America shall reap what it sowed

What the Americans had done to Iraq, Egypt, Libya and Syria and to the Palestinians are way too far from redemption. They have unleashed a force so vicious and deadly that they would not know what hit them when it hits them. The story is unfolding and America shall pay and pay dearly.

There is another act in East Asia, another uncontrollable and destructive force that the Americans could contain but chose to unleash for its short term interest. This short sightedness could cost the Americans dearly one day.

The Americans were victims of the most vile and vicious attack by the Japanese at Pearl Harbour. The sneak attack, without warning, caught the Americans with their pants down and till today many are still crying under the water of Pearl Harbour, not knowing what hit them or who did it. And some silly Americans were still dramatising and praising the Japanese for their spirit of bushido, honour and righteousness.

When President Truman dropped the A bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, he vowed that America would make sure Japan would not be able to make war again. And the Americans did that for 60 years. The Americans could not prevent the Japanese from making war in WW2. They did not know how ambitious and vicious were the Japanese. They believed the Japanese were honourable men of peace and let Japan developed into the biggest Asian power militarily, and the ability to wage war across the earth. No one could blame the Americans then for the aggression of the Japanese across Asia and across the Pacific Ocean to deal the Americans the deadly blow below the belt.

Today, the Americans could stop Japan from making war again. Instead, the Americans gave Japan the green light to make war, to have the power to wage war. And the short sighted Americans thought it was good. They forgot the lessons of Pearl Harbour. They are thinking that the new Japanese were also honourable men like their predecessors in WW2. Perhaps they knew that the Japanese have not changed but they were only using the Japanese to contain China, to fight the Chinese, and think the Americans could reap the benefits without having to pay a price. America must not forget that what it sowed it shall reap.

To allow Japan to remilitarise, to wage war far and wide, does not guarantee that the Japanese would not do a Pearl Harbour version 2.0. The Americans shall pay dearly, more dearly this time round, for their irresponsible act of allowing Japan the capability to make war. All things come full circle, and there is no exception.

American exceptionalism would not escape this exception when Japan is rearmed and again able to conduct war across the Pacific Ocean. Yes, what you sowed you shall reap. Japan was a rogue nation and is still a rogue nation given a chance.

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Veritas said...
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Anonymous said...

"Japan was a rogue nation and is still a rogue nation given a chance."

That was the WWII generation lah.

The new generation of young Japanese are just like Sinkies who want good life and don't want to make babies. Their fertility rate is only just a bit better than Sinkies, u know. And their population is also aging, and may even decrease in the future, just like Sinkies. And a lot of the smart ones also migrated, just like Sinkies.

Like that how to be rogue? How to fight?

Anonymous said...

Just look at what Abe and his hawkish revisionists are doing and you would have second thots.

Anonymous said...

Concurs with Veritas.
Young people as a whole World wide do not like war. Only some gangsters do.
The youngs know that life is short and must be cherished and spent fruifully. War is a nonsense of the Past when humankinds were feudalistic and backward.
The young Japanese will let Abe and his Gang to fight the war and the young Japanese will follow the fighting with the New Media. If forced to go to war, they will bomb Avbe and his Gang.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


>> The Americans shall pay dearly, more dearly this time round, for their irresponsible act of allowing Japan the capability to make war.

I doubt it lah. Firstly, there is no such thing as karma.

Secondly, in geo politics, organise crime, and financial fraud -- all really bad things -- your ability to "stay in business" depends on guile, the ability to form relationships with other corruptible agents, your ability to put on an act -- for e.g. acts of "kindness" and "mercy" carefully scripted to win hearts and minds, your ability to infiltrate other cultures with your own (American culture -- it's viral in nature), your ability to bring terrifying force when necessary to secure your interests.

Redbean’s error (not him exclusively; this is a very common misconception): There is no such thing as "celestial" or "divine" justice.
"Just world" is but another fallacy/ cognitive bias

(From the link above) >> The Just-World Fallacy can also lead to a false sense of security. You want to feel in control, so you assume as long as you avoid bad behavior, you won’t be harmed. You feel safer when you believe those who engage in bad behavior end up on the street, or pregnant, or addicted, or raped. It is infuriating when lazy cheats and con artists get ahead in the world while firemen and policemen put in long hours for little pay. Deep down, you want to believe hard work and virtue will lead to success, and laziness, evil and manipulation will lead to ruin, so you go ahead and edit the world to match those expectations.

Yet, in reality, evil often prospers and never pays the price. <<

Anonymous said...

Countries play geo-political games like playing mahjong, the players observe what the tiles are discard thus predict what are tiles others are waiting and holding. Player sometimes cannot game because someone is holding on to that tile until some inexperienced one throw out that tile then game over !

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Now who's the IMH patient that is bringing things like celestial and divine into this discussion? No, people from the IMH would swear they did not say such things even when the words are found hanging on their tongues.

Tiok boh, Matilah?

Anonymous said...

The Japs political leaders are going to that shrine again today. Political leaders are elected by the people and represent the jepunkia. So why are they keeping silent on the bowing, praying,worshipping of those the war criminals again and again and again by their elected ministers and mps?

The japs and paps have deep relations dating back to war time hence cannot count on the paps to protest against the Abe people on behalf for the our community in SG many who perished in the hands of those war criminals during the massacre.

Anonymous said...

Time and again to worship, honour, to treat with respect,to revere war criminals who committed crimes against humanity in CHINA, KOREA and SOUTHEAST ASIA is like showing zero respect to the dignity of people by their Japs leaders towards people in China, Korea, and South East asia countries who suffered immensely during those dark days

Anonymous said...

Even in China people would cursed and spat at the statues of Qin Hui and his wife, who betrayed the Song Dynasty and putting a patriot the famous
Yue Fei 將軍 to

The shrine visit is despicable, the japs leaders who visit the shrine are morally sick

Anonymous said...

To the Japs they were not war criminals but their heroes.

Anonymous said...

Japan can never be as powerful as it was before.
Any silly move by Abe will bring the Japanese Tribe to extinction.

Anonymous said...

China, Korea and Russia are waiting to over run Japan and cut it up for equal distribution.

The three countries should conduct more naval exercises in the seas around Japan regularly.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB :

And yet again folks, he never fails to be his "true self".

Explain something to him and he responds with a childish ad hominem -- that in a nutsack, is our immutable redbean.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Ok you have the last word.