If you cannot use your HDB flat as collateral, because you are just the lessee nothing on earth is going to let them allow HDB lessees to pawn their flats.

Wrong concept!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

BTW, I support this buy back scheme. It gves the oldies some hope that t least they can get some dough if they're all tapped out.

I say again and again, Singapore is a modern capitalist society. You better have money to live. No one is interested in your excuses lah if you have no money...thousands of people before you have had the same excuses.

So this "free kick" form the govt: accept it and be grateful for good luck. (please dun be grateful to the govt -- they're arseholes who don't deserve gratitude lah)

Anonymous said...

Upmarket 'Ang Tau Tng' may be a better idea. Just think of what else to put in to make the simple soup more expensive, like gold flakes, and the crowds will rush to taste it.

Anonymous said...

Silly MS. He really believes RB is talking serious? What a dumb ass!

And he is so serious. Is he pretending to be stupid or really stupid? Or is he trying to impress the people here that he has a pea brain?

Anonymous said...

This ass still didn't get it. Why no visitor to his blog?

He has a disease mouth, or is it two disease mouths, one below and one grows on top?

Anonymous said...

All of us are just slaves working and living on a slave ship.
The slave ship is now in the middle of the ocean.
When you join the ship at the port.
The captain promised you a Swiss standard of living.
In the middle of the ocean.
You have to buy everything from the captain.
The captain say you have to drink toilet water.
You also got no choice.
Some more, you have to pay for the privilege of drinking toilet water.

Anonymous said...

Excellent analogy.
No choice except be
at the Mercy of the
Captain and his

Anonymous said...

RB wanting to compete with the govt to operate the biggest HDB pawnshop in the island for pawning homes. How can like that?

I think NTUC Fairprice got chance to take over this monopoly.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

WOW! For a seemingly fucked up, low-value, stupid guy, you (even dumber) motherfuckers are giving me far too much attention.

So much free time ah?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Don't think so highly of yourself lah. I don't think they are giving you any attention lah. Unless what they said about you is what you claimed to be attention. And no need to get hysterical.

Hey mate, time to take your medicine ok.