Second generation PRs who chose not to serve NS

First generation PRs are not necessarily needed to serve NS. But their children are liable to. And to escape serving NS, some came up with crappy excuses like letting their children remain here in this island under student passes so that when the time comes they need not serve NS. Wonder why there is such a legal loophole? And they could come back as foreign talents, as new PRs or Employment Pass holders to work here. Correct me if I am wrong.

Ng Eng Hen was quoted in Parliament to have said, “As MINDEF has cautioned, these ex-PRs who have not served their NS, will face serious adverse consequences when they subsequently apply to study or work in Singapore.” So, what does this mean? What are the adverse consequences if the second generation PRs could still be issued with Student Pass or with Employment Pass, or may even be given PRs in their own rights? I say ‘may’ huh, not will be given.

So, what are the serious adverse consequences, like cannot become citizens and cannot serve NS but still can study or work here? Eng Hen did not elaborate on these but must be too serious to talk about them in case the PRs would be frightened away. This is like PG rating I supposed.

Unhappy and disadvantaged Singaporeans must be happy to hear about this and feeling good that the second generation PRs would have to face adverse consequences.

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Anonymous said...

" Drawing parallels between parenting and governing, he stressed that good people-government rapport is one critical factor. He said: "We do not criticise our parents for their imperfections. We love them, warts and all. But we see only warts in the government and freely criticise it for its slightest mistakes or when we disagree with it."

- the PAP government is not my father. Why cannot criticize PAP government?

- LKY started the mud slinging by calling us "daft" and needing "spurs on our sides". We are returning the favour.

No more blank cheques for the PAP government.
Gratitude for past PAP performance does not mean servitude to PM Lee Hsien Loong in the present day.

Anonymous said...

My friend did the same thing. He applied citizenship for whole family but after realized the sons need to serve ns quickly removed the two sons from application and remained on student passes. Though the officer warn them that it may impact their application, they said so be it. At the end we added two happy singaporean husband and wife only retiring in sg while the two sons are overseas.

So more old people to support so if sg does not import more people to support the oldies, then how? U tell me lar

Anonymous said...

"So, what are the serious adverse consequences,....Eng Hen did not elaborate on these..."


Why need to elaborate when a lot of daft Sinkies can already be convinced by Eng Hen just by his word "serious"?

OK, Eng Hen did not elaborate (that's no good) but is the Sinkie opposition ready to be govt?

If not, will 60% Sinkies still vote PAP despite Eng Hen did not elaborate?

If yes, then whether Eng Hen elaborate or not, what difference does it make, u tell me lah?

Anonymous said...

"If yes, then whether Eng Hen elaborate or not, what difference does it make, u tell me lah?"
Anon 10:41 am

Maybe Eng Hen also knows that? And for that, maybe all PAP MPs and ministers too?

Anonymous said...

Whether 2nd generation PRs serve NS or not, smart Sinkies only want to know how to make money out of these PRs where possible.

Anonymous said...

A ponzi scheme is when you need new recuits/investors to keep the investment product afloat.

If Singapore needs new aliens to keep the country afloat.
Are we a ponzi scheme?

Virgo49 said...

Who wants their sons to chok peng???

Ho Tee boh chok teng, ho kias boh chok peng!!

National Slavery on derisory salaries and let these sadist regulars ah nehs/ ah tees bullied you.

Throw three extra gas grenades and see how these NSFs react.

See how they suffocated and even die of asthma.

Blindfolded and dunk them in water saying military exercise and the poor chaps die of drowning.

Detainee in Kranji Detention Barracks drowned as dunked by Provost Sergeant and at best dishonorably discharged.

Lives lost unnecessarily. Who wants their sons to chok peng???

Only us daft Sinkies gong gong chok peng.

Some gong gong sinkies asked why our sons boh chok peng!!

You do not trust us ahh??

Whats so good of chok peng???

Anonymous said...

VTO 2016!

Anonymous said...

More will be willing to do NS if the Hen goes on rhetoric that Sin is buying bigger ship and aircraft for our Armed Forces not to kill or be killed. They are for saving live when disasters, man-made or natural, happen here or elsewhere.

As for Goh Chok Tong, how the hell he considers the Government as parents, is beyond the People. As it is, the Government which he has been a part fo many decades, has behaved worse than a STEP PARENT.
Like to tell him(Goh C T) that if my parents are like the Current Regime, exploitative and greedy, they deserve to be make answerable to their misdeeds. The Least is to ex-communicate with them and let them face justice mete out by the Society at large.
One should not be blindly loyal to despots and tyranny like dogs. We are humans natirally endowed with sensibilities, not dogs or machines. We are not for the Vile Folks to exploit or abuse.

Anonymous said...

"One should not be blindly loyal to despots and tyranny like dogs."
Anon 12:48 pm

If that is so, why 60% still voted for PAP in 2011? Were these 60% dogs in 2011?

And was the PAP regime of 2011 better than the current PAP regime, which in your own words, is exploitative and greedy?

Anonymous said...

No need to worry about the 60%. The 60% will be voting for the oppo.

You can still remain in the past and live on past glory. The new reality is what you would have to face up to.

Anonymous said...

It would be foolish for PRs to let their children go for NS and waste 2 years when their real objective is to earn money and get their children a decent education. The "allowance" is pitiful, some NSfs are exploited to do stuff like computer presentations/speeches for regulars after office hours along with the yearly freak accident thanks to negligence. I doubt any rational parent who want their child to be exploited or be subject to such a risk willingly.

Anonymous said...

Yes many of the ns boys are just being used as cheap labor. It's also quite depressing many well educated straight A students are being used as store man and gate opener. It really depresses them mentally.

Anonymous said...

I'm a new citizen. And yes, I vote Opposition because I want to see National Service abolished.

Anonymous said...


They r heroes, not only protect stinkaponang... sorry not leempire horny, this leave to the dwarf from Nepal.

Of course also Brunei, since they not getting paid directly as mercenaries, Okay pretense pretense called jungle training... also cunt lah

Leemember... vote 4 papigs, onli they can lead us to the promised land, land of abundance

Fuck u..... matilah

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

NS aka conscription is forced labour akin to slavery. Therefore it should not be there in the first place.

Therefore anyone who can "chabut" NS is actually avoiding an "evil" -- whether by guile and design or by pure luck.

If the SAF are serious in developing a solid fighting force, they should be the first ones to tell the govt to REPEAL the NS Enlistment Act, then double or triple the SAF regular salaries and ramp up the standards for entry as a defender of the nation.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

P.S. Just to give you some idea of PROFESSIONAL warriors pay: An officer specialising in weapons in the Royal Aust Navy, 4-5 years service ~ AUD 100k pa.

Sailor with 2-3 yrs service: AUD 70k pa....All personnel get free medical, dental, cheap loans, study opportunities etc.

SAF need to raise the pay for its regulars.

Anonymous said...

You think SAF are as talented as our minister huh?

b said...

Our constitution actually ban forced labor and compulsory ns is anti constitution. Compulsory ns has to be abolished. Build robot instead.

Anonymous said...

If the pr kids are big on 'keng' out of ns, then it is making a mockery out Sporeans males who have to go for reservist trainings for fire fighting & other compulsory activities ! And with implied threats of fines and jail terms for non-compliance like all the letters sent by mindef.

if we can 'buy' sport medal why can't we outsource fire fighting . ambulance svs , etc ? It is a mother of all ridicule to force enlist Sporean citizens to fight fire just to do the ns while pr sons are...