A different kind of reserves Our national reserves, the money type, is going up and up, more and more, and no one knows how much is enough. The more the merrier. We could be sitting on more than a trillion dollars today. Not enough, sure not enough. More would be added every year and when we hit $2 trillion or $5 trillion, it will still grow and grow. There is no limit to what is enough.

We have another kind of reserves that are dwindling by the day. It gets lesser and lesser, smaller and smaller. Maybe because no one actually refers to it as national reserves, so losing it is ok. Actually not losing is, but transforming it into other more valuable assets is ok. I am referring to our land, the natural reserves, the parks, the green lungs and land that are not highrise.

There are some numbers like a certain percentage to be kept according to the planners. And this number is always getting smaller. No one actually says or is fighting for our land reserves to grow bigger. Any piece of reclaimed land is already chopped for use even before it is ready or reclaimed.

It may be nice to include our land reserves into the formula for national reserves to enjoy the privilege of growing and growing, or at least untouchable, cannot take out, or after taking it out, must put back with interests. Then we will have our land protected and even grow bigger. If not, our land and the reserved land will risk being used up for economic growth. We need the space, the fresh air, the option to be with nature, with the trees, the birds and the grass and rivers.

The land has more values than just being converted to industrial or commercial uses. They are our national reserves, to be kept and better to grow bigger. Unfortunately its fate is reversely proportional to economic growth or population growth. Can’t imagine how much of our land would be left as reserves when 6.9m or 10m becomes a reality.

Kopi Level - Green


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

If the population is to increase to 10 million or so, then you can't be too "sentimental" about land. Singapore land is a scarce resource. Therefore it is not only to use the land "wisely" but to MAXIMISE the "return" (whatever that is) from every square millimeter of land.

There are already areas put aside for conservation and water catchment, such as Pulau Ubin, Pierce, Mandai, etc reservoirs, Sg Buloh "wetlands" (aka SWAMP), Bk Timah Hill and Nature Reserve. Keep them as is, not just for "nature's sake" but as institutions for lovers to go and fuck and suck each other when they are either too young or too stingy or too broke to pay for "short-time" at Hotel 81's or Fragrance Hotels. If you haven't banged a partner under the stars at MacRitchie and had your bare arse bitten by mosquitoes, for example, you cannot rightfully claim to be 100% Singaporean.

Anyway, I digress. Back to the land.

In many other cultures, the land has "spiritual value" In Singapore, the land is valued in DOLLARS so there is no chance of ambiguity.

You could put about 10 condo buildings in the area taken by one 18-hole golf course. Or you could also put 2-5 mansions. Or 2 schools or hospitals. It depends what you want. It depends how much one is willing and ABLE to pay.

I don't believe in this "land reserve" nonsense. Every bit should be used. If there is some requirement, then BUY the land from the respective owners and do whatever you can pay to get done.

100% capitalist model. It is the most fair and just.

Anonymous said...

Mati, on holiday?

Off day from IMH?

Got more lunacy cuming?

Got more cum to shoot into your incest victims eyes and ears as self admitted in your blog?

How's your hallucinations level?

Meeting some SINKIELAND "big shots" in Kangaroo Land?

Keep thinking aloud with all your hallucinations!

Got more shit from your mouth and between your ears?

How filthy can the fluid between your ears get?

Anonymous said...

"Can’t imagine how much of our land were be left as reserves when 6.9m or 10m becomes a reality."

If 6.9m or 10m become reality, it is because so many foreigners are willing to come here, and even willing to be converted by PAP to become Sinkies!

And those real Sinkies not willing to be here but also cannot migrate out of here will become minority lah. What can minority do to PAP in an election, u tell me lah?

Anonymous said...


It is not a question of how much of our land were be left as reserves.

It is a question of how many percent majority of Sinkies, including new Sinkies, are willing to vote for PAP in an election.

Anonymous said...

Smart Sinkies make their money in Sinkieland but will get their land reserves (natural reserves, the parks, the green lungs and land that are not highrise) in other lands.

