Singaporean First Party - A new party is formed


Dear fellow Singaporeans, friends and supporters,

I am pleased to announce that SINGAPOREANS FIRST has been successfully registered as a society by the Registry of Societies. Following the registration, we submitted our proposed party symbol for approval. We expect the process to take a few weeks. Until it is approved, we cannot make use of the party logo.

We can now conduct activities of an approved political party. We need members to help us. If you share our beliefs and values (as stated in our Manifesto here), please join us by filling up this SINGAPOREANS FIRST MEMBERSHIP FORM

In the months ahead, we will be planning a series of activities leading up to the next General Election. We welcome ideas from all Singaporeans. You can approach any of the members of the protem committee listed below:

Chairman : Dr Ang Yong Guan,
Vice chairman : Tan Peng Ann,
Secretary-General : Tan Jee Say,
Assistant-Secretary General : Loke Pak Hoe,
Treasurer : Dr David Foo Ming Jin,
Assistant Treasurer : Fatimah Akhtar,
Members : Michael Chia, Fahmi Rais, Winston Lim, David Tan.

We look forward to your support.

Tan Jee Say
Singaporeans First Party

Kopi Level - Green


Anonymous said...

I admire TJS gumption in forming his own party. You should never form marriages of convenience if you want to stay true to your convictions.

This however, might be a death knell for the SDP. In a matter of a few years they have lost Ang Yong Guan, Tan Jee Say and Vincent Wijeysingha. These were the star attractions at the last GE. It shows a lot of their lack of ability to form a sustainable team.

Anonymous said...

It shows a lot of their lack of ability to form a sustainable team.
August 26, 2014 4:54 pm

The same could be said of PAP.
The loss of 2 more GRCs in Ge 2016 is likely to create a leadership crisis within PAP.
Can't wait for the circus to start.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 5:39

Oh yeah, right. Another one who is so confident that any dog, cat or monkey will win an election against the PAP, are you? Because they are so universally hated?

For one, lets say they lost another 3 GRCs. So what? They are still in power with 75% of the seats and it simply means another 5 years you to come online and make the same sniping comments, waiting for the next circus to come to town?

Second, you underestimate the PAP at your peril. You don't rule 50 years if you are stupid. They may not win over all in the end, but you can be damn sure they will make it damn hard for the rest.

Anonymous said...

It is one of those shitty development happening in this tiny dot.
There is no need for even 3 political parties and here we are having more of them. And the worst characteristic of new parties is that they are formed by members that belonged to earlier parties. Infightings caused them to split and new parties are formed as a result. Most of the new party leaders are those that want to be chief. These are not people who want to serve the People. THEY JUST WANT TO BE CHIEF AND LEADER which could be translated to popularity, fame and glory on top of high income if elected and the Networking that comes with the political office.

As a Singaporean and a voter, I will not cast my vote to those that left one party to form his/her own party and heads that party though I would vote for their brand new candidate(s) if I think he/she is good.



Anonymous said...

Hitler and his 1,000 year Reich.
Qin Shi Huang and his 10,000 year dynasty.
We shall see how long the Singapore dynasty lasts.
The end may be closer than we think.

Anonymous said...

@ patriot
Why make it so difficult.
Just vote opposition.
Any colour except white.

Raymond said...

LOL.. what a corny, unimaginative party name! NO wonder you folks are losers... :)

Anonymous said...

patriot, you want your CPF money back or not?
How to get it back if you don't vote Opposition?

Anonymous said...

Have to also admire the gumption of those who simply just plan to vote any except white. Simple choice. Simple ideology. No need for much talk.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6.10 obviously did not share the old man's dream of his perpetual dynasty.

Old man crafted his dream expressly to perpetuate eternity. By controlling information, intolerant of alternative views, hounding and destroying opposition leaders and making people, particularly those in Government services, beholden to his cause, he thought he found out the formula that others had failed to discover. And since he did it for more than four decades, that should be a sign of his success.

But, despite his foresight, he did not figure that the internet will be born and is unravelling his grand plans. The internet is a godsend to the gospel of truth. No more one sided propaganda without exposure of the real truth, dispelled as untruths throughout the earlier years by those in authority. That mindset is changing fast in red dot and the leader's fear is evident from recent comments by our top leaders.

So, is the end closer than we think? Can we ask the PM? Hahaha

Anonymous said...

What I see is, good for the PAP, bad for the opposition.

You can on it!

Anonymous said...

The Pioneer Generation Folks are happy.
Our Malay Compatriots are greatly feeling appreciated.
The Next Move will be to reward the Civil Servants and Stat Board Employees. Then call for the GE and hurray victory again. Easy does it.

Anonymous said...

Voters will sell themselves to the highest bidder.
The battle is over before it starts.
63 to 36 %.

Anonymous said...

/// Voters will sell themselves to the highest bidder.
The battle is over before it starts. ///

If Singaporeans are stupid;
- then we deserve to never get back our CPF money.
- we deserve to see our daughters as maids & prostitutes in our own country
- we deserve to see our sons as taxi drivers
- we deserve to see our parents as toilet cleaners

Anonymous said...

In PE BE Jan 2013, four parties contested. Two gate crashing parties' SGs lost their deposits despite one of them coming from a VERY FAMOUS dad and with impeccable pedigree. He is an economist with a First Class Honours degree from a World famous UK university, not unlike Li KAN U in terms of his alma mater.

Alas, if TJS or rather SFP gate crashes in next GE, just like what he did in 2012 PE, likely costing TCB his well deserved victory, would the outcome be like PE BE in 2013, thus losing his deposits and credibility or would it be like the PE in 2012.

From the lesson voters gleaned and gained from PE in 2012, it might have caused significantly the astounding result of a neighbourhood formal "N" level student and eventual pte uni ( Curtin ) marketing graduate "ah lian" BEATING soundly ( 54% to 43% ) a TOP GUN ass hole ( colorectal ) surgeon hailing from the incumbent and HEAVILY suppported and backed by their top echelon during campaigning. Maybe his boss thought voters were really daft and his REPEATED proclamation on stage that he was on "their sides" scared the shits out of them.

For the new SFP, other than Dr Ang and the shortie guy, the rest look more like supporting cast making up the numbers.

There is a high likelihood "bookies" may be taking punts more on PE BE 2013 outcome than PE 2012 in the event SFP gate crashes " AGAIN " in the next GE.

Sinkieland's politics, on the stage of human civilisation and history, is VERY short. It is still evolving. The members of the main cast in the first phase are sealed in history without any doubt.

Historically, future main cast members may be thrown up under most unforeseen circumstances and unexpected ways.

In destiny, circumstances and even based on astrology, TJS and co may not be the anointed ones in the future main cast.

Based on the economics policy stand for sinkieland, even KJ's approach, style, attribute and pedigree may be closer to what voters are looking for than TJS.

This is just plain sharing, discussion and opinion to throw up further brainstorming.

Pls feel free to disagree and share further thoughts.

天若有情天亦老, 人间正道是沧桑。


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

This is a PAP "off shoot" party lah.

Same as PAP, except they purport to put "Singaporean first"...so far talk only, no action.

Anonymous said...

Bad idea, diluting the opposition.

b said...

So long as living can get better, it does not matter whether singapore first or second or last. If singapore first but at the expense of jobs stability, it does not make any sense.

Anonymous said...

Problem now is many Sinkies' lives are getting from bad to worse. And many will face the same shitty situation. Sure one.