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This guy went to the casino and lost his pants. He went home and shouted aggressively at his father and mother. You old people are so stupid. You will soon be cheated of all your savings. Hand them to me, go to your bank and withdraw every cent and I will keep them for you. I will give each of you $200 every month until you die. That I will guarantee.

The two old folks were so terrified by the threatening voice of their son and duly went to the bank, took out their life savings and handed them to their gambler son.

What do you think the son will do with the money? If lucky, he would win more money in the casino and pay them back in time. If unlucky, he would lose everything and return to demand the two oldies to sell their assets to patch up the losses. In the meantime he still has to appear to look good and continue to pay the two oldies $200, and go on holidays to give the oldies some confidence that their money is still there.

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Anonymous said...

I like this Uniquely Singapore story.
Only Singaporeans will understand.
Actually, only 40% of Singaporeans will understand.

Anonymous said...

Hi RD, Speed here. The building of the 2 casinos was a good thing for Singapore if GDP growth was the aim. However, with this economic growth you have many unsavoury consequences. The PAP government will have to answer to the many whose lives have been badly affected. What do you say to the 2 old folks in your story? Would you say " It is good for the country, therefore self-sacrifice is an essential "? Until one gets burnt, one will not know the pain. Right RB?

Anonymous said...

60% are very scared that if the not ready opposition is elected as govt, the first thing they announce is there is no money in the CPF.

So how to even return your CPF money, let alone return all as some Sinkies had wished? And not their fault, OK?

virgo49 said...

who this gambling son or daughter of uniquely Sinkapore????

Li aI See or Temasick or both???

Anonymous said...

It happened in some other countries. When the opposition came to power, they realise there is no more money in their country reserves.

But is it really there is no more money?

Or they do not know where to find the money, especially when they are not ready to be govt?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Speed, I will tell the old man and woman to pray that the son does not lose his pants a second time.

agongkia said...

The son is fated to be their son and his duty is to care for the future of his parent so parent should not doubt the son's integrity
and let the son do what he want with the money,saving or reserve.
Even if the money is gambled away,it is still acceptable becos the son act in good faith hoping the parent to have a good life.

Should appreciate the son's effort.Support the son,becos he cares for you,so worth the investment.
Note:(Listen to me at your own risk)

Anonymous said...

It is so scary when everyone wants to care for you and to look after your money.

I am shivering.

Anonymous said...

It's only scary when PAP citizens want to care for you and look after your money for you.

Anonymous said...

Y goes round the bushes?

No bicik?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

What so complicated?

Kill the 2 old folks and take all their money. Problem solved -- no need to look after the burdensome old fucks, and you can go to casino to you heart's content until money habis.

Anonymous said...

No worry. This son very good one. After taking care of his parents, he will go around taking care of others' parents. Sure got money to pay his parents.

When the neighborhood run out of parents for him to take care of, he will import more parents.