So due to above, actual number of people physically in Sinkieland at any one time may be much less than the 6.9m or 10m. When time to vote, these smart Sinkies will then come back to do just that, and vote PAP.

Anonymous said...

My proposed National Day Pledge:
"We will Fuck Yew in GE 2016."

Anonymous said...

We have lost the primal instinct to protect our territory, our land and we have the cheeks to recite the Singapore National Pledge as if it is some sort of nursery rhymes just to past time. Before we talk about achieving happiness, prosperity and progress for our nation, we have to first of all secure the land. Opening it up like nobody's business is not the way to go. Watch this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bhtdg0Q9QCY as I think this gibbon did a better job than us.

Anonymous said...

/// We have lost the primal instinct to protect our territory, ... ///

It's all part of a big plan to turn us into gypsy-workers.
The PIGS are not interested in creating a strong nation.
(Why do Yew think he called the Pledge an aspiration?)

- The PIGS are only interested in a united PAP.
- They don't want a united Singaporean identity. (Very difficult to bully).

Anonymous said...

RB: "Can’t imagine how much of our land would be left as reserves when 6.9m or 10m becomes a reality."

No flowers to smell for RB and for us. There is no mention of the 6.9 million in his National Day Message, which means he is sticking to his guns despite this albatross around his neck. Change we must.

Anonymous said...

There is no such thing as enough.

More than 90% of the world's wealth is controlled by 1% of the wealthiest people on earth, and do these people say they have enough? Hardly!

They want more, 100% if possible. The rest of the 99% of the world's population are just slaves, the better connected ones just slave-drivers driving the slaves to generate the wealth that will end up in the pockets of the super-rich. They want slaves to procreate for a reason.

Anonymous said...

In the end, history will judge the legacy of old man, wooden chartow and mai mum.

Who is the greatest " culprit " if SINKIELAND eventually goes belly up?

As of now, when it succeeds, credits go to the leedership. When it fails, all faults go to the sinkies. This is the line of "propaganda" as always. Otherwise, how to justify 24 months bonuses plus 1-4 millions salary per head plus ...... in the past? Even now it is too high and unjustifiable. And with this kind of remuneration, kee chiu still have the cheek to say SINKIELAND might sink into abyss and disappear in 50 years time? Any CEO who may lead any company from success to bankruptcy would have been booted long before he can cause further harm, misery and hardships to its countless employees and families.

Anonymous said...

The Demise of Singapore will be due to the Stupidity of Sinkies themselves. And the State we are in now is caused by greedy politicians milking the Stupid Sinkies and yet the Latter enjoys being exploited.
Both the Exploiters and their victims are sick, both are sadistic. Both enjoy bullying and being bullied.

Perverted society due to sick people.

Anonymous said...


This is one guy that has come across as spiritual-less, most money minded and hedonistic all these years that he has existed in Cyberland.


Anonymous said...

@ August 08, 2014 11:35 pm

Ahem. He did say "in many other cultures" lah. But he is still the same opinionated, blasphemous, avaricious, irreverent loud mouth. No surprise there. Haha.

Anonymous said...

I am shocked that matilar boast about incest in his blog? What is his blog address? This is really disgusting. I also did not see the blook poster anymore. I think RB discourage him deleting his post?

Anonymous said...

Give matilah time, as he ages, he will be wiser and more like human. Right now, he is no different from from the pappies, pragmatic and soul less. He is wants is to make money. Hope he can enjoy his wealth which could get him oversea properties to house his many lovers and commercial sleeping partners. Viagra and Cialis would probably help him another one or two years. After that, he may need motoried scooter to run around and hire others to bath and feed him. Hopefully those who care for him then will not be as soul less as him though matilah is extremely impressed with robots. He thinks dolls make as good lovers as humans. Quite a compromising idiot but must respect him for accepting second best or even soul less mechanical services.

Anonymous said...

It's not an offence or crime to love money although love for money is the root of all evils. And sinkies are fine with greedy leaders. In fact some leaders said greed is good and motivating.

Anonymous said...

Actually Rb could have been modest in his writing in NOT saying the most politically incorrect assessment.

