A good and glorious project for Sin City

There is a report of Canada conducting a scientific mission to map the seabed around the North Pole. I think this is a good project for Sin City to embark on. We can buy all the great scientists and all the expensive equipment. Don’t ask me what for. We can build a Centre for Scientific Research of the Artics right here in the tropical city. Then we can attend all the world conferences about the Arctic. We will be represented by our foreign talents. Better still we can be the venue for such conference with the world’s scientist community descending on our city state. We will be in the news of the world. Recognition!

We can be a participant in this mission. Never mind if it means nothing to us. Never mind if the Canadians and the Russians have a natural vested interest to secure and claim the sea in the region. We have the money and we can gain some recognition as a high brow scientific community with resident scientists also knowing what is going on in the Artics. Studying the Artics is definitely more meaningful than studying Sun bursts or the universe. The Artics are nearer and of immediate relevance.

With money we can do anything. Have money will travel. How can we be left out of such a glorious project?

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Anonymous said...

Why not spend money on a project called "How long can we keep an old man alive?"

Anonymous said...

Hi RB, now that you have sown the idea, it is possible that it will become policy. If that happens it could be you will be selected to represent Singapore. After all it is you idea in the first place. Just my 2 cents worth. Speedwing.

Anonymous said...

"We can be a participant in this mission. Never mind if it means nothing to us."

Tiok. That it means nothing to us is a separate matter, although we can be a participant in this mission.

Just like public transport fare hikes and breakdowns are separate matters, according to the PTC Chairman.

Sinkies must learn how cool down and to treat things as separate matters, and be less angry with PAP.

Anonymous said...

I want, I want. The adolescents would crave for anything. And if they have the money to spend, they will want anything, got value or no value, they don't care.

Anonymous said...

Canada is part of the western imperialist regime. Australia is already one of the imperialist's full-fledged hatchet man, well known and much used by it's masters to lead the world astray with fake informations whenever it is needed.

Now that Russia is the western world's enemy No. 1, since they gave Snowden temporary residence and Russia's Putin giving his middle finger to the West on Ukraine and their economic understanding with China, what is happening around Russia is understandable.

Russia must be isolated and punished. But the West did not figure with having the spanner in their works, which is China and the grouping of BRICS in their grand plans.

The EU is trying to make the imperialist plan work, but Russia is not fooled. The EU needs Russia more than the other way round. And what can countries in the EU, with most on economic ICU, do when they themselves are in die need of help?

There is more to it than mapping the North Pole, missiles, claims of trying to prevent genocide, and missing planes.

Anonymous said...

Kerry trying to tell the world that China's claim on the South China Sea island is not according to international laws. So the Europeans claim to America, Australia, New Zealand etc are according to international laws?

China's claim to those islands were based on historical precedents that preceded the so called international laws and the Americans conveniently ignored them, did not want to talk about them.

Anonymous said...

With money we can do anything.

Tiok. And if I were PM Lee, I sure know what to do.

And if I were Teochew Ah Hia, I sure know what and how to do better than Ah Hia is doing now.

Anonymous said...

The belief and assumption by old man and his followers that we do not have the critical mass in talent and market size to develop our own world class market leaders are both flawed and contradicting.

Old man used to sit in many international boards of directors. So he thinks the future is decided by a very minority of old men and women in the corporate world.

Many modern days success stories have more than refuted this archaic and often anachronistic mindset.

If truly the brave new future is decided by the IBMs, the Coca-Colas, the Motorola's etc of the corporate world, we would not have the prevalence of the PCs in the market since the 80s, 90s and onwards.

The whole PC ideas, conceptualization and development were brain child of private individuals and small entities. Microsoft was founded by Bill Gates and a couple of friends in a small apartment in the 70s and not by any tech giant.

This whole argument is more to exert autocratic control and monopoly of all the capital, resources etc in pushing the growth of GLCs.

If old man theory is correct, even some of our largest GLCs in the market are very small relative to some world giants. By his logic, he should not have developed them too because in the end, according to his board room insights, they will be gobbled up by world giants.

For that matter, old man shouldn't have even started this place independence as it would be gobbled up as well.

Monopolizing this place capital and crowding out the private sector SMEs and thus depriving them the proper chance and critical factors to grow all these years may be the biggest mistake and stifling factor resulting in the dearth of local creativitiveness, enterprising spirit and world beating entrepreneurial talents.

Being a barrister in training and subsequently an iron fisted politician cum authoritarian, everything seems in need of being controlled otherwise he has a deep sense of insecurity?

The problem is two past generations and current and future generations enterprising and innovative thinking and spirits are more or less repressed and rendered "toothless".

With such handicaps going into the future, what options do this place has to make a living other than all these garment led low value add, labour and space intensive food and beverages, retail based tourism centric service sector?

Coupled with non-entrepreneurial rent seeking economy heavily dependent on perpetual property sector price appreciation which may collapse with any future major world crisis or significant interest rate increase, what future prospect does this city has and what can it offer?

Any wonder kee chiu thought ALOUD PUBLICLY about the viability of this place in 50 years time?

The stop at 2 misguided policy has haunted this place since the 80s and the problem is getting worst and hopeless each passing year. Likely long ago some people already abandoned any hope to turn it around and thus subsequent policy of open leg and mass importation of "big and instant babies " which is likely to have serious drawbacks and consequences as a nation state.

How about other misguided policies ill effects emerging and converging at the same time going forward to haunt this economy?

How to turn back two generations of brainwashing and possibly millions of not so creative thinking product of the system churned out that way possibly just to exert monopoly control and stranglehold on what counts?

Still need more real hardtruths?

Anonymous said...

Anon: - August 11, 2014 7:39 am

Very true and very well written. Old men with outdated ideas and undying beliefs should be extinct as the dodos. Old men with iron fists should be confined to the museums.

That particular old man is no longer in control. His iron fists have been handcuffed.

Anonymous said...

"That particular old man is no longer in control. His iron fists have been handcuffed."
August 11, 2014 8:40 am

Hitler is dead.
But his poison lives on in his book Mein Kampf.
"The evil that men do lives after them; the good is oft interred with their bones."
William Shakespeare


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Dun worry lah redbean, there's plenty of top science being done in Singapore. Lots of patents filed too. Biotech earning big bucks lah, but most of the public is unaware.