Being a political science honours degree graduate though arguably as far back as the early 70s, Rb still would have studied in political science and learned one very important fact about nationhood.

Arguably, by far, the greatest reserve of any state could be its common identity.

Without this, the financial reserves and nature reserves could be like a tree on loose earth and would not stay rooted for long without being blown and fell during strong winds or thunderstorms.

It is quite silly to grow the trees bigger and bigger with bigger trunks, bigger and longer branches, more leaves etc without ensuring it is deeply rooted and on firm ground.

Either it will topple in a matter of time or the roots would no longer be able to have enough earth to provide the water etc it needs to sustain it. It will gradually shrivel, wither and dry up.

Usually, forest experts would tell YEW usually white TERMITES are the chief culprits for such dire state of fallen trees.

The TERMITES would not care a hoot whether the tree will eventually collapse as long as it satisfy its short term needs.

A TRUE tree administrator would know the basic and simple fact that it needs to be on VERY FIRM ground and foundation before going for the growth of the tree.

A state's foundation, greatest reserves and assets arguably is its COMMON IDENTITY reserves.

Obviously, the TERMITES would not bother whether the foundation of the tree is on firm ground.

That's NOT the job of the TERMITES.

The only PROBLEM is who gave and ENTRUST the TERMITES to ensure the tree's growth and long term sustainability and survival?

When the farmer entrusted with the chicken coop turns up to be the foxes in disguise, the chicken stock would naturally reduce each passing day if the rate of disappearance exceeds the reproduction level of new chicks and chicken. Worst still, when the disguised foxes bring in their own stock and whole tribe, it is a matter of time the number of chicken disappears at an ALARMING rate.

Any tree with infestations of white TERMITES cannot last long. In no time, the trunk and branches are all eaten up and rendered hollow.

Since time immemorial, states come and go. Even the great Roman Empire fell eventually.

On the other hand, normal human survives until about 80 on average currently.

When a state fails far before the statistical MTBF ( mean time before failure) assuming the life span of a state is 300 years historically, often the cause could be the premature disintegration of its COMMON IDENTITY.

Thus, Rb should call a spade a spade.

Nature reserves or financial reserves are important but arguably they are relatively less important when compared with the COMMON IDENTITY reserves of a state.

When that is gone, the foundation of the tree is GONE!

When the foundation becomes loose earth, can the tree still stay ROOTED for long and provide shelter for all living creatures underneath its branches and leaves?

Simple logic but this hardtruths is one that white TERMITES will never understand.

But there is still hope that no forest ranger would forever fail to realize that TERMITES are not the right keeper of the trees.


Anonymous said...

Hi Anon 7:37 am;

well said and enlightening.

Rb had been drilling and at times shouting and screaming at the white termites that had been gnawing away at the very young tree to enjoy the best living possible. The sad thing about this young tree call Sin is that it is a victim of not just tge white termites. The others that depend on it to build their homes, the birds and other insects care not if the tree is firmly rooted or taken care of. The white termites and the others dwelling on the tree are pragmatic knowing for sure that the tree will not last long. So, the nwxt best thing is to exploit it to the maximun and go for the greatest gain.

Rb knows the tree needs water and manure as well as proper care. He alone is able to keep the tree in good shape such that he tirelessly calls for combine efforts to keep the tree in good shape. Sad that his calls have come too late. The tree is about to die and the monkeys are all well prepared to jump trees.

Rb and his likes are going to be badly disappounted.

Anonymous said...

Correction to he alone is able to keep to he alone is not able to.........


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ all the anons talking cock about me:

Hey all you cheebyes,

1. Firstly, remember I am one of the "oldies" here.

2. I am the LEAST spiritual person I know. In fact, I don't even know what the word "spiritual" means.

3. Closely related to #2: I am a HARDCORE atheist -- 100% monistic materialism.

4. I am also a HARDCORE Anarcho Capitalist -- get rid of the states, the governments and sovereign borders.

5. I'm very well aware of the fact that death is unavoidable. I'm at an age where I can stroke out or have a cardiac arrest ANY TIME for no reason at all.

So fuck you all if you're not enjoying your short lives 100% of the time, because I